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August 19, 2017



Blood Loss - A Magnolia Novel by [Fontainne, Ashley, Hansen, Lillian]


A Magnolia Novel
Author: Ashley Fontainne & Lillian Hansen
Publisher: RMSW Press
Pages: 261
Genre: Mystery / Suspense
Karina and LiAnn worked hard to put the awful memories behind them of the nightmare they walked into at The Magnolia and all the death and destruction caused by the former owners. As they settled into their new roles as managers of the upscale independent living facility, LiAnn reconnects with her true love and Karina continues to explore the new relationship with a sexy cowboy named Bo.
Each are haunted by the atrocities committed at The Magnolia and how close Karina came to dying at the hands of mafia monsters. With the help of her mother, beloved grandparents, new job, an enormous dog, and a hunky, younger man to keep her mind occupied, Karina lets her guard down, naively assuming the worst is over for her family.
Unfortunately, she’s wrong.
When one of the elderly residents of The Magnolia reveals the truth about a shady past, the entire Tuck family find themselves embroiled in one of Arkansas’s most notorious mysteries from 1957. The disappearance of a beloved attorney and her young charge was never solved, bodies never found, and even after over 60 years, Karina and LiAnn discover there are still those who intend to keep it that way.
 (from Pump Up Your Book)


About the Author

Award-winning and International bestselling author Ashley Fontainne enjoys stories that immerse the reader deep into the human psyche and the monsters lurking within each of us. She writes in numerous genres including mystery, suspense, horror, sci-fi and sometimes poetry. Ashley lives in Arkansas with her husband and is the proud mother of one son and three daughters. Lillian Hansen is Ashley's mother and also lives in Arkansas. Blood Loss is Lillian's second novel.  ......................................................
 The former owners of an independent living facility, The Magnolia, left the place in shambles amidst death and terrible conditions.    When Karina and LiAnn, the new managers walked through the front door, the sight would stay with them for a long time.   So they dug in and worked hard to bring the place back up to the upscale facility it used to be.   So many wrongs were committed at The Magnolia and both young women are constantly reminded of what went on, including facing death by some of the mafia.

  But they need to move on.  There are those who help Karina get over everything that happened including her mother and grandparents.  She has this new job as manager of the independent living facility, a sexy new man, and a loving huge dog.   Everything is fine, she can finally relax.  But, wait a minute.  As soon as she thinks things are going fine, the worst is over.........reality sets in.  She is far from right.
 A secret is brought to light by one of the residents.  Thus in 1957 one of the most prominent mystery in Arkansas emerges. 
We're talking the disappearance of an attorney and her young charge. Mystery remains a mystery, never solved.  No bodies found, no clues, at least none that anyone is willing to let out in the open.  There are those who know what  happened but are adamant about leaving it in the past, a deep, dark secret of the past.
The author wrote an interesting suspense mystery.  It read quickly with no having to re-read sections to figure out what you read.   It was a good combination of  mystery, suspense, secrets, a bit of romance and questions to be answered.  The author had you being an investigator, trying to figure out what the dark secrets are and when you find out, well, you're investigating again to find out what happened, why and who did the crime. You are on the edge of your seat with the suspense building with each page as it turns.  You'll find yourself making yourself breath.  You'll find your mind thinking of the mystery and trying to solve it. The author didn't hold back on the suspense, starting out slow and building with each page.
Can this mystery be solved after 60 years? Will the dark secrets come to light in order to solve this age old mystery.?   Did the attorney and her charge die by murder or was it an accident?  What happened to the bodies?  Was it connected to the original owners of The Magnolia?  And How?  Will the two young women be able to put all of this behind them and move forward?   
Above all: Who dun it and why?  If you love suspense, dark secrets and like being an arm chair investigator, then the author gives you it all.   Oh, and don't forget the sexy cowboy!

I received a complimentary copy of this book and voluntarily decided to review it.

I would give this book 4 STARS.



