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October 21, 2016




Product Details

Conquered Bride Series
Book 5 of 5
Eliza Knight

A lady in need of protection....

Suffering through a short marriage to an enemy of Scotland, Lady Emilia MacCulloch manages to escape just before her husband dies. But the Ross clan will stop at nothing to get her back, for she plays a big part in their plans to thwart Robert the Bruce. She fears for her own family being labeled traitors and for her life. Placed by her king as a governess in the household of a devastatingly handsome warrior, Emilia finds herself drawn to the man, when she had previously sworn off love all together. His passion, charisma, loyalty and strength shake the very foundation she's built around her heart.

 A warrior in need of saving...

Ian Matheson has spent his entire life trying to....

 prove himself. To belong. When his father passes away and his mother takes her vows at a nearby abbey, he is suddenly left in a position he was wholly unprepared for. And then his father's dozen illegitimate children arrive on his doorstep in need of a father figure of their own. They are adorable and reckless, and he's certain they'll drive him mad. Just when he thinks he might actually need to find a wife to help him, Lady Emilia is presented to him by the king. She needs his protection, and he needs her help with the bairns. Ian is tempted by her angelic face, her fiery tongue, and the secrets that surround her. He must resist the growing desire that's laying claim within him. He must prove to his clan that he is a worthy leader. But maybe, just maybe, he can have the respect of his people, and Emilia, too.


October 20, 2016

CAMPAIGN: For The Love of Meat



Inside the Book:

Nine Illustrated Stories
Author: Jenny Jaeckel
Publisher: Raincloud Press
Pages: 162
Genre: Short Stories/Light Romance
For the Love of Meat combines whimsical and surreal illustrations with engaging, intimate encounters that explore the depths of human experience. Unique and diverse in setting, and with touches of magical-realism, these nine stories will tug at the strings of the wandering, romantic heart, setting it delightfully ablaze.
In Wander the Desert, Sister Aurelia, a nun from the early 20th century, finds herself stranded in the Mexican desert with nothing but a few cobs of corn and a stray horse who becomes her faithful companion. In Stumble and Fall, we meet Dara, a young Londoner hungry for adventure who, unwilling to settle for the safety and comfort of home, travels to Vancouver, city of immigrants, where a handsome stranger entices her to take a leap into the unknown. The Two explores the tender bond between two young growing up in 1940s Philadelphia, who are as inseparable as light and shadow. As one of the girls tragically becomes ill, the impact on the other shows how true connections of heart and spirit are not bound to time and place. And Mémé, set in Haiti in the 1800s, is told from the stunning perspective of a slave who, as a child, witnesses the brutal murder of her mother, and survives through her connection to her brother and the natural world.
Jenny Jaeckel’s compelling storytelling takes us across the world and through the ages, with remarkable insight and soul-moving moments, when paths cross and time unfolds. Her language, imagery and attention to detail plunge the reader into these memorable lives, soaking us in tales of adventure, courage, love, loss, longing and all the hope in between.

About the Author

Jenny Jaeckel has worked as a translator, Spanish teacher, graphics teacher, and an editor. She is the author and illustrator of Odd Pieces, Siberiak, and Spot 12. She lives in Victoria, British Columbia.
The author gives the reader various tastes of time periods and places.  It's like taking an Atlas, closing your eyes and pointing to a place on the map.    Could be anywhere and at any time. The author didn't spare the detailed descriptions of the characters and places.  You are there, traveling throughout different times and places.     I especially liked feeling the ice cold snow that the sled dogs felt under their feet.  As the reader, you almost wanted a camera when you were traveling to take pictures for your album. I love the romantic parts. They bring out the emotions in your heart.   For you as the reader, every daydream about roaming, just taking off and going where your heart leads you, this book let's you do that. The peeks of the character's lives is fleeting but bits and pieces stay with you after you've finished the book. The author leads you through a variety of feelings from smiling, sometimes a little sad, reflective and sometimes a look into a "what if" world.  The stories are written with loving care and have such a personal touch to them.  If you are a short story lover, this book will give you more than most short story books.   You get to travel the globe  with many different people, from young, elderly, male, female, different ethnics, each with their own story. I feel the title, FOR THE LOVE OF MEAT, means loving the substance of what you see and feel.

 I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author, Jenny Jaeckel and PUYB in exchange for my unbiased and honest review.

