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August 23, 2016

CAMPAIGN TOUR: The Lobby by Randi M. Sherman







Randi M. Sherman

The Lobby

 Inside the Book:

Author: Randy M. Sherman
Publisher: Friesen Press
Pages: 222
Genre: Satire/Humor
Dear Reviewer:
The media loves Randi Sherman’s latest book, THE LOBBY, as evidenced by her frequent appearances on television and radio such as WTVR (CBS), WREG-TV (CBS), KOB-TV (NBC), WTMJ-TV (NBC) and nationally-syndicated The Maggie Linton Show (Sirius XM Radio), and others.
When I read the first page of Randi Sherman’s THE LOBBY, where she describes San Francisco’s landmark choice of hotels as “More than just a hotel, The Shipley is a microcosm of humanity,” I knew I was in for a treat.
“The Lobby is an impressive, deftly crafted work of original fiction that will prove to be a riveting read from beginning to end.”—Midwest Book Review
And when I continued reading about the guest on a business trip who complains about every add-on charge; the controlling husband who badgers the front desk staff while his embarrassed wife looks on helplessly; the company employees attending an off-site conference playing musical bedrooms; the adulterous couple sauntering freely in a hotel lobby thinking their secret is safe from their respective spouses; the out-of-towner wanting to get his money’s worth on his weekend stay who disputes every charge on his bill; the aging playboy who flirts with the polite hotel receptionist thinking he’s still got it when she smiles back at him as she is trained to do, I was hooked. Ms. Sherman’s character descriptions are thoroughly spot on in this engaging, highly entertaining novel.
THE LOBBY is set at a grand San Francisco hotel, The Shipley, which is a composite of every hotel Ms. Sherman has ever stayed at. The Shipley’s fictitious lobby, which could be a stand-in for any upscale hotel lobby in the world, is a stage where one can witness the antics and comings and goings of all types of people with independent reasons for being at the same place at the same time. In THE LOBBY, Ms. Sherman presents 50 intersecting stories that take place during a single 24-hour period, in just one location. Her book is a hilarious description of what goes on in hotels, how the staff copes with difficult guests, and what types of people stay at upscale hotels.
Sherman’s experience as a stand-up comedienne is evident throughout the hilarious, often laugh-out-loud scenes in THE LOBBY, where her insights into humanity’s flaws, preoccupations, and private behavior when you think no one is looking, are so accurate.
Like Grand Hotel, Neil Simon’s California Suite and The Plaza Suite, THE LOBBY delivers a vast canvas of characters that displays people behaving in all their outrageous and unwitting guises for all the world to see when they think no one is noticing.
I hope you will consider reviewing this unique, insightful, engaging and very entertaining novel.
Gilbert K. Zachary

Twenty four hours of what happens in the lobby of The Shipley in San Francisco. Starting  early one morning then hour by hour occurances until the following morning at the same time, 4 a.m.  As with any hotel, people are constantly arriving and leaving.  The author lets you in on bits and pieces of the lives of both the employees and the visitors.  Whatever is taking place in the lobby, the reader gets the insight. I've never read a book like this before.  Not a daily insight but an hourly insight.  You get to see how the employees react to the guest along with other employees.  Some reactions are surprising.  Some of the interactions will make you smile, laugh and think about how this once was you. The pace of the book is steady and will keep you interested. You won't have time to get bored.  You not only have one character but many.  How many people do you interact with during a 24 hour period.? Stop and think about it.  How much of that interaction carries forward to a reaction with another person.  You find out a little about each person and sometimes it is very amusing.  Haven't you ever wanted to be a little mouse and be able to hear those conversations?
Not only do you get the guests, the employees, their transactions but you get the wonderful humor to make you smile.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author and PUYB in exchange for my unbiased review.