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HOOK'S TALE (A Classic Re-telling)

Hook's Tale: Being the Account of an Unjustly Villainized Pirate Written by Himself by [Pielmeier, John Leonard]


Being the Account of an Unjustly Villanized Pirate Written by Himself

About the Author

John Pielmeier is a three-time Emmy- and Golden Globe-nominated playwright and screenwriter. His successful plays, television movies, and miniseries include Agnes of God, Gifted Hands, Choices of the Heart, The Memory Keeper’s Daughter, and successful screen adaption of Ken Follett’s The Pillars of the Earth. He has received the Humanitas Award (plus two nominations), five Writers’ Guild Award nominations, a Gemini nomination, an Edgar Award, the Camie Award, and a Christopher Award. He is married to writer Irene O’Garden and lives in upstate New York. Hook’s Tale is his first novel.

 A rollicking debut novel from award-winning playwright and screenwriter John Pielmeier reimagines the childhood of the much maligned Captain Hook: his quest for buried treasure, his friendship with Peter Pan, and the story behind the swashbuckling world of Neverland.

Long defamed as a vicious pirate, Captain James Cook (a.k.a Hook) was in fact a dazzling wordsmith who left behind a vibrant, wildly entertaining, and entirely truthful memoir. His chronicle offers a counter narrative to the works of J.M. Barrie, a “dour Scotsman” whose spurious accounts got it all wrong. Now, award-winning playwright John Pielmeier is proud to present this crucial historic artifact in its entirety for the first time.

Cook’s story begins in London, where he lives with his widowed mother. At thirteen, he runs away from home, but is kidnapped and pressed into naval service as an unlikely cabin boy. Soon he discovers a treasure map that leads to a mysterious archipelago called the “Never-Isles” from which there appears to be no escape. In the course of his adventures he meets the pirates Smee and Starkey, falls in love with the enchanting Tiger Lily, adopts an oddly affectionate crocodile, and befriends a charming boy named Peter—who teaches him to fly. He battles monsters, fights in mutinies, swims with mermaids, and eventually learns both the sad and terrible tale of his mother’s life and the true story of his father’s disappearance.

Like Gregory Maguire’s Wicked, Hook’s Tale offers a radical new version of a classic story, bringing readers into a much richer, darker, and enchanting version of Neverland than ever before. The characters that our hero meets—including the terrible Doctor Uriah Slinque and a little girl named Wendy—lead him to the most difficult decision of his life: whether to submit to the temptation of eternal youth, or to embrace the responsibilities of maturity and the inevitability of his own mortality. His choice, like his story, is not what you might expect.


“Life is no condition for Loving, James. More often than not it makes Loving more complicated. And vise- versa.”
“Are you afraid, Princess? Of Dying?"
"A little. I try to think of it as Curiosity more than Fear. I like Adventure too, and Death will be an awfully big one.”

This is written as Captain Hook by James Cook, edited by Pielmeier.

A different account of a classic.  The book from start to finish has many twists and turns, sort of like a spider's web with many fine fibers all connected.   If you love Peter Pan, the Wizard of Oz  than you'll love this twist on the classic.  What a debut novel! A coming of age story of a young boy who has to face the realities of life way too soon. A young James Hook appears to be a  loner, never quite living up to his family's expectations.   His friends really aren't friends.  But then something extraordinary happens..   He finds new friends with mermaids, fairies and a dear friend, a crocodile.  This young boy is thrown into growing up and all the events that make him a man..  James Hook will soon become Captain Hook who  all remember as being a different sort.  The story is written in a Victorian/Edwardian style and as you read, you will savor every moment.   As you turn the pages, you are in for a new surprise every time in the adventure into Neverland.  I enjoyed immensely the stories of the  pirates.  What humor and fun. I never thought about how the hook part came into play and was fascinated to learn how Captain Hook got the hook. Did we ever really know Hook?  Was he the villain we all thought or was there another layer to the infamous Captain Hook? Perhaps even a look at a hero of sorts? We always think of Peter Pan as being this sweet adorable boy, but was he really?  I would suggest for younger readers that there is just a bit of swearing and some violent moments. This was a fun, fast and entertaining book..  Fantasy and true, all in one but then  it's all in the mind! So if you have always loved the classics we grew up with but also like a different twist to them, then most of all, you have to pick this book up and read.   A  retelling that may never leave your mind or your book shelf.  

I received a copy of this book and voluntarily decided to review it.

I would give this book 4 STARS.