I would give this book 5 STARS.

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October 17, 2016


Pump Up Your Book


 Ghost Hampton 

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October 3 – November 30!




Inside the Book

Author: Ken McGorry
Publisher: Independent
Pages: 450
Genre: Paranormal Thriller
Lyle Hall is a new man since his car accident and spinal injury. The notoriously insensitive Bridgehampton lawyer is now afflicted with an odd sensitivity to other people’s pain. Especially that of a mysterious young girl he encounters outside a long-abandoned Victorian house late one October night. “Jewel” looks about 12. But Lyle knows she’s been dead a hundred years. Jewel wants his help, but it’s unclear how. As if in return, she shows him an appalling vision—his own daughter’s tombstone. If it’s to be believed, Georgie’s last day is four days away. Despite Lyle’s strained relations with his police detective daughter, he’s shocked out of complacent convalescence and back into action in the real world.
But the world now seems surreal to the formerly Scrooge-like real estate lawyer. Lyle’s motion in court enjoining the Town of Southampton from demolishing the old house goes viral because he leaked that it might be haunted. This unleashes a horde of ghost-loving demonstrators and triggers a national media frenzy. Through it all strides Lyle’s new nemesis in high heels: a beautiful, scheming TV reporter known as Silk.
Georgie Hall’s own troubles mount as a campaign of stationhouse pranks takes a disturbing sexual turn. Her very first case is underway and her main suspect is a wannabe drug lord. Meanwhile, Lyle must choose: Repair his relationship with Georgie or succumb to the devious Silk and her exclusive media contract. He tells himself seeing Georgie’s epitaph was just a hallucination. But a few miles away the would-be drug lord is loading his assault rifle. Berto needs to prove himself.

Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Meet the Author

Ken McGorry has been writing since third grade. (He learned in first grade, but waited two years.) He started a school newspaper with friends in seventh grade, but he’s better known for his 23 years as an editor of Post Magazine, a monthly covering television and film production. This century, he took up novel-writing and Ghost Hampton and Smashed are examples. More are in the works, like the promised Ghost Hampton sequel, but he’s kinda slow.
Ken lives on Long Island with his wife and they have two strapping sons. There are dogs. Ken is also a chef (grilled cheese, and only for his sons) and he enjoys boating (if it’s someone else’s boat). He has a band, The Achievements, that plays his songs (try https://soundcloud.com/ken-mcgorry). Back at Manhattan College (English major!), he was a founding member of the venerable Meade Bros. Band. Ken really was an employee of Dan’s Papers in the Hamptons one college summer, and really did mow Dan’s lawn.



 Strange how a tragic accident can change a person and change it did to Lyle Hall.  He used to be uncaring.  Could care less about other's misfortunes.  But that all changed when he was inflicted with a spine injury after a car accident.  
Now here's where the author starts to get you interested, on the edge of your seat interested.  Lyle meets this young girl one night, only she isn't so young.  Lyle knows for a fact she's been dead for over 100 years.  Now this is my kind of book.  The author has you wondering, is this a reincarnation of some kind?  
Jewel shows Lyle a vision.  A vision of his daughter's grave stone.   Now Lyle knows Georgie has only four days left and then that stone will really be her head stone.
 The author gets you to wondering, what is going to happen to Georgie. Then the author gives you the supposed haunted house that is about to be destroyed.    We get introduced to the media and paranormal lovers w ho don't want the house destroyed.  Of course, we have to have that sly, cunning, beautiful reporter.   Silk, in her trademark high heels is out to get an exclusive on this old house and she is out to get Lyle in the process.   Lyle has a dilemma on his hands.  Does he try to fix his relationship with his daughter or does he fall under the spell of Silk?
The author did a wonderful job of putting the right characters with the right personalities into the story.  I couldn't turn the pages fast enough to find out what was next.  The pace was a moderate pace that kept your interest but didn't lose you either. As I read, I began to wonder.   Could this happen?  The author not only gave you ghosts, mystery, etc but a drug lord on top of it.  Now you are probably wondering like I did, what does a drug lord have to do with ghosts and haunted houses.   You may be surprised.  As you read, the author sends those spine tingling chills up your back and into your mind   This is one of the best paranormal thrillers to die for that I've read in some time.  It will take a grip on you and you may look at your arm and imagine Jewel holding on to you.  Oh no, that's scary.   So pick up a copy and start the chilling read of ghost, haunted houses, drug lords, reporters, etc.   I would suggest locking the doors when you read because things do go BUMP IN THE NIGHT!

