WHEN I GROW UP I WANT TO the U.S. Army! by Wigu Publishing

Jake Learns About The U.S. Army!

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When Jake’s teacher assigns a “career” project, Jake decides he wants to be a soldier in the United States Army. Jake and his father visit an Army surplus store to find items he can use to present his project. As they search the store, each item makes the history and proud spirit of the U.S. Army come to life for Jake and readers alike. Through Jake’s discoveries, readers are introduced to the history of the U.S. Army, what soldiers’ duties include, and the equipment they use.
  • Series: When I Grow Up I Want To Be...
  • Paperback: 60 pages
  • Publisher: Wigu Publishing; 2 edition (October 2, 2014)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1939973066
  • ISBN-13: 978-1939973061

Wigu Publishing

About the Author

Wigu Publishing is a collaboration among talented and creative individuals working together to publish informative and fun books for our children. Our titles serve to introduce children to the people in their communities who serve others through their vocations. Wigu's books are unique in that they help our children to visualize the abundant opportunities that exist for them to be successful and to make a difference. Our goal is to inspire the great leaders and thinkers of tomorrow. Wigu's newly released children's book series, When I Grow Up I Want To Be..., features vocations many children dream about - a firefighter, a teacher, a soldier, a nurse - all combining engaging elements of storytelling with real world facts and information. Both educational and fun, the fully illustrated book series takes its readers on a journey of discovery, exploring how one finds their career, learns the necessary skills, and how they excel and grow within their chosen field.

 Editorial Reviews


"Here is another great book to add to the series of When I Grow Up I Want To
Be.... I really enjoy reading these books and so does my child. I have to say,
after she started reading this series, I think it really sparked something in her to
take a broader look at what is out there and not settle for something typical."
--Dona Young, Allergy Kid Mom's Book Reviews

From the Back Cover

"As an educator, I am highly impressed with this motivating, engaging, and very
Wigu book about America's Armed Forces. Families and teachers
will find the book's content and lively illustrations to be both positive and very
well expressed. Well done!" --Helene J. Sherman, Ed.D., Professor, Assoc

I have read and reviewed several of the Wigu Publishing books.   My sister's grandson loves them, so when I'm done, i send them to him.  They are very well written for children with pictures in thee cartoon style and also  real life pictures.  Along with the pictures there is quite a bit of information.  I think even though the child might be young, the book will put their imagination to work to perhaps decide if they would like to be in the military or not.
The author takes the reader into a classroom where an assignment to do a report on what they want to be when they get older.    The reader follows Jake who has decided he would like to look into being into the Army.
Since they are to dress up as to what they would like to bee, Jake and his Dad go to the GI Surplus store and Jake gets to see all of the equipment and uniforms, almost everything that being in the Military would  be needed. This book, like the other WIGU books are very good learning experiences..  These WIGU books are some of the best children's books I've read.  They are an interesting, learning and mind engaging stories with lots of information and pictures.  All these books are quality made.

I received a complimentary copy of WHEN I GROW UP I WANT TO the U.S. Army!  from the WIGU Publishing Company for my view of the book.  No other compensation took place.

I would give this book 5 STARS.