I would give this book 4 STARS.
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August 21, 2016


by Sophie Hudson


Sophie HudsonABOUT THE AUTHOR: Sophie Hudson loves to laugh more than just about anything.  She began writing her blog, BooMama.net, in November 2005, and much to her surprise, she's stuck with it. Through her stories, Sophie Hope that women find encouragement, hope and laughter in the everyday, joy filled moments of life.  A devoted fan of pajama pants, Sophie loves cheering like crazy at college football games and watching entire seasons of TV shows in record time. She lives with her husband and son in Birmingham. Alabama.

OVERVIEW:  It's easy for women to focus on what seems to separate us: differences in age, parenting styles, career goals, or maybe even core beliefs about whether leggings can adequately serve as pants (the struggle is real, y'all). The reality, though, is that we have far more in common than we realize, and since Scripture shows us the blessing of friendships across generations, it's high time we step out of our same-age silos. Life is so much better that way.
 Sophie Hudson, in the delightfully quirky Southern style her readers have come to know and love, sends out a rallying cry for women everywhere to open our eyes and see the people God has put in our lives—whether they’re behind us, beside us, or in front of us. It is such a gift to love one another, walk with one another, and soak up the blessings that flow across all generations.

Saddle up, sister. This is going to be fun.

  • Paperback: 264 pages
  • Publisher: B&H Books (June 7, 2016)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1433643111
  • ISBN-13: 978-1433643118

 This book is good for the soul, heart and every inch of the reader.   When you're feeling down you can go back and think of some of the parts of the book and you may find yourself smiling or even laughing.  
Women need different things than a man can provide.  A woman needs a woman's insight, company, understanding, ability to tell you when you're wrong (but in a nice way)  just plain being a FRIEND, a true friend. Someone you cry on their shoulder and they can cry on yours.  Not that you will totally understand but you listen and that is what a woman needs.  Someone to listen.  Someone to urge you on when you feel like giving up.  When you don't have that, it's so easy to want to give up.  The book uses scripture about relationships of the women in those times.
The author adds humor, scripture, sarcasm and tells it like it is.  That's refreshing. 
If you're in need of a pick me up or a little encouragement, GO BUY THIS BOOK!
Read for yourself and see if you don't agree!

I received this book from the author and BH Lifeway Blogger Team in exchange for my unbiased and honest review.

I would give this book  5 STARS. 

A TIME OF TORMENT by John Connolly

John Connolly

 A Time of Torment

I received a complimentary copy of this book
from the author and Night Owl Reviews in exchange for my unbiased and fair review.

I would give this book   4 STARS.

  • Number: 9781501118326
  • Release: August 2, 2016
  • Author: John Connolly
  • Availability: Print-Book
  • Genre: Suspense
  • Tags: * SUSP: Suspenseful / Action / Thriller
  • Publisher: Atria Books/Marble Arch Press

Dangerous and driven private investigator Charlie Parker returns in the latest gripping thriller of internationally bestselling author John Connolly’s series, in which ungodly fears haunt a strange and isolated community. Jerome Burnel was once a hero. He intervened to prevent multiple killings, and in doing so destroyed himself. His life was torn apart. He was imprisoned, brutalized. But in his final days, with the hunters circling, he tells his story to private detective Charlie Parker. He speaks of the girl who was marked for death, but was saved; of the ones who tormented him, and an entity that hides in a ruined stockade. Parker is not like other men. He died, and was reborn. He is ready to wage war. Now he will descend upon a strange, isolated community called the Cut, and face down a force of men who rule by terror, intimidation, and murder. All in the name of the being they serve. All in the name of the Dead King.

 Charlie Parker is back!  The author, John Connolly bring another thriller that will have you guessing as you turn each page.   The story holds on to you from the first to the last.  A hero has been from this community that is gripped with fear.  Jerome Burnel was that once hero who helped to stop killings and more killings.  But it took an unexplainable  toil on him.  His life was a life of torment and in return he tormented others to a limit that was unimaginable.  Finally he was brought to justice and then he was tormented.  But he was aging and he knew that his time was limited.. Will he bring out all the deep dark secrets he has hidden, or thought he had hidden?   Will he let Charlie Parker in on these secrets?  What happens when Parker is reborn and goes to a community called CUT. What is so different about This community is ruled by fear, absolute fear.  How will Parker put down the powers to be that serve the Dead King?  The only answer Parker knows is WAR.