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author, Ken McGorry and PUYB in exchange for my unbiased review.

I would give this book 5 STARS.

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October 3 - December 16, 2016



Author: David Lamb
Publisher: Woolly Mammoth Books
Pages: 240
Genre: Contemporary Fiction/Contemporary Romance/Multicultural/Humor/Satire
2016 BEST FICTION-Pacific Book Awards. FROM THE FUNNY AND NATURALLY BRILLIANT DAVID LAMB, award-winning playwright of the New York Times celebrated play, Platanos Y Collard Greens, comes a modern spin on Dickens’ classic tale that perfectly combines humor and romance in a story re-imagined for our digital, consumerist age.  This version of Scrooge and Belle is familiar, yet unlike any you’ve come across before. Scrooge, or rather Scrooje, is music’s biggest superstar, with one hundred million albums sold, fifteen million devoted YouTube subscribers, two and a half million Facebook likes, and twenty-five million fanatical Twitter followers known as Scroojites. Belle, is a legal shark who gulps down her opposition voraciously and whose beauty and stunning figure causes traffic accidents as she zips through the sidewalks of Manhattan stylishly adorned and taking no prisoners.   They never imagined being music’s most powerful couple, but that’s exactly what happened when Belle fell head over heels and gave the Coke-bottle glasses wearing, plaid and stripe attired, scrawny, biggest nerd on her college campus the ultimate makeover, turning him into a fashion impresario whose style sets trends from Milan to NY Fashion Week and who can be seen courtside at the NBA Finals sporting a perfectly-fitted cashmere suit.   Then it happens. Belle realizes too late that she’s created a chart-topping monster as Scrooje’s ego explodes and he starts acting a fool.   Now, it’s been three years since they ve spoken. But tonight at Hollywood s biggest red carpet event, with the whole world watching, they’ll be given a second chance.   Will Scrooje listen to the ghostly-advice of Marley, his best friend since the fourth grade, who at the time of his untimely drowning at his Brazilian poolside birthday bash was as big a star as Scrooje? Will Scrooje finally do right by his number one artist, Cratchit, a genius comedian, who Scrooje invariably rip offs every chance he gets?   And with twenty-five million viewers tuned in will Scrooje finally shed his ego, jeopardize his image and declare his love for Belle, the one he betrayed and let slip away?   Second chances don’t often come around. Will Belle even give him a chance?   Mixing heart, soul, bling and romance in a fresh, original satire about race, class and celebrity worship Lamb establishes himself as one of the most talented and amazing writers today. And leaves no doubt that the Pacific Book Awards chose wisely when they selected On Top Of The World as the year’s Best Fiction.
Purchase Information:

Amazon | iTunes | B&N

Meet the Author

David Lamb is a native New Yorker, born and raised, bitten with the writing bug since he was in elementary school and had handwriting nobody could decipher. Like Charles Dickens, David grew up a poor boy in the big city who found that the pen really is mightier than the sword. In middle school Lamb’s hero was David Lampel whose velvet voice could be heard reporting the news over David’s grandmother’s radio. Whenever he heard him on the radio, David would substitute Lamb for Lampel and pretend he was delivering the news. Sure that he was destined to be a famous reporter David was happy to go to a high school with a journalism program. Like most kids, by the time he finished high school he had a whole new career in mind. After high school he went to Hunter College and majored in Economics because he wanted to be cool like that college kid who came to speak at his last year of high school. He was an Economics major, he was dressed sharp and above-all the girls thought he was the man! So like any unreasonable high school boy fueled by overactive hormones David figured if he majored in Economics they’d think he was cool. After finishing college David went on to law school at NYU, but all the time writing was still his heart. While working as a lawyer by day, at night he transformed into a writer and eventually wrote and produced the award-winning hit off-Broadway romantic comedy Platanos Y Collard Greens. Being a writer and having the chance make people laugh out loud while challenging them to think about the world around them, and inspire each of us to believe in the power of love and our own ability to overcome life’s challenges is a great gift that David truly enjoys and thanks you for allowing him to share with you in On Top Of The World (Until The Bell Chimes).