DEATH BY AUTOPSY by Jane Bennett Munro

A Toni Day Mystery
Jane Bennett Munro

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 Pathologist Toni Day is faced with a situation most pathologists only joke about. Beulah Pritchard comes back to life on her autopsy table. Beulah was a coworker of Toni's at Cascade Perrine Regional Medical Center, where she was known as a merciless gossip, happiest to attack female doctors with slander and lies. Beulah drove her car off a snow-covered road with her husband's dead body in the trunk. Although Beulah survived her injuries and hypothermia, she died, only to come alive on Toni's table-and die again. Beulah's estranged sister threatens to sue both Toni and the hospital for wrongful death, but it's soon apparent both Beulah and her husband were murdered. To save her career and the hospital, Toni investigates the mysterious deaths of Mr. and Mrs. Pritchard. Her inquiries uncover a decades-old scheme of embezzlement, blackmail, and more. Soon, someone is on Toni's tail: the killer, desperate to stop the curious pathologist from uncovering the truth. In order to stay alive, Toni must confront a vicious and clever murderer who will do anything to keep the past under wraps.
Paperback: 268 pages, Publisher: iUniverse (October 7, 2014), Language: English, ISBN-10: 1491744790, ISBN-13: 978-1491744796
Jane Bennett Munro MDI'm a pathologist in a rural hospital in Twin Falls, Idaho, trained in Southern California. I worked my way through medical school as a medical technologist. I came to Twin Falls right out of residency, and was in a solo practice for 24 years before my hospital was purchased by the other one; now I have three partners. I now work part-time at St. Luke's Magic Valley in Twin Falls. I'm 67, divorced, and live in Twin Falls with my best friend, Rhonda, and our cat, Henrietta.
Unlike most pathologists in murder mysteries, my protagonist, Toni Day, MD, is not a forensic pathologist, and neither am I. Like me, she is a hospital based general pathologist who has forensic autopsies thrust upon her. Instead of the usual morgue scene, Toni's work involves all the other things pathologists do that nobody knows about; surgicals, cytology, the clinical laboratory; all this in addition to solving the odd heinous crime.
Reviewers have suggested that I develop a platform upon which to provide information for those who have lab work done, or must have something biopsied or removed at surgery, and the interrelationship between pathologists, surgeons, and oncologists (cancer doctors) which are so frightening and mysterious to the average patient. I've set up a second blog for that;

The readers of my books will at least get an idea of what the average pathologist does all day besides autopsies.
We're not all Quincy.
Some of us are Toni Day. 

 She is such a brain that Toni Day speaks intelligently with such techncial terms.  Her vocation is a pathologist.. but it also enters into her daily life too.  She slides a little humor in while she is doing her autopsies. As most people were talking of the car accident as the death getting rid of a constant troublemaker and rumor teller.  Toni Day was the one who found the car accident and had tried to save the passenger.    She couldn't get to the driver of the car.Quite a shock was to prevail when she was doing an autopsy on Beulah Pritchard and found out that the woman was not dead.  No, NOT DEAD.  However after working on her in the Emergency room she died several days after.Now, on top of everything else, the hospital and Toni Day are being sued for "Death by Autopsy" The author put in a little twist.The suit was by the fraternal twin sister of Beulah. Toni came to the conclusion that drawing blood from Beulah could have led to her death. Now she had a personal reason to become involved in the case again.The author makes the story rather complicated.  Who really killed Beulah.?  Was it Toni Day or someone else. that murdered her?  During all of this when Beulah was in the ER,  is off to do another autopsy and who might that be?  Beulah's husband,Dwayne.  He was found in the trunk of the car Beulah crashed.   Did Beulah murder him or did he die of natural causes?  Maybe he had an enemy. Later in the day, Nigel talked to Toni privately, showing her his medical records and diagnosis for prostrate cancer.  Adding a family member to the plot made the story a little more interesting and caring of thee characters.Then attempts on Toni's life begins.  What's going on?  Can you as the reader answer all the questions? There's quite a few twisting, turning and winding trails in this plot.  Fascinating and page turning.

I received a complimentary copy of DEATH BY AUTOPSY from the author, Jane Bennett Munro and Bostick Communications for my view of the book.  No other compensation took place.  

I would give this book 4 STARS. 

Bostick Communications 



iPhone 5 and 5S

Make your iPhone full proof with the proven and tested design of the Ultraproof case.  Now you can explore the world and have your iPhone with you every step of the way.

accidents happen - let the Ultraproof handle the bumps in the road while keeping your iPhone safe.

chill out - with ultra protection from ice and snow.

dirty work - protects against mud, dust sand and more

get wet - with complete protection from water up to 8 feet.