August 18, 2017



Seeds of Malice: A Psychic Vision Novel (Psychic Visions Book 11) by [Mayer, Dale]
A Psychic Visions Novel
Psychic Visions
Book 11
Dale Myer


 Charged with murder. Betrayed by her lover. Shunned by her friends.
After being acquitted of the murder, botanist Fern Geller runs from her past to learn everything she can about poisonous plants. She ends up doing a six month contract at the Garden of Death before finding the answer she’s seeking...
When she returns to the same conservatory where she’d worked before, the new boss is missing and several other men are dead. Once again, all eyes turn her way.
FBI agent, London Behring hadn’t expected Fern to look like she does now. Ethereal. Gorgeous. Gentle. Why and how had she been a murder suspect? Even more intriguing, how had she been acquitted of all charges? And more mysteriously, she’d come back to the scene of the crime… at the perfect time to fall under suspicion – again.
What magic did she possess to walk away from such crimes? And how can he stay free of her charms… a lure he’s finding impossible to resist. (from Amazon)

2965060Dale Mayer is a USA Today bestselling author best known for her Psychic Visions and Family Blood Ties series. Her contemporary romances are raw and full of passion and emotion (Second Chances, SKIN), her thrillers will keep you guessing (By Death series), and her romantic comedies will keep you giggling (It's a Dog's Life and Charmin Marvin Romantic Comedy series).
She honors the stories that come to her - and some of them are crazy and break all the rules and cross multiple genres!

To go with her fiction, she also writes nonfiction in many different fields with books available on resume writing, companion gardening and the US mortgage system. She has recently published her Career Essentials Series. All her books are available in print and ebook format.

To find out more about Dale and her books, visit her at Or connect with her online with Twitter at and on Facebook at If you like Dale Mayer's books and are interested in joining her street team, sign up here -

As if Fern Geller being charged with murder, but acquitted, isn't enough, she has been betrayed by the one she thought was on her side, no matter what, her lover.  Then her friends avoid her.  That would be enough to make anyone run and run fast and she did.  She goes in search of an answer, but ends up for six months at the Garden of Death.   She is searching for answers. She goes back to her previous job only to find herself, once again, being looked at as a suspect.  It didn't seem to matter she had been acquitted before.  She was looked upon as a suspect once again. She had only one person to depend on, at least she thinks she can, and that is the one she had been in love with.  Her once lover, London, is glad she's back and wants to mend their broken relationship.  But with Fern being, once again, looked at for murder, how will Logan make things right?   Fern is a hurt soul, lots of pain and heartache in her life. But she has a special power that possibly will help her through this.  Will she be able to find it in her heart to trust Logan and a few of her psychic friends?
This book is the 11th in the series and can be read alone.You might want to read some of the previous books since some characters in this book were in previous books.  It might give a background on some of the characters. Even if you don't read any of the others first, you won't be lost as the book stands alone very well.  I do feel you will, after reading this one, go back to some of the previous books.  The author gives you suspense, much anticipation, mystery along with the psychic.  OF course, there is that thing called LOVE.  The book showed that even though people may have a special something about them,  even they go through some bad times and bad things happen.  But these characters grow with those bad things.   They overcome fear and go on with their lives. As you turn the pages, you try to figure out who 'dun' it.  I was rather surprised when I found out.  I thought I had it figured out, but I was way off.  
Romance is a small part of this book. It's more about the mystical psychic powers and the mystery.The characters are so believable and you can see where this could actually happen.  So count on getting hooked on this book. The author definitely engages you and doesn't let go.

I received a copy of this book and voluntarily decided to review it.

I would give this book 5 STARS. 



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Proudly Presents



Making Peace With Dementia
Remembrance Of Things Present: Making Peace With Dementia by Peter Maeck