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October 16, 2016

PUYB Campaign- An Abduction Revelation


The Comeback Kid Returns
Thomas L. Hay

Inside the Book:

Author: Thomas L. Hay
Publisher: Balboa Press
Pages: 198
Genre: Scifi
An Abduction Revelation is a story that will have you wondering if it is reality or fiction. Think Total Recall blended with Close Encounters of the Third Kind.
Who are the abductors? Where do they come from? Where are they hiding? Do they even exist?
The answers are revealed in an intriguing adventure spiked with mystery, a dash of romance, a teaspoon of heartbreak, exhilarating plot twists, and a cup of revelations that might shock and torment your reality.
Join the ‘Comeback Kid’ on his incredible journey as he unravels the secrets behind his abductions and comes face to face with his abductors.

 (from back of book)

It turned out my first wife had been right all along. After our divorce, she had claimed that her spirit persuaded her to become a vegetarian, fast, and abstain from sexual activity.  This melted the memory blocks implanted by the aliens, unveiled her subconscious, and exposed traumatic and terrifying occurrences. She also claimed that I had been abducted - not once, but twice.

I would search the world over, seeking the truth, only to discover the answers buried within my own subconscious.

An Abduction Revelation is an intriguing and entertaining adventure based on some true life experiences of the Author. It is a journey filled with suspense, revelations, romance, and heartbreaks that will mystify your soul.


Most of my life I had an inspiration to write a novel. Unfortunately, I never found the time or subject to fulfill that dream. After retiring from a thirty-nine year career with TWA/American Airlines, time was no longer an excuse. The subject became my obstacle. To get me motivated, my wife suggested I write my memoirs. "You have had an interesting and complicated life," she commented. "It would make for an intriguing story."
   The more I thought about it, the more it made sense. After all, I am the only person to know all my memories. When I pass, they will turn to dust and evaporate with me. Writing them down would mean that I could live forever. An added bonus would be that my descendants will have a history book to learn where their orneriness came from.
    I started writing in a big notebook. After fifty pages with arrows pointing every which direction and notes scribbled everywhere, I had a complete mess on my hands. Again, my wife came to the rescue. "Why don't you get a computer?" Duh! Brilliant idea, honey! But then the computer and I had issues. Lots of issues! Until we finally came to an agreement that I take a class and learn a little more about it. We still had issues, but they can usually be resolved. It still took me two years to complete the memoir. Behold: The Comeback Kid, The Memoirs of Thomas L. Hay was published in November 2011.
   The process was both an invigorating whirlwind of self-enlightenment and an intense emotional trip. To jog my memory I used song titles. A song would remind me of a person, a place, or a time in my life. Example: "Heartbreak Hotel," when my first wife informed me that she wanted a divorce. When I looked at my life, I recognized that it was but a series of events, much like an assorted box of chocolates, never knowing what would come next. I choose the title 'The Comeback Kid" because of the many peaks and valleys I had during my life's journey. Somehow I had always found a way to comeback from the valleys.  
   After publishing my memoirs, it occurred to me that I could have  mysterious phenomena buried within my subconscious. Shortly after our divorce, my first wife had claimed that we had been abducted by aliens during our short marriage. She divorced me because her spirit had persuaded her to become a vegetarian, fast, and abstain from sexual activity. This melted the memory blocks instilled by the aliens and exposed traumatic experiences that had been buried within her subconscious. I didn't believe her. Would you? Like most people who claimed to be abductees, I assumed she had a fertile imagination or maybe had a few loose marbles.
   However, after writing my memoirs, I  became tormented to investigate the probability of her claim. Since I could stand to lose a few pounds and age had diminished by sex drive, I adopted her ascetic lifestyle for awhile. O-M-G... You will not believe what I discovered! I had to rewrite my memoirs. Behold: An Abduction Revelation: The Comeback Kid Returns was published in October 2012, by Balboa Press, a Div. of Hay House.
   Who are the abductors? Where did they come from? Where were they hiding? Did they even exist? The answers to all those questions and many more were revealed when my memory blocks melted. What I discovered will startle and torment your reality.
   Determining the book genre gave me a headache. Is it a memoir or is it a science fiction story? I let the reader decide whether it is reality, a dream, a hallucination, or a fermentation of  imagination. If imaginations, were they hidden memories? I don't try to convince the reader one way or the other. I let them determine what they want to believe. However, I did remind them what Albert Einstein once said about the mysterious: "The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and stand in awe, is as good as dead, his eyes are closed and he is a stranger unto himself."  
   Both books are written in a rollicked conversational style that puts the reader sitting next to me as I tell my story. I used many idioms that we all use in our everyday discussions. Example: "What in Sam Hill?" Everyone knows what it means, but what of the origin?  Curiosity can 'kill the cat' and thanks to the Internet, those funny little phases became 'clear as a bell'. I added an appendix in the second book to explain their origin. It was quite interesting how some came to be. You may be interested to see my website blog (thomaslhay.com) on 'Idioms'.
   Both books stand alone. The second book is not a sequel. The original memoir was written with the memory blocks instilled, while the revised memoir was written after the memory blocks were melted. Although there are some repetitiveness during the first few chapters, thereafter, the revised story takes a completely different direction. Buckle up, because you are in for one wild ride!  
   WARNING: Your life may never be the same again.
Thomas L. Hay, Author


