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August 1, 2016


Pump Up Your Book
 is pleased to bring you 
P.H.T. Bennet’s
The Ororo Crona Chronicles
Book One
 virtual book tour 
August 1 – 31!

Raising Sleepy Stones banner

Raising Sleepy Stones

Inside the Book

Title: Raising Sleepy Stones
Author: P.H.T. Bennet
Publisher: Dramkeeper Publishing
Pages: 360
Genre: Middle Grade Fantasy
Like every kid in Solasenda, Kiva Stone has been far too busy training for one of the five town guilds to think about something as useless as dreaming. But when she and her sister DeeDee uncover a mysterious plot to get rid of them, their only hope lies with a shadowy group of people who wield unimaginable powers drawn from their dreams. As the girls escape with them up the Varruvyen river, they start learning secret Dreaming Way techniques that have been forbidden for centuries. But how can they learn enough to stand against the enemies chasing them? The answer lies in the shattered history of Orora Crona, the lost Valley of Dreams, and whoever can piece it together first will rule for centuries to come.

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Meet the Author

P.H.T. Bennet
P.H.T. Bennet began exploring his dreams when he was a child and has never bothered to stop. He had the good luck to have two daughters, Juliette and Paola, who not only served as the inspirations for DeeDee and Kiva, the main characters of Raising Sleeping Stones, but also helped him turn their family dreamwork sessions into this book. His lucky streak grew when he married his lovely wife, Mim, who tolerates his turning on a light in the middle of the night to write down ever-crazier dreams and talking about them in the morning as long as he lets her sleep in, first. His favorite dreams involve flying, visiting the dead, and replaying nightmares until they reveal their secrets.
Pratt’s latest projects are editing Book Two of the Orora Crona Chronicles and planning a virtual summer dreaming camp with other dream authors.

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 Dreams, a look into the future or a look into the past.   Such empowerment they hold.  This is a wonderful coming of age story that you won't want to end.  Kiva, the main character, appears not to belong but she is strong.  She has belief on her side, two mentors, who strongly believe in her.  They, Hilde and Marcel, teach her invaluable lessons.  Trusting herself, confidence and taking note of her dreams.  She also has a younger sister who helps.   Along with her own traits, Kiva leads the reader through an array of very descriptive characters in a world that is both fantasy and reality.  This isn't just for younger readers but for everyone.  Different ages will gain different insights from the book. Take the journey with Kiva and gain some strength and confidence yourself through your dreams.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author, P.H.T. Bennet and PUYB in exchange for my unbiased and honest review.

I would give this book 5 STARS. 


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Dorothy Thompson said...

Thank you sooooo much for hosting RAISING SLEEPY STONES blog tour today, Gayle! Much much appreciated!

Pratt Bennet said...

Thanks for taking the time to read the book so thoughtfully and for this review, Gayle. I'm glad you enjoyed it.