The experience of writing a poem, play, or story, or creating a photograph, is like riding a train through wonderful, unexpected scenery. When I wake up in the morning I hurry to get to work because I never want to miss that train. My train derailed the morning of my father's Alzheimer's diagnosis. Dad hadn't chosen a trip into dementia but here he was on track to forget his friends, his family, and even his own name.
I tempered my shock by denying that this was a tragic turn of events. I figured Dad would be freed from all past doubts and guilt, he’d live in a blissful Here and Now, and his future would be an open book. Dementia wasn't a curse, it was a gift!
Oh, come on, I chided myself – a gift
What gift takes away all we’ve treasured in life,
Erases our husband and blots out our wife,
Makes the children we’ve raised and protected from dangers
Come before us not loved ones but absolute strangers?
The Kübler-Ross model says denial is the first of the five stages of grief. But while denying my father's affliction, I worried for myself: Was dementia in the blood? Would I someday lose my own memory? And wasn't losing my father a worry enough in itself? Dad told me to stay calm, the decline would be gradual, and maybe some good might come from this. What good, I wondered, could come from shock, grief, and despair?
Give us this day, and our daily bread, too,
But don’t make believe that the world’s born anew
Every morning, it’s not, we’re just one whole day older.
Wiser, we hope, and stronger and bolder.
Than what, though? Than yesterday? That we can’t answer,
Except to affirm that dementia’s a cancer
Which kills off our knowledge of which is more rotten:
A bad day remembered or one that’s forgotten.
As if to compensate for my father’s fading memory, my own memory became more acute. As Dad shed future considerations, I projected further ahead. Then I realized that all my forward and backward looking was pushing me away from my father; thus I had to meet him where he was increasingly living: in a constant present tense. As I did this, Dad and I moved from a prose relationship into one of poetry, less literal and more metaphorical, where we engaged more in rhyme than in reason, freezing time initially but then melting it and coming together in a lyrical realm between what had gone before and what was yet to be.
What good can come from a terrible affliction? What follows the Kübler-Ross stages of denial, anger, bargaining, and depression? For me it was a revelation that dementia’s grip is loosened by the power of poetry, pictures, music, and love. For my father it was an even tenderer and more profound relationship with his family. I wrote Remembrance of Things Present – Making Peace with Dementia to celebrate my father's brave, good-humored journey through Alzheimer's, and to show how such an affliction can actually draw loved ones closer together instead of driving them apart.
 Caring for an aging father diagnosed with Alzheimer's exposes a multitude of experiences and feelings. Writer and photographer Peter Maeck approached this extremely difficult time of life with extraordinary mindfulness and compassion. Using the language of his craft, Maeck observed that he and his father "moved from a prose relationship into one of poetry . . . less literal and more metaphorical . . . engaging more in rhyme than in reason." Remembrance of Things Present is an important book for our time as dementia nears epidemic proportions; it is wisdom gleaned from facing one of life's most horrific afflictions with word, image, and love


Peter Maeck is a poet, playwright, and photographer whose work has been produced and exhibited both in the United States and internationally. He served as a U.S. State Department American Cultural Specialist in Tanzania and Morocco, and he has created training programs for major U.S. corporations. He holds a B.A. in English from Dartmouth College and an M.F.A. in Playwriting from Brandeis University. He has presented "Remembrance of Things Present" as a TEDx Talk in the U.S. and abroad.  AUTHOR'S WEBSITE
YOU TUBE  - Book "REMEMBRANCE OF THINGS PRESENT – Making Peace with Dementia" about father's Alzheimer's.   PHOTOGRAPHY WEBSITE


Remembrance Of Things Present: Making Peace With Dementia by Peter Maeck

    Proudly Presents

    Making Peace With Dementia
    Peter Maeck
     Remembrance Of Things Present: Making Peace With Dementia by Peter Maeck
    Publisher: Shanti Arts LLC (April 18, 2017)
    Category: Health, Alzheimer's Disease, Dementia, Photography, Memoir, Poetry
    Tour dates: Aug-Oct, 2017
    ISBN: 978-1941830802
    Available in Print & ebook, 70 pages
    Remembrance of Things Present

    Peter Maeck celebrates his father's brave, good-humored struggle with Alzheimer's Disease. With lyrical prose, rhyming verse, and his own photographs, Maeck traces his personal journey from resistance to acceptance of a loved one's dementia, and suggests how the affliction can draw patients and caregivers together instead of driving them apart.

    Maeck says, "As if to compensate for my father's fading memory, my own memory became more acute. As Dad shed future considerations, I projected further ahead. Then I realized that all my forward and backward looking was pushing me away from my father; thus I had to meet him where he was increasingly living: in a constant present tense."

    As the book reveals: Dad and I then moved from a prose relationship into one of poetry, less literal and more metaphorical, where we engaged more in rhyme than in reason, freezing time initially but then melting it and coming together in that lyrical realm between what had gone before and what was yet to be.