THRILL KILL by Brian Thiem

A Matt Sinclair Mystery
Book Two of Two
Brian Thiem

Thrill Kill

 Number: 9781629537665
  • Release: August 9, 2016
  • Author: Brian Thiem
  • Availability: Print-Book
  • Genre: Suspense
  • Tags: * SUSP: Mystery
  • Publisher: Crooked Lane Books

Cops in Oakland seldom meet people whose lives are going well. That's certainly the case when homicide sergeant Matt Sinclair recognizes the dead woman hanging from a tree as a teenage runaway named Dawn he arrested ten years before. And as Sinclair and his partner, Cathy Braddock, soon learn, many of Dawn’s clients, not to mention the local and federal officials, who protect them will go to any length to keep the police from digging too deep into her past. Then the killer goes public, and Sinclair and Braddock must race to uncover the secrets Dawn was killed to protect before the killer unleashes a major attack on a scale the city has never seen before. But in the process, Sinclair runs into secrets from his own past--some of which could end his homicide career for good. With Thrill Kill, the second novel in the Detective Matt Sinclair mystery series, Brian Thiem, a veteran of the Oakland Police Department and the Iraq war, has written a nuanced police procedural that could only be written by a trained detective with years of hard-earned experience.


Brian Thiem Brian Thiem spent 25 years with the Oakland Police Department, working Homicide as a detective sergeant and later as the commander of the Homicide Section. He also spent 28 years of combined active and reserve duty in the Army, retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel. He received various Military Police and Criminal Investigation Division (CID) assignments, including a tour in Iraq as the Deputy Commander of the Criminal Investigation Group for the Middle East. He lives in Connecticut. Red Line is his first novel.

I didn't read the first book of the Matt Sinclair mystery. The author, Brian Thiem was once an Oakland homicide detective and so this book gets a personal touch of the life of a homicide detective. This book doesn't get bogged down with the slow arm of justice though. The author adds lots of action, on the edge of your seat suspense and an ending making you want more.

Matt Sinclair is dealing with a drinking problem, PTSD and sees a therapist and also goes to AA meetings, occasionally.  Matt SInclair is one of those detectives who is extremely dedicated to his job, sometimes putting protocal aside to get the job done.  He cares, maybe too much.

A case that touches Matt deeply comes his way.  Dawn Gustafon is found naked, hung from a tree, strangled and set on fire.   Now the race is on.  This case is almost personal for Matt.  Dawn was a prostitute who was trying to turn her life around.   

Matt and his partner put 150% into this case.  It isn't only about a prostitute being killed, but what is behind her death.  So many secrets to uncover and one just leads to another.   This has become a race, a race against time that could save so many innocent lives.   These detectives aren't thinking of their own safety but that of the innocent victims.   The author give the reader so much, insight into the lives of detectives, suspense, and a look into the sometimes stand still of crime investigation.   The pace is steady and won't give you a chance to close the book.   Will Dawn be able to finally rest in peace?  Will the secrets be uncovered and the criminals face justice?  I would suggest reading Book One first but they are stand alone books.  

I received this complimentary book from the author and NOR in exchange for my unbiased and fair review.

I would give this book 4.5  STARS.

August 15, 2016


is the best form
It takes a strong person 
to say sorry
an even stronger 
person to 




The Secret of the Journal 
Book Four
C.F. Dunn 


About the Author

C. F. Dunn runs a school in North Kent for children with developmental disabilities, dyslexia, autism, and other difficulties. She is the author of Mortal Fire and Death Be Not Proud.