I tried everything with this Ultraproof.  I dropped it rather hard. No scratches, no breaks, and no mars.  We didn't have any snow so I couldn't try that one.  I put it out in the gravel driveway while the wind was blowing and other than wiping it off, no damage.  I then decided while doing dishes, to drop it in the water. I figured that would ruin it for sure.  No sir.  Wiped it off and it was fine.   Nothing that I did hurt it.  This is a good, solid, durable case that would be a real asset to the iPhone 5 and 5S owners. It's also less expensive than most cases.

I was given a complimentary sample of the product from Ultraproof for my view of the product.   I would give this item 5 STARS. 
  • Perfect Clarity and Interaction - Our specialized ultra-clear screen protector provides the maximum display resolution while no interference with the touchscreen responsiveness. It also protect your touchscreen from scratches.
  • Easy access - Fully compatible with the iPhone 5S TouchID function, and complete access to speaker, headphone jack, buttons, sensors and cameras.
  • Lifetime Warranty - All Ultraproof case products come with LIFETIME warranty which safeguard against defects. We take pride in our workmanship and want you to know that we make every effort to make the perfect case for you and your favorite mobile device.





Box Content
1 x iPhone 6 Battery Case
1 x microUSB Charging Cable
1 x Headphone Extension Adaptor
1 x User Manual

  • The powerful 3100mAh Li-polymer rechargeable battery can effectively provide 100%+ extra battery life to your iPhone 6, which is equivalent to add 14 + hours talk time or 10+ hours web browsing time.
  • 360° comprehensive bumper design and hard-shell backplate, the Trianium Atomic S protects your iPhone from scratches and other daily tear and wear, yet small and convenient enough to fit easily in your hand or in your pocket.
  • Featuring sync-through technology that you can sync your iPhone to a computer without having to take the battery case off. Simultaneously charge your iPhone and battery case together with the included microUSB cable. The case deploys microUSB input to lightning 8pin output to save you $100+ on keeping multiple apple cables.
  • The resilient design of the Trianium Atomic S features LED battery level indicator that lets you know exactly how much power you have; and a softer side that safely holds your iPhone while providing easy access to all buttons and ports.
  • Works with iOS8 and all future updates; One year limited warranty by Trianium to ensure our products work the way you need them to.REVIEW
  • I know any time I get a  package in the mail, I get all happy. I received the Trianium Atomic S Battery Case for the iPhone 6 in a black case which protects the case very well.  I accidentally dropped the case and not a scratch or mar on it. Extremably durable. You will find some different pictures of the product on my blog at
  •  Some of the pros: Protective Case, You can Sync through the Case,  Great Battery Life.  There wasn't a USB wall cable with it. It would have been nice. The lift is raised so it will lay on the table.
  • I found one thing that I didn't like about the item.  There is a distortion in the audio when you reach past 80%.  The Trianium Atomic S Battery case comes in very stylish orange and white box.  On the box it states, Protective Bumper,  Doubles Battery Life, Sync through the Case, 3100mAh Battery.  Also the box has an informative diagram of the case for the iPhone 6 (such as button placement and various features)Inside you will find directions and illustrations for use of the Battery Case. It also includes the warranty information.  There isn't much else to say for Trianium except they have done a marvelous job of designing, manufacturing, packaging, instructions and from the pictures make  you want to try this case.Here is the specifications of the Trianium Atomic S Battery Case (as listed in the user’s manual).
    Battery Type: Li-polymer
    Capacity: 3.7V/3100mAh
    Input: DC 5V/1A (Max)
    Output: DC 5V/1A
    Dimensions: 152.7*70.9*15.5 mm

  •  I was given a complimentary sample of this Battery Case from Trianium for my view of the product.  I would give it 5 STARS.

SPELL BOOKED by Joyce and Jim Lavene


A Retired Witch's Mystery
Book One
Joyce and Jim Lavene

Product Details

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 The national bestselling authors of the Missing Pieces Mysteries summon up the first Retired Witches Mystery in a brand new supernatural series...