    When presenting his story at TEDx events, Alzheimer's Association gatherings, and mental health conferences in the U.S. and abroad, Maeck hears caregivers, familial and professional, confess their frustration, regret, despair, and even rage when dementia is diagnosed. Clearly, caregivers need and deserve care giving as much as their patients do. "Remembrance of Things Present" aims to comfort, console, and inspire persons with Alzheimer's Disease and other forms of dementia, their loved ones, clinicians, researchers, and all whose lives dementia touches. As Maeck says, "If art can offer no more than symptomatic and palliative relief from the effects of Alzheimer’s Disease, that is no less than modern medicine has done to date. Ideally, art and science can work together to reduce dementia’s effects and ultimately reach a cure."

    Buy Remembrance Of Things Present: Making Peace With Dementia by Peter Maeck

    Remembrance Of Things Present Tour Schedule
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    Peter Maeck is a poet, playwright, and photographer whose work has been produced and exhibited both in the United States and internationally. He served as a U.S. State Department American Cultural Specialist in Tanzania and Morocco, and he has created training programs for major U.S. corporations. He holds a B.A. in English from Dartmouth College and an M.F.A. in Playwriting from Brandeis University. He has presented "Remembrance of Things Present" as a TEDx Talk in the U.S. and abroad.
    Photography website:
    Facebook- Photography Page:
    Facebook- Author Page:

    This is such a informative and also a true honest view of dementia.  The author approaches it in a different way using poetry, and his own photography.  It's far more than just a story.   The book isn't presented on just one level.  There are many with the prose, the pictures, some confessions and some questions.   I found the photography to be amazing. It captures the true person and you just want to sit and look at them and wonder about the innocence, the pain, the simple, yet very complicated lives of the people in the pictures. It's more than the author telling of his father's dementia.  It shows the approach to his father's devastating disease and how the author handles the anger, the love and the facing of what is at hand.  It saddens the heart at what this disease can do to a person, but the author takes that sadness and you feel a warmth in your heart for the love that is there.  It's a true, honest dealing with a subject that destroys.  The author makes a connection to the reader with the honesty and the human aspect of life.   This disease is a part of life, as awful as that is.   But the author has a very positive approach to aging and what goes with it.   This is a book that anyone who has an aging parent, relative or friend, should read. And re-read.  It may make it easier,even if just a bit, to take this in and deal with it, not only the disease, but the grief, anger, bits of joy and HOPE.  There is always HOPE and we must hold on to that, if nothing else, but to get through the hard times.  I recommend this. Don't think, Oh this wouldn't ever happen to someone close and dear to me, because it very well can.

    I received this book from the author and Virtual Author Book Tours and voluntarily decided to review it.

    I would give this book 5 STARS.


    Premier Virtual Author Book Tours

    Praise for Remembrance Of Things Present: Making Peace With Dementia by Peter Maeck

    “I absolutely recommend this book. This book has touched me so much since my grandfather in his latter days suffered from dementia. The poems are so beautifully written and touching and I am so happy to see there is more awareness about this disease.”- Elizabeth M. Bokango, Amazon Reviewer

    “I've had the privilege of attending Peter Maeck's TEDx Talk about his father and Alzheimers Disease. His book ‘Remembrance of Things Present’ complements and beautifully illustrates his spoken prose and poetry on a difficult subject. He takes us on a lyrical journey from a relationship with his father through the confusing and anger filled diagnosis to a new place of acceptance of a disease that separates, yet bonds the two of them ultimately on a spiritual level. I recommend this book for all who have loved ones who may be facing similar circumstances. 5 stars for sure!”-Kristen Makita, Amazon Reviewer

    “What a great little book! Moving, insightful photos integrated with passionate and creative poetry create a unique telling of the experience Peter Maeck had with his father's journey through dementia. I had the opportunity to experience a live dramatic presentation of ‘Remembrance of Things Present’ by the author at a TEDx event. It was truly moving and entertaining. This book allows revisiting of that experience and creates a similar experience for others. Maeck demonstrates his unique combination of talents weaving photography and poetry into a book that everyone should read and reread.”-Amazon Reviewer