 Right off, I've never been a real SciFi lover.    I like a little reality or possibility of reality in my reading.  But I went ahead and found I enjoyed the descriptions the author gave.  It gives the reader a sense that you can picture the people and the places.    As the pages are turned, I kept getting the feeling, is this fact or fiction.  I just wasn't sure.  I know that it has a basis from true happenings in the author's life but I was just skeptical.  I have to say, the book wasn't an easy read just for the mere fact I'm not into SciFi.   I decided to open my mind to the possibility of alien abductions.  Now Hay isn't supposed to be your average guy. He was supposedly abducted by aliens  and they imposed changes on him.   After years in the Navy, Hay's last cruise was life changing.   An attack by aliens, but the word never supposedly got reported.  The author did a good job of mixing some supposed fact and fiction together.   Some parts to me are a bunch of hooey but there are other parts that you could see happening.  I have questions about the alien abductions.   I guess with an open mind, there could be other worlds with some sort of beings on them.  These beings may be interested in our world, our lives.   For myself, I don't believe in aliens abductions.  I think the world has a way to go before we can say for certain, Yes, this person was probably abducted by aliens.   We need a lot more information.  I felt the author kept trying to impress on the reader that this actually happened to him.   He repeated it several times.   I'm from Missouri also and I wanted to relate to the author and his supposed experiences but the book just left me wondering.  Was this at all possible or is this a figment of the author's imagination.   I do believe this book would be perfect for that SciFi die hard.  I'm just not that person, but the author did put a little question in my mind.   Pick up a copy and read for yourself. Do it with an open mind and decide for yourself.  Was the author abducted by aliens? Everyone has their own imagination and their own opinions. 

 I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author, Thomas L. Hay and PUYB in exchange for my unbiased review.

I would give this book  3 STARS. 


October 14, 2016


A Novel of Reincarnation and Retribution
Rick Sulik
 Product Details
(from back of book)

A reincarnated evil is stalking the women of Houston. With each murder, the madman quotes an excerpt form the Oscar Wilde poem, "The Ballad of Reading Gaol."

A huge smokestack belching smoke, a ragged flea market double-breasted wool coat, and an old antique picture frame bring the distant past back to haunt Houston Homicide Detective, Sean Jamison. With those catalysts, Jamison knows who he was in a past life and that he lost the only woman he could ever love. Searching for his reincarnated mate becomes Jamison's raison d'etre as he and fellow detectives scour Houston for a brutal serial killer. The memory of timeless love drives Jamison's dogged search for a serial killer determined to finish what he started decades earlier.

Each clue brings Jamison closer to unmasking his old nemesis. Tenacious police work, lessons learned in the past, and intuition may be the only weapons he has in preventing history
from repeating itself. 

amazon buy link

Product Details

  • Mass Market Paperback: 264 pages
  • Publisher: Christopher Matthews Publishing (November 16, 2015)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1938985834
  • ISBN-13: 978-1938985836


Rick Sulik was born and raised in Youngstown, Ohio. After completing high school in Boardman, Ohio, he enlisted and served four years in the United States Air Force Military Police. After receiving an Honorable Discharge, he worked three and a half years with the Houston, Texas Police Department, twenty-two years with the Pasadena, Texas Police Department, and ten years as a courthouse bailiff with the Gonzales County, Texas Sheriff s Department, before retiring in 2013.

