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YOU'RE A SCAMP! Charlie Brown

YOU'RE A SCAMP! Charlie Brown

February 23, 2017




 Join Barbara on Thursday, March 9, for a live author chat party on her Facebook page with fun prizes to be won! Click the graphic below for more details and to RSVP. Hope to see you there—bring a friend or two who loves Amish fiction!

The Coming Home Series
Book Three
Barbara Cameron

Rose Anna Zook has watched her two older sisters marry two Stoltzfus men and has always thought she and John, the third Stoltzfus brother, would marry, make a home together, and have children. But John has other ideas. He's enjoying his Rumschpringe in the Englisch world a little too much and isn't interested in returning to the Amish community -  especially to marry.
In this highly anticipated final book of the Coming Home series, Rose Anna is determined to bring her man back into the Amish fold. John is equally determined to bring her man back into the Amish fold. John is equally determined to live his life free and unencumbered. Who will win this battle of wills? Will love prevail? 

  • Paperback: 320 pages
  • Publisher: Abingdon Press (February 21, 2017)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1426769938
  • ISBN-13: 978-1426769931
Barbara Cameron

Barbara Cameron has a heart for writing about the spiritual values and simple joys of the Amish. She is the best-selling author of more than 40 fiction and non-fiction books, three nationally televised movies, and the winner of the first Romance Writers of America Golden Heart Award. Her  books have been nominated for Carol Awards and the Inspirational Reader's Choice Award from RWA's Faith, Hope, and Love chapter. Barbara resides in Jacksonville, Florida.

I love Amish books.  They have a warming, peaceful sense about them. This book Home To Paradise is no different.  It was what I expected and more.   Rose Anna Zook and John Stoltfus, this is their story.  His two brothers and her two sisters are wed.  But John isn't in the Amish community right now and Rose Anna  wants him to come back.   He is having faith and forgiveness problems. He is putting off getting into a real relationship with Rose Anna. Rose Anna has begun to look elsewhere. She is beginning to think John will never want to wed.  She wants a husband and a family.  This is a lovely story of faith, forgiveness, a person's heart and family.  You can't help but want to know page by page what is happening in their lives.   It's like you are part of their lives.    I wish I  had read some of the other books so I would have a background on some of the characters that are included in this book.  I hope to go back and do so.   As in some Amish based books, there are delicious recipes included. I have tried several and they are GOOD.  Will John get his faith back? Will he forgive his father?   And, will he propose to Rose Anna?   Or will Rose Anna find another man to love and to love her?   If you love romance, Amish, faith and family, then grab a copy and find out what  happens to Rose Anna and John!

I received a copy of this book from the author and Litfuse Publicity and voluntarily decided to review it.

I would give this book a SOLID 5 STARS.

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Priscilla's Reveille
Erica Vetsch

 Product Details
 A Custody Battle Brings Two Stubborn Individuals Together At A Remote Texas Fort.
Journey now to Fort Bliss in West Texas of 1874, where...
A Battle Is About to be Waged Between Two Hearts.
Fashion artist Priscilla Hutchens has a grudge against the army that has ruined her family and taken the people she holds most dear. When her twin niece and nephew are left orphaned at Fort Bliss, Texas, she swoops down on Fort Bliss to gain custody of them immediately.

There is just one thing standing in the way—Post surgeon Major Elliot Ryder, who is also the twins uncle, also claims the children and thinks he knows what is best for them.

Priscilla and Elliot will cross swords, but each will have to lay down arms if they are to find a lasting peace on which to form the family both are longing for.  Who will win the battle? Or will a truce be called for the sake of love and family?

More from My Heart Belongs in Series...
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Erica VetschAUTHOR
 Erica Vetsch is a transplanted Kansan now residing in Minnesota. She loves history and romance, and is blessed to be able to combine the two by writing historical romances. Whenever she’s not immersed in fictional worlds, she’s the company bookkeeper for the family lumber business, mother of two, wife to a man who is her total opposite and soul-mate, and avid museum patron.