Once upon a time in Wilmington, North Carolina, three witches ran a curio shop named Smuggler’s Arcane. But as the years passed, their magical powers started to fade—leaving them no choice but to conjure up a retirement package…  

Before they could blink their eyes or twitch their noses, Molly, Elsie, and Olivia somehow became eligible for AARP. But they can’t fly off to Boca Raton just yet. First they must give up their magic, recruit and train three new witches, and pass on their cherished spellbook.

They’ve barely begun to consider potential practitioners when Olivia winds up dead and their spellbook is stolen. To honor their friend and reclaim their spells, Molly and Elsie are about to go wand-to-wand with a dangerous young witch more powerful than the trio was in their prime. And this time they’re going to need more than magic up their sleeves…
  • Series: Retired Witches Mysteries
  • Mass Market Paperback: 304 pages
  • Publisher: Berkley (December 2, 2014)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 042526825X
  • ISBN-13: 978-0425268254

 Editorial Reviews

Praise for the mystery novels of Joyce and Jim Lavene:

“Fast-paced, clever, delightful.”—John Lamb, author of The Treacherous Teddy

“Grabbed my attention on page one… Puzzles are unraveled and secrets spilled in a fast-paced paranormal mystery full of quirky characters you’ll want as friends.”—Elizabeth Spann Craig, author of Death at a Drop-In

“A delightful yarn...Kept me turning pages until it was done.”—Patricia Sprinkle, author of Deadly Secrets on the St. Johns

About the Author

National bestselling authors Joyce and Jim Lavene have written more than forty novels together, including the Missing Pieces Mysteries (A Finder's Fee, A Spirited Gift, A Touch of Gold) and the Renaissance Faire Mysteries (Treacherous Toys, Harrowing Hats, Deadly Daggers). They also write short stories, non-fiction articles and teach writing workshops.

The owners of Smuggler's Arcane in Wilmington, North Carolina, Molly, Elsie and Olivia are looking forward to going to Boca Raton, Florida and retire. Now this is not your normal retirement.   In order to retire the three witches have to find their own replacements. Yes, they are witches.  The Grand Council of Witches requires witches that are retiring to give up their powers.  They must train and the spell book becomes the new witch's.    They are trying a summoning spell on the librarian Dorothy Lane.  Dorothy has no idea that she is a witch.This takes a strong spell and the entire power of the three witches to put a spell on a pair of binoculars so they can see Dorothy at the library.   The problem is the powers of the three witches is waning. It seems that not all spells are working right these days.  Then how do you explain the mix ups to the families who are non witch members.Their deadline is within 5 years since Molly's husband Joe is retiring.
 A call comes in to Joe and he finds out that Olivia is dead.  As they are about to go to the crime scene, Elsie shows up.  It's hard for Molly and Elsie to be at the crime scene so they head for Olivia's house.  The house is in total shambles. Harper, Olivia's cat and her staff, made from the limb of a rowan tree to the cave under Smuggler's Arcane.  They all head upstairs and find a confused Dorothy Lane on the steps.  Molly and Elsie use their powers to find out what happened to their friend.
 What a wonderful book the authors wrote.  Three older witches needing replacement in order to retire.As you read the book, you almost feel the pages are turning themselves.  The authors wrote a very good story that was plotted well.  With this being the first book of the series, the authors have given us the start of truly wonderful cozy mysteries. The book is filled with enchantment and who doesn't love enchantment?

I received a complimentary copy  of SPELL BOOKED from the authors, Joyce and Jim Lavene and Night Owl Reviews for my view of the book.  No other compensation took place.

I would give this book 4 STARS.



REVIEW: Dog Feeding Mat with Bowl by Pet Magasin Direct

Pet Magasin

Pet Magasin Products Guarantee
2 years warranty
100% money back guarantee

"Buy from people, NOT the Internet. Innovation Around The People Experience."

You see, to us, the phrase "2 Years Warranty" is more than just a brand promise.
It's a sign of our integrity.