    “Beautiful collection of photographs, poetry, and prose from an artist grappling with his changing relationship with his aging father, who has Alzeimer's disease. From the first page, the author reaches beyond easy narratives we sometimes hear about aging - that life becomes simpler, for example. Instead, the author delves bravely into the grief he feels about his father's dementia, and how their relationship changes as their memories take divergent paths. Ambivalence, hope, fear, confusion, anger, joy - Maeck approaches his feelings with extraordinary compassion, wisdom, and insight. Taught me to approach my own ambivalence about aging with more gentleness. The book, with its combination of text and images, is a moving and engaging read - highly recommended!! Will deepen your understanding of grief, aging, and dementia. A must read!”-Athena Torri, Amazon Reviewer

    “I loved the all the layers in this book -- pictures, narratives, confessions and inquiry. The author’s father is pictured, here swathed in a scarf as in a monk’s cowl, there stepping lightly with a walker, there standing and inhaling a harmonica. There are photos of children lost in reverie, and of old people at play. Women and men are on trains and beaches and at amusement parks. The accompanying text is a rich conversational musing, the author’s response to other authors and ideas – on aging, on art and poetry and relationships, and on what it can mean to grow older. The conversation concludes with a long tribute in rhymed tetrameter couplets, remarkable for it’s genuineness and poignancy. I expect to be looking at this book again and again.”- Daniel Chodos, Amazon Reviewer

    August 17, 2017



    San Francisco Nights banner

    Pick up your copy of the latest Sam Slater mystery! SAN FRANCISCO NIGHTS by @gregmessel… Click To Tweet

    San Francisco Nights

    Inside the Book

    Author: Greg Messel
    Publisher: Sunbreaks Publishing
    Pages: 232
    Genre: Mystery / Suspense
    The wife of a wealthy San Francisco shipping magnate leads a secret life but someone is threatening to expose her.  Private eye Sam Slater and his wife and partner, Amelia, meet a mysterious woman in a large red hat during a train trip. The woman approaches him pleading for help because she‘s receiving anonymous notes quoting Bible verses which are becoming more and more ominous with each passing day. Her secrets have been discovered but by whom? What really happens behind closed doors in Room 505 in a swanky downtown hotel?
    Sam is willing to take the case but Amelia warns that this woman is nothing but trouble. What does the woman really want? She’s been watching Sam for months and has a scheme to pull him into her world.
    Find out in the latest Sam Slater Mystery “San Francisco Nights” set in the fall of 1959. It’s the seventh book in the series but is a heart pounding stand alone whodunit.
    Watch the book trailer at YouTube.



    Meet the Author

    Greg Messel
    Greg Messel has spent most of his adult life interested in writing, including a career in the newspaper business. He won a Wyoming Press Association Award as a columnist and has contributed articles to various magazines. Greg lives in Edmonds, Washington on Puget Sound with his wife Jean DeFond.
    Greg has written ten novels. His latest is “San Francisco Nights” which is the seventh in a series of mysteries set in 1959 San Francisco. “Shadows In The Fog,” “Fog City Strangler,” “San Francisco Secrets,” “Deadly Plunge” are sequels to the first book in the series “Last of the Seals.” His other three novels are “Sunbreaks,” “Expiation” and “The Illusion of Certainty.” For a more detailed summary of Greg’s novels go to
    Greg is currently working on his eleventh novel “Dreams That Never Were” which is not part of the mystery series.



    San Francisco Nights giveaway

    Greg Messel is giving away three of his books!!

    Terms & Conditions:
    • By entering the giveaway, you are confirming you are at least 18 years old.
    • Winners will be chosen via Rafflecopter.
    • This giveaway ends midnight September 29.
    • Winner will be contacted via email on September 30.
    • Winner has 48 hours to reply.
    Good luck everyone!


     a Rafflecopter giveaway

    The setting is San Francisco, 1959.

     A woman on a train is keeping her eye on Sam Slater.  It appears that she knows Sam but he doesn't know her, but he will remember her, and not only for her large red hat.

    She reaches out to Sam saying she is getting notes from an anonymous person and they are threatening her. But Amelia has reservations about this woman.  She feels it's trouble brewing.  She's flirting with Sam and  and that puts Amelia on high alert. How does this woman know Sam so well?  What is really up?  Well, this woman has a secret that she's hiding.  What could it be?