This novel was much more than a Murder Mystery.  It was a little different than other murder mysteries I've read before and I've read a lot.  The author has incorporated characters that have been reincarnated, not once but several times.   To me, this took some creative writing.  Keeping the reincarnations straight must have been a little difficult.  Even if you don't believe in reincarnation, you may find this book interestingly different.  Just read with an open mind and think of the possibility.  Way out there, I know, but that's what good books are made of.  Imagination! The author puts the story in a rather fast pace, going from past to present then back again, a few breathe taking moments and he gives you lots of emotions.  The author doesn't lose you with too much detail on too many characters.  Just enough to keep you interested.  The author does give you that one thing, most readers want, a love story mixed in.  There was a lot of conversation in this book and it gave me the feeling like I was standing alongside them and listening.  I like the bits of poetry that was here and there in the story.  The book gave food for thought.   The book is definitely a good first novel and even though I don't see a follow up book, it would be interesting.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author, Rick Sulik in exchange for my unbiased review.

I would give this book  4  STARS. 

amazon review 

October 11, 2016

THEY'RE HERE - The voices in the dark



Night Talk
  • Number: 9780765378781
  • Release: July 26, 2016
  • Author: George Noory
  • Availability: Print-Book
  • Genre: Suspense
  • Tags: * PARA: Supernatural, * SUSP: Suspenseful / Action / Thriller, * SF: Science Fiction
  • Publisher: Forge Books
A late-night talk-show host fascinated by the paranormal becomes entangled in a deadly conspiracy in Night Talk, from #1 all-night radio host George Noory. Greg Nowell is a voice in the darkness--a late-night talk-show host who tackles controversial subjects, from angels to aliens and government agencies so deep in shadow that the puppet strings they use to exercise control are invisible. His radio show is a world of the paranormal and paranoia, where claims of alien abductions, Big Foot sightings, and a mysterious world government are the norm. Greg's world explodes when government agents accuse him of having received ultra-secret files from Ethan Shaw, a hacker intent on exposing a secret cabal with tentacles throughout the government. Greg knows nothing about the files. When Shaw is killed and the evidence points to Greg, the radio personality goes on the run, stalked by a demented assassin. As he tries to unravel the deadly secrets the hacker uncovered, Greg is helped by Alyssa Neal, a mysterious woman who says Shaw also dragged her into the boiling cauldron of intrigue. Greg realizes his paranoia is really "heightened awareness" of strange machinations. He seeks help from callers to his show who don't trust the government, have gone "under the radar," or are angry and paranoid about the vast gathering of information and invasions of privacy by government agencies.

 GEORGE NOORY is the host of the nationally syndicated program Coast to Coast AM, which is broadcast over 500 radio stations and streamed over the Internet to more than 10 million people per night. Night Talk is his fourth book.

There are voices in the dark.  A radio show that features the darkness of paranoia and paranormal.   All the stories of sightings of aliens, being abducted, Big Foot and others.  The author puts you on the edge of that darkness and as you turn the pages, that edge becomes smaller and smaller.  Will you the reader enter that darkness?  Oh yes, but not the paranormal, more the paranoia level.   As you turn a page, Greg Nowell, the voice of the radio show, becomes center of attention when the government is accusing him of being in receipt of secret files.   Not only secret, but ultra secret.  
The author has you on the edge, the edge of darkness, a ride that goes up and down so fast you don't think it will stop.  Mr. Noory makes you think of the possibility of a world where everything you do is recorded.  You don't have a life of your own. It belongs to the government.  Maybe, this could happen. No, think about it, as the author asks you to do.  Is it the world we are in?  The author may put the thought in your mind if it's not already there.  It will make your heart beat fast, your thoughts run wild and the possibility of that darkness creeping in. 
The author puts a thought in your mind, he makes you look around the room, but don't let that stop you.  Read on!
I like the way t he author gives a good, fun read, but still it has a darkness lurking between the pages.  It's quite a journey into theories of those dark events that have taken place and are still taking place.  As you read you might consider, conspiracies or truths.  That darkness may be creeping up on YOU!

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author, George Noory and Night Owl Reviews in exchange for my unbiased and honest review.

I would give this book 4  STARS.