Not a very long novel, 256 pages but it is well written with characters that are well developed and will hold your interest.  You get a look into post Civil War medicine that took place on the battlefield. The moment you open the book, your interest is in full mode.  I love historical romances and this one didn't disappoint.  This is the first book to be released in a series of  three.  The other two are by different authors.   You will definitely want to grab these when they release. The reader gets a look at living on at a Fort near El Paso and the Native Americans living close by.    It was interesting reading and getting to know the women at the Fort.   One thing I really loved was the love story. Priscilla goes to Ft. Bliss to take care of matters since her brother and sister in law have left twins, one boy, one girl, as orphans after they die.   She only plans to go and pick up the kids and go back  home but.......... Her sister in law had a brother, a Major Elliot.  Elliot is a doctor for the cavalry and is taking care of the twins.   Now the battle really begins.  Elliot won't let the kids go with Priscilla and Priscilla isn't leaving without them.  How will they solve this?  Eliot knows he can't let Priscilla touch his heart or the children will be gone.   Is there a possible romance brewing?   The pace of the book is an easy one where you can take it all in and think about things. I found myself connecting with the characters in the book.  Will Eliot and Priscilla come to an agreement, not only about the twins but about their relationship?  A good clean read that you can fall in love with.

I received a copy of this book from the author and Barbour's Review Crew and voluntarily decided to review it.

I would give this book 5 STARS.



Philip Harbottle


Brett Conroy rules with an iron fist..

No one dares to challenge his authority in Macey's Folly - a ramshackle town deep in the heart of Arizona. His henchmen are always at his side, ready and waiting to do his bidding. But when a  mysterious stranger arrives, everything begins to change.

Long standing power structures that have been in place for years begin to crumble. The stranger, calling himself The Paleface Killer, starts disrupting the order of things. And this straight talking stranger doesn't hold back when it comes to using violence to get his own way.

He claims that he wants to clean up Macey’s Folly, clear out all the hoodlums and corrupt lawmakers, and place it under his jurisdiction. But Conroy, a shyster lawyer, the corrupt mayor and the sheriff, are not going to go down without a fight. They refuse to relinquish their hold on the town. And they attempt every brutal trick in the book to try and rid the settlement of this stranger.
When The Paleface Killer meets charming and courageous Tracey Lee, the girl Conroy is intending to marry, the scene is set for a maelstrom of murder and mayhem. The stakes for power and control have never been higher. And in such lawless times, anything could happen...

Pioneering Press is an imprint of Endeavour Press, the UK’s leading independent digital publisher. We publish new and classic westerns by authors from the US and the UK.
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Born in Wallsend in 1941, Philip Harbottle has published over a dozen novels and edited a great many more. He is the heir and administrator of the literary estate of John Russell Fearn and working from notes and unpublished manuscripts left by the author, he has posthumously collaborated on a number of westerns. As well as pursuing his own writing he acts as a literary agent specializing in science fiction, detective and western novels, and his clients include many of the most prolific British and American genre writers.

I had a hard time getting into this book.  The pace was fast and there was too much going on at once so I had a hard time keeping up with the characters.  I didn't like The Paleface Killer at first until after the story progressed. As it did, after getting to know him. I began liking him more.  Seems like he was fast and a little too quick on the draw.  Was like he didn't really think, he just drew.  But life was different back then. If you stopped and thought for too long, you died.  I did like Tracie but I wish there was more about the relationship between her and  The Paleface Killer.  He was charming and came to Tracie's defense but there wasn't much about their romance and I wish there had been.  Of course, Macey's Foley was eventually cleaned up from the lawmen who were actually outlaws.  I was happy that The Paleface Killer and Tracie end up at his ranch and where Tracie had been living.  Power and control rule but when in the hands of the wrong man, it's corruption.   The Paleface Killer puts power and control in the hands of the people of Macey's Foley where it belongs. 

I received a copy of this book from the author and Pioneering Press and volunteered to review it.