     Did it have something to do with Room 505 in a rich, high scale hotel?  What happened there?   But what happens when she believes her secrets are about to come out?  Someone knows something and the woman's secret life is about to explode.

    Are Sam and Amelia in danger?  Is there murder or maybe another murder in the works? I loved the intrigue of Room 505.  What's going on? The author gives you a mystery that has questions from page to page.  You become the investigator. You are the one to get the answers to t he questions of what happened in Room 505.  The book is a get away for those of you who love Sam Slater and all the escapades that go with it.  If you like figuring out mysteries with dark hidden secrets, filled with danger and the unknown, then pick up this 7th book in the Sam Slater Series.  You won't regret it, except you will want more of Sam Slater.

    I received a copy of this book  and voluntarily decided to review it.

    I would give this book 5 STARS.



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    Dorothy Thompson
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    Winner P&E Readers Poll 2016

    August 16, 2017

    OUT OF THE JUNGLE:The Jungle Boy

    Raymond Walker, author of
    OUT OF THE JUNGLE:The Jungle Boy,
    migrated from his native country of Guyana
    to the Untied States in search of
    better opportunities,
     and today he works to honor the memory
     of his grandparents in Guyana who raised him.
    OUT OF THE JUNGLE is his debut novel.

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    The Jungle Boy
    Rayfield Walker
    OUT OF THE JUNGLE follows Rayfield Walker's escape to New York City, where he finds success as a star student and catharsis in painting, film making, and writing. His accounts of repeated verbal, mental, and physical abuse offer a grim portrait of life in rural Guyana. His father expressed the pain of a gay man living in an unforgiving, homophobic society on young Rayfield, including daily beatings and locking the child in a kitchen cupboard for hours at a time. Rayfield also endured sexual assault at the hands of close friends and relatives. Despite enduring horrifying and repeated abuse, Rayfield fought for his life with an iron will and utter determination. He knew there had to be something better. He found refuge in his grandparents' home, w here his grandmother instilled in him important virtues and strength of character. Finally, after accepting the truth embedded in the advice his grandmother had given him--Remembering where you came from can give you strength, clinging in the past only leads to stagnation--he eventually found a path out. In New York, with the help of those who care for him, Rayfield learns to grab hold of his dreams  and to comfort in the momentum needed to reach his next goal, believing that no one knows what they will experience, accomplish, or who they can become.

     Rayfield Walker

    Rayfield Walker migratted from his native country of Guyana to the United States in search of better opportunities and today he works to honor the memory of his grandparents in Guyana who raised him. Out of the Jungle is his debut novel.

    This story will tear at your heart.  You won't forget it for a long time.    This is Mr. Walker's memoir of his growing up in Guyana.   He was at the mercy of an abusive, violent father.  He was constantly verbally, mentally and physically abused. His father took his frustrations of being gay out on Rayfield.   He was locked often in a cabinet in the kitchen.  Not only his father abused him sexually but family and friends did so also.  Not only the physical, mental and emotional abuse from his father and others, Rayfield knew that his mother could have prevented every bit of this, but she didn't. She would actually watch him being abused by his father. But this was a boy, about to become a remarkable man.   Rayfield was one among few who had a strong will to overcome the abuse and become someone.  This he did with the help of his grandparents.  His grandmother must have been a wonderful woman.  She took a young boy and taught him the important values of life.  She taught him to be strong.   She instilled in him that remembering where you come from  will often make you strong, but you must not hold on to the past.  With his grandmother's guidance he eventually made his way to New York.   He had dreams.  He knew he was strong now and he worked to achieve those dreams.   He knew that no one knew what the future may bring to you.  So Rayfield went from a scared child that was abused by those who should have loved him, into a strong and positive New York City artist. 
     Mr.. Walker eventually faced his past, and then put it behind.  He won awards, met other artists who helped him and found a peace through the art and photography when he was at Brooklyn College Academy. I am extremely impressed by this man.  He tells a story that is horrific, extremely painful but I believe he tells it so others will know that you can find peace and achieve your dreams.  The past is the past and that is where it belongs.   This man is an inspiration to all.  He dedicates his story to all children everywhere who are abused. Truly a remarkable man.
    “In order to achieve great things, you have to do might ones”

    I received a copy of this book from the author and voluntarily decided to review it.

    I would give this book  5 SOLID STARS.