52 Reasons To Vote


Hillary Clinton


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Inside the Book

Title: 52 Reasons To Vote For Hillary
Authors: Bernard Whitman & Brittany Stalsburg
Publisher: Prospecta Press
Pages: 160
Genre: Nonfiction/Politics
Reasons to Vote for Hillary is a comprehensive guide and re-introduction to Hillary Clinton’s career and life history to help voters understand why she is the best candidate to lead America forward into the 21st century.
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Meet the Authors

Bernard Whitman is a Democratic Party political pollster and strategist in the United States. He makes regular appearances on Fox News, and has appeared as a commentator and strategist on CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, Fox Business, ABC and Al Jazeera America.
He is the author of 52 Reasons To Vote For Obama and has been a pollster to political candidates such as Bill Clinton and Michael Bloomberg. Bernard has been involved in the past eight U.S. presidential campaigns and has served as strategic advisor to numerous heads of state, Fortune 500 CEOs, and some of the world’s leading issue advocacy organizations and nonprofit institutions.
Whitman is the President and founder of Whitman Insight Strategies, a strategic consulting firm that conducts polls and market research to advise corporations, political leaders, and issue-advocacy organizations. He is a three-time recipient of the David Ogilvy Excellence in Research Award, and pioneered the development of The Political Model to identify the “swing” consumer, and the messages and media channels that can unlock additional votes for a brand or cause.
He is an alumnus of Brown University, and served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Senegal, West Africa
Brittany Stalsburg is a communications strategist and creator of the feminist blog, Women Want To Be On Top. She writes about politics and gender issues regularly. As a strategist, Brittany has helped dozens of organizations develop and refine their message to communicate with a variety of audiences.
Her work has been published in several academic journals and books and is the recipient of numerous awards, including the Pollie Awards for issue campaigns and the New York American Association of Public Opinion Research (NYAAPOR) Best Paper Award.
Brittany holds a PhD in political science from Rutgers University and a BA in political science and women’s studies from Providence College.
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I don't believe in voting a straight Republican or Democratic ticket unless of course, the ones up for election are the most qualified.   I also don't believe in voting strictly race or gender just for voting for them.   We must vote for the best candidate and that includes taking in the good points and most of all the bad points.   We must consider how bad were the mistakes.  Of course we all make mistakes, and those running for office are human and make those mistakes.    True, Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton have spent years in different government offices and have served years doing so.  I can't and won't take that away from them but let's  let the reader have a glimpse of the mistakes that were made and let the voter decide if the good out weighs the bad.   I believe a lot of what is told in the book is sugar coated and to be informed and able to make an objective decision, we, the public need to know all.  It is true she has a proven track record but let's go beyond the surface and what we want to believe.   What we want to believe doesn't help the voter make a good decision.   True, she has done some good for children but let's look at the entire picture.   What lies behind those good deeds? 
This book is definitely from a Democratic point of view and it talks of the Republican party wanting to bring America backwards.  Do you really believe anyone wants to go backwards?    Hillary's vision is that no American should be left behind.   But aren't Americans being left behind every minute of every day?  
Often times, promises are made on both sides of the ticket in order to secure those ever so important votes.  Often times, people don't look further, they just hear what they want to hear. Often times,  people don't stop and think of, where will the money come from to fund all these programs and improvements when we are already so deeply in debt.   I don't believe promises should be made without absolutely being able to back them up.  It's all nice and good to say that everyone will get an equal chance, that fairness will prevail and that race, gender, position in life doesn't matter, but let's get real, IT DOES!!  We don't know what tomorrow will hold, or the day after.   We need to think of the here and now and what will help people who are suffering now!
True, some respect, and most recognize who she is, but not all respect her at this point.  As you can gather by my review, I'm not a democrat, I'm not a Republican.  I believe in voting for whoever is the best qualified for the position and a person's name, recognition, position in life and promises mean very little when seeking change and the best we can get for ourselves, the voters of the United States of America.
Hillary Clinton is a strong woman who hasn't faltered in her decisions and I'm sure her softer side comes forth with her grandchild.   
America is struggling, the working and unemployed people are struggling, the economy is struggling and our security is struggling.   Can Hilary  change these things or will we have to look elsewhere?  
Only you, the voter can decide who is best for the office, the highest office in the United States of America, the commander in chief. You must vote who is best for what the American people want and need, not for promises that can't be kept or because of the well known name or because of being a woman or man or a Democrat or Republican.
Read this and decide for yourself.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the authors and PUYB in exchange for my unbiased and honest review.

I would give this book  3 STARS. 

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