I would give this book 3  STARS


February 22, 2017


A Cotton Lee Penn Historical Mystery
Book  One
Tower Lowe



Polio disabled Cotton Lee's leg, but not her sexuality, not her mind, and not her ability to connect the murder of her friend Little Mary in 1972 to that of Bead Baker in 1932.

Gone on Sunday follows the lies of the Baker family, their black servants and the townspeople they knew in Homeville, Virginia. Alternating between 1972 and 1932, Cotton Lee's investigation into the murder of Bead Baker brings out secrets kept for decades. With suspects ranging from a housewife, to a cook, and even a rumored witch, Cotton Lee needs to find the solution to the first murder in order to know the history of the second.


Tower Lowe (aka: Donna Tower Pecherer) has published in Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine and is the author of mystery novellas and a full length novel featuring Cinnamon and Burro. She lives in New Mexico.

 The author presents a well written book that weaves the story through a web of plots.  I loved that the characters were "real", they had problems, physical and emotional that "real people" have.  You could relate to them. The main character is Cotton Lee. We have a woman that isn't deterred by a disability, which is polio, and she's very smart. Her disability may have changed her some physically but it has only made her stronger in others. She goes after what is true, even though there are obstacles in her path.   The author gives us two murders,Mary, a friend of Cotton and Mary's grandmother,  years apart and yet they were murdered the same way.  Answers need to be found, who did it, why and was it the same person who committed the two murders of a grand-daughter and her grandmother?  The author brings out one of the main things of the South, racism.  Sure, we don't want to think it's there or that it's still there, but it is, unfortunately.  Mary's boyfriend, Walker, is the main suspect.  It was said that Walker abused Mary.  The author gives the reader a charming ole' south story, some of the traditions and of course, racial tensions.  The story gives the reader a realness of family and their history, loves, lies, and secrets.   The story will touch your heart.  Secrets can be kept but they have their toll, and eventually come to light.

I received a copy of this book from the author and voluntarily decided to review it.

I would give this book  4 STARS. 


February 20, 2017



Split Rock

A Novel
Holly Hodder Eger

Publisher: Conzett Verlag
 (Women's Contemporary Fiction)

After losing her favorite aunt, inheriting a house on Martha's Vineyard, and finding herself alone there with three young children, Annie Tucker must confront her past when an unresolved love tests whether she has the courage to resist the pull of seduction and reclaim her true self. Both poignant and funny, this story is about forgiveness, acceptance, and the power of love and family. 

Holly Hodder Eger 
 A New Englander transplanted around the world, Holly Hodder Eger has written travel articles and personal commentaries that have appeared in local as well as national publications. She began SPLIT ROCK as a short story when her youngest child was in nursery school, put it aside while raising her family and moving them internationally several times, and finished it just before her oldest was married. Holly and her husband now live on Martha’s Vineyard and in Northern California, where she teaches writing. SPLIT ROCK is her first novel.


 I love books that give you characters you can relate to and this book has them.   As you turn the pages, you get to know them and care about them.  The book gets your emotions going.  The facing of loss and all the garbage life deals you.  The setting is Martha's Vineyard, summer of 1997.  That is a lovely setting for a book.  Makes the reader want to be there.  
A young woman, Annie Tucker, with three children finds herself alone after inheriting a house on the island, Martha's Vineyard. She has so much on her shoulders and in her heart. Her husband seems to be gone a lot on business trips.  Sound familiar?  She must face things from her past, losses and the future, all while being a mother of three.  Annie is far, far from perfect but you gotta love her.  She's real, not fake.
There is the challenges of her love for her family and her husband.  They all  have things to face and it isn't easy. You become part of their lives and you want so much for things to work out for the best, but will they?  You want Annie to sort of grow up and face things as a mature adult, but she seems to have trouble coping. For it being the author's first book, it is well written, charming, not your ordinary romance book and the characters are ones you can feel like you know.   You're there, page by page, on Martha's Vineyard.  SO! if you have always wanted to visit Martha's Vineyard along with getting to know some well developed characters, here's your chance. This is fiction but it could very well happen.  Don't miss out.  Hopefully there will be more from this author and SOON!
I received a copy of this book from the author and PUYB and voluntarily decided to review it.