Dog Feeding Mat with Bowl [Extra 30% OFF for Green Week Only] - Stainless Bowl & Silicon Mat

Product Details

NO More Dog Food All Over the Floor © Pet Magasin [2 Years Warranty, 100% Money Back Guarantee]

This ideal Pet Bowl with Mat, comes in Small and Medium sizes.   The bowl is stainless steel, 5.5" and the Silicon mat is 9.5"You can use one product for both food and water.  It's neat and handy where you can take it wwherever you go and it's so convenient.  The product s made and sold by Pet Magasin - 2 year warranty and 100% money back guarantee.No longer do you put the food or water in the bowl and the dog ends up slopping it all over the floor.  It just pops right in the mat.  Very little clean up.You get quite a bargain.  Two products for the price of one.  A water bowl and a mat which can also be used for a food bowl.The Japanese stainless steel makes it look bright and clean and gives it a long life span.  The bowl will not rust or turn bad.  It stays clean and good looking.  The mat can be used separately as a feeding mate or you can use it as a layer of protection from dropping of food from the food bowl.  This mat and bowl combo is not just good for dogs.  It would work for cats too.  Cats can be messy little critters too.
I was given a complimentary sample of the Dog Feeding Mat with Bowl from Pet Magasin Direct for my view of the product.  No other compensation took place.
I would give this item 5 STARS.


iHomeSet Silicone Newborn Sleeping Baby by Histore/Fulfilled by Amazon


iHomeSet Silicone Newborn Sleeping Baby Fondant Cake Decoration Mold - Soap Molds - 4.3" x 2.6" x 1.2"

  In Stock.
Sold by Histore and Fulfilled by Amazon. Gift-wrap available.
Arrives before Christmas
Want it tomorrow, Dec. 12? Order within 6 hrs 8 mins and choose One-Day Shipping at checkout. Details

Dimension: 4.3*2.6*1.2 inch / 11*6.7*3cm
Baby Dimension: 3.5*2.0 inch / 9*5cm
Weight: 175g(approx)
Heat Resistance: -40 ~ 220C / -40 ~ 428F

1.Top Quality: Safe Food-Grade Material; FDA Approved, 100% BPA free.
2. Beautiful Image: Easily create a beautiful baby for decorating your cakes.
3. Multi Function: It can be used to make Fondant, Sugarpaste, Chocolate, Cabochon, Butter, Resin, Gum Paste, Polymer Clay, Fimo, Wax, PMC, Soap Molds and more.
4. Safe Storage: Safe to be used in oven, dishwasher, refrigerator etc.
5. Easy Cleaning: Easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

Helpful Tips:
1. Press in carefully to hit every "nook & cranny".
2. Squeeze out air bubbles which can ruin a nice piece.

Package Content:
1 x Sleeping Baby Silicone Candy Mold

First of all I loved the fact that it is strong and yet durable made of 100% silicone.  You can use so many different elements to make your baby.  The mold comes in blue, pink and green.  You can use it as a candy mold with different kinds of chocolate using peanut butter, marshmallows, nuts and other decorations.  The substance hardens quickly and pops out easily.  The mold is easy to clean with either washing it by hand or in the dishwasher.  It's small and easy to store.  My niece enjoyed playing with it with play doh.  She made lots of babies and pretended she had a nursery.  She also wanted to play with her sand in the sand box she has.  She made babies and put them around her little playpen she has.  She had a ball.  When she was done, I rinsed it off and put it in the dishwasher.

You could use them for baby ice cubes for the kids in the summer.  You might put kool aid in them so there would be color.  There are so many things this mold can be used for.  Even after the baby is made, you can decorate it for parties such as for new babies.  They would make cute little cakes and other decorations to welcome the new one into the world.

I would love to have some more of these molds.  They are creative and absolutely wonderful for adults and children.

I was given a sample for my honest review from Histore and Fulfilled by Amazon.

I would give this Baby Mold 5 STARS.