Emma and Matthew are finally free to marry, but Matthew's secret continues to haunt them.
Emma D'Eresby can look forward to a future with Matthew Lynes. She at last reveals to Matthew the nature of her relationship with Guy Hilliard—her supervisor at Cambridge—and the reason she has found it difficult to forgive him or to trust any other.
Their joy at marrying is short-lived as, to her disgust, Emma discovers that Guy is visiting the United States to attend the history conference at which she is the keynote speaker. Although everyone seems charmed by him, Emma doesn't trust Guy. Worse still, she discovers that Ellie is dating Guy, bringing him within the family fold.
Long-held grudges and wounds surface and it is clear that Guy poses a threat to everything Emma loves.

  • Series: The Secret of the Journal (Book 4)
  • Paperback: 496 pages
  • Publisher: Lion Fiction (July 27, 2016)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1782641963
  • ISBN-13: 978-1782641964

This is book four out of five.   I would strongly suggest that you read the previous three books along with the fifth.  The author gives the reader strong, solid characters.  You want to get to know them and can relate to what they are struggling with.   We have our two main characters, Matthew and Emma, wanting to be together but so much has kept them apart.   Now, maybe they will get what they both want.   The author doesn't just give you a couple of characters but has given the reader a variety of different types of characters.   Mr. Dunn touches on family and the tight connection there can be.  You get the sense of how sometimes family has to be protective in order to keep secrets hidden.  Having to be so careful of things you do, things you say, people you associate with must have been hard for the entire family.  You can't just tell it all and hope people will understand.  Family has that decision, as to what is told and how  much is told and to whom it is told.   But all secrets eventually come to light.  But what are they trying so hard to hide?   Is there something about Matthew that is so awful that it can't come out?  What happens when a total stranger appears and throws a monkey wrench in the mix?   Will Emma and Matthew be able to pull through?   Will the past finally be laid to rest?   Think about it, is the past ever put to rest?  Read and find out for yourself.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Kregel Book Tours and the author, C.F.Dunn in exchange for my unbiased and honest review.

I would give this book 4 STARS.

August 13, 2016


Sometimes it is better to be kind
than to be right.
We do not need an intelligent mind
that speaks,
a patient heart that listens.
  - Anonymous 


A novel
Stephen Hawley Martin

Fiction & Literature/Suspense

Is Hillary Telling the Truth, Is She Delusional?
If so, What is She's Elected?

Hillary is the progressive running for president of the United States. A terror group has overrun the Middle East and threatens to plunge the world into a new Dark Age. Hillary says she can bring about peace, that she has an inside track and the the conservative candidate will only lead the nation and the world into total war.  But is she telling the truth? Her close advisor, Millie, has begun to wonder. Something doesn't seem right about Hillary. She's begun acting so strangely.  Millie's former lover, Matt, works for the opposition and they have spies - good ones. Should Millie ask him?  Or is it best to keep her distance? Her head says call him, but a trembling sensation in her gut says no.  Yet if something really is terribly wrong, if she's gone mad, what if Hillary gets elected?
  • Paperback: 306 pages
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (November 6, 2015)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1519163924
  • ISBN-13: 978-1519163929


A little take on what is actually happening?  Maybe?   Hillary supposedly can bring peace back to the unrest that is threatening the world.  But how does she propose to do that?   Does she know something that no one else does?  Does she have some dark  undesirable connections?
 Her advisor, Millie, is starting to take note of Hillary's unpredictable thoughts and actions.  What  is going on?  Is Hillary losing it?  Then on top of Hillary's actions,  something is going on with some of the people connected with the campaign, Hillary's and the opposition.   Murders are happening?  Is there any connection.  Just a campaign manager, what's the deal? Murders happen every day.  Is there possibly a connection?   Take an inside look into the progressive's and conservative's campaigns and some of the sinister things happening.  What if Hillary does get elected?   If she's going mad, what will it be like having her in office.   How can she restore peace and bring about unity when she, herself, is in such turmoil.   Those closely around her are seeing it, but will that make a difference, or enough of a difference to change the direction of the election.   Millie knows she has to do something, but will that include her ex lover, Matt, the opposition?   Take a peak into Hillary's run for office and decide for yourself.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author, in exchange for my unbiased and honest review.

I would give this book 4 STARS.