I would give this book  4 STARS. 




Dorothy Thompson
CEO/Founder of Pump Up Your Book
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February 19, 2017


S.J. Bounds

 Product Details

Valentine Smith is a lone rider, used to picking his own course and  fighting his own battles.
He rides into the prairie cow-tow of Cross Trails as a stranger, unable to anticipate what will happen next.
Within twenty-four hours he is appointed the town's marshal, tasked with keeping the peace in a town ripped apart by rival factions between the north and the south.
This is a town that gets more than its fair share of trouble and violence.
But Smith doesn't let anyone get in his way when there's a job to be done.
Tension between Talbot and Duquesne, the men who rule each opposing faction is soon brought to breaking point - and Smith is the catalyst.
Matters are made ever more complicated when Smith starts to develop feelings for Claire Sherwood - the woman who Duquesne has vowed to make his wife.
And he's not a man who will give up what he wants without a fight.
With both Talbot and Duquense vying to exterminate each other, seize control and wipe out Smith in the process, can the lone rider wrestle back control and prevent any more innocent blood from being spilled?
One thing is for sure, all hell is about to break loose for the Cross Trails Marshal...

Justice will be done.......

SJ Bounds was born in 1920 and lived in Kingston Upon Thames. He wrote over 40 novels and hundreds of short stories many published under pseudonyms or anonymously. He was best known for his work in the science fiction, horror and western genres.

 I love these westerns where you can almost reach out and touch the characters. They are so realistic.I liked Valentine Smith. He was a man, a real man with a strong, but soft heart.   He was gentle when need be and strong when need be.   I loved how the ladies turned their heads and looked as he rode down the street.   Valentine Smith was a dangerous man of sorts but he also believed on the side of the law. He became marshal, for $100 a month.  That was a lot back then.Now there were two sides of town run by two different men. Valentine plans on serving the law rightly between both sides.    He had the respect of most of the towns people and one lady especially.     He held back from getting involved with one woman although he knew in his heart he wanted one special lady, a very pretty cowgirl. When she told him she loved him, he walks. He is being stubborn and thinks on it. He realizes later that he wants her.Then the unthinkable happens. One of the bosses of the town kidnap her.  Now Valentine is ready for a fight.    Lew Talbot has a beef with Valentine.  Will Lew get the better of Valentine?  Maybe Valentine will be planted on Boot Hill before he has a chance to bring justice to the town.  Valentine should watch his back and very carefully.  
The good ole westerns were a time when justice was served, usually by the gun, but that was the way of life.  And there is always a woman.  There simply has to be.

I received a copy of this book from Pioneering Press and voluntarily decided to review it.

I would give this book 5  STARS.




Product Details

Gordon Landsborough 

The river runs red....
Captain Morie Corbin arrives to take command of the Gila River Agency in the Apache Reservation.

His mission - keep the peace on the reserve and stop the Apache hostiles from crossing the border.
But that's easier said than done. 
Gorbin must deal with a scheming and treacherous second in command, Lieutenant Arbaker, win the respect of the whites and Indians, and con tend with the affections of two very different women.
The threat of death looms when Corbin discovers stories from his past have spread throughout the reserve-tales of Cheyenne Corbin the Squaw killer.
Will his reputation turn everyone against him at a time when he most needs support?
But Corbin doesn't have time to dwell on his past, a vicious storm is approaching. 
Apache hostiles, led by Geronimo, have crossed the border out of Mexico and are headed toward the reserve, intent on breaking the pace and resuming their old killing ways.
Can Corbin weather Storm Apache?

Gordon Landsborough (1913-1984) was a publisher, author and bookseller. Writing tales about the exploits of gun toting cowboys fighting out on the arid sands of the Wild West, Landsborough was himself a pioneering in the English paperback publishing world of the 1950's. He was widely known amongt his peers as the 'maverick publishing genius'. His other western adventures include THE DOG MEN, THE FENCE BUSTERS, UNION SOLDIER, THE STOLEN BOUNTY and BOSS OF THE DIAMOND-O.

Bloodshed is making the river red.   Captain Corbin arrives to keep peace on the Apache Reservation.  The problem being, Apache hostiles are crossing over the border..  Not an easy task.  The second in command, Lieutenant Arbaker isn't above board.     Corbin has to keep peace between the whites and the Indians and deal with the Lieutenant. On top of that he has two women interested in him.  These women are quite different from each other. 
Corbin has some things from his past he thought were hidden but he soon discovers that the stories have somehow gotten out and have spread throughout the reservation.  Is Corbin the Cheyenne Corbin the Squaw Killer?   Now death  overshadows Corbin.    A storm is on it's way, the hostiles, led by Geronimo have come out of Mexico and are headed for Corbins reserve.   They have one thing on their minds,  taking up their old ways - KILLING!   Storm Apache! Can Corbin keep the peace and drive out the hostiles? 
Or will the river run red again?

I was given a copy of this book from Pioneering Press and I voluntarily decided to review it.

I would give this book 4 STARS. 



Rowankind: Book Two
Jacey Bedford

When wild magic is set free, can a summoner 
and a shape changer preserve their world? 

Britain, 1801, King George's episodic sanity is almost as damaging as his madness. First Consul Napoleon is almost as damaging as his madness. First Consul Napoleon is fathering his forces in France. The disease of democracy is spreading. The world is poised on the brink of the modern era, but the Rowankind, long a source of free labor, have shaken off their bonds. Some have returned to Iaru to find freedom with the Fae; others are trying to find a place in the world, looking for fair treatment under the law. The course of the industrial revolution may changge forever.
Wild magic is on the rise. Cratures of legend are returning to the world, kelpies, pixies, trolls, hobs, and goblins.
Ross and Corwen, she is a summoner witch and be a wolf shapechanger, have freed the Rowankind from bondage, but now they are caught in the midst of the conflict, while trying their best to avoid the attention of the Mysterium the government organization which would see them hanged for their magic.
When an  urgent letter calls Corwen back to Yorkshire, he and Ross become embroiled in dark magic, family secrets, and industrial treachery. London beckons. There they discover a missing twin, and unexpected friend, and an old enemy - called Walsingham. 

 Number: 9780756411916
  • Release: January 3, 2017
  • Author: Jacey Bedford
  • Availability: E-Book
  • Genre: Sci-Fi / Fantasy
  • Tags: * SF: Fantasy
  • Publisher: DAW

Jacey Bedford has a string of short story publication credits on both sides of the Atlantic. She lives a thouand feet up on the edge of the Yorkshire Pennines in a two hundred year stone house. She has been a librarian, postmistress, rag-doll maker, and a folk singer in an a cappella trio. She can be found at or on Twitter at @JaceyBedford.

A fantasy with history added.  This book comes after Winterwood .  Silverwolf's world is like ours. The difference is our world doesn't have magic and the creatures that come from it.   The book not only contains a magical world but a human world too. The book read rather slow for me.  I would suggest you read Winterwood first.  The book gives a fairly good historical fantasy read for those who like fantasy books.  The author gives the reader 19th Century England with a magical twist.  I don't know if this Ravensworld has a dark shadow over it or if it is a blessing to all.  The author does give a lot of detail that will bring you imagination buds up front.  The book has a lot of action and you may even wipe a tear from your cheek.  I had a bit of a hard time believing in love at first sight with all the things going on.  Winterworld was about what was to come and Ravensworld is about what has transpired.

If you enjoy fantasy, magic, magical creatures in a 19th Century England setting then you will enjoy this. 
I just didn't care as much for it, maybe because I should have read the first book before this one.

Grab a copy and decide for yourself.

I received this book from Night Owl Reviews and voluntarily decided to review it.

I would give this book 3 STARS.