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April 10, 2016



A Father Gilbert Mystery
Paul McCusker

The Body Under the Bridge

(from Amazon)

 First in a series of modern whodunits from an accomplished author with a worldwide following
A former Scotland Yard detective, Father Gilbert knows about death. But, now a priest of a modest Anglican church in the small town of Stonebridge, he didn't expect it to show up like this--in the suicide of a man who threw himself off the church tower, and in the discovery of a two-hundred-year-old body beneath an ancient bridge.
The deaths are linked. The mummified corpse under the bridge, a murder victim, reignites a centuries-old battle between two local families--the Todds and the aristocratic Hayshams. Then both David Todd and Lord Haysham begin to act strangely. They are fearful for reasons they won’t explain.
When Lord Haysham is murdered, David Todd is the prime suspect. But Todd is maniacal, claiming great forces of evil are at work. An entire history of violence and depravity begins to emerge, interweaving the history of several local families with a secret occult society that engages in Black Masses. Has the Society emerged again?

Paul McCusker is creative director at Focus on the Family. He has sold more than a million books and twenty million audio dramas. His name is also heard daily on radio stations all over the world, and by at least two million listeners every weekend through the Adventures in Odyssey series. 

This book presents a religious view point, which is part of  solving the mystery. This book is a little eerie, a little paranormal and a great mystery.  The main character, Father Louis Gilbert used to be a policeman,  now he's a priest. He resides in a small town where the streets fold up at 3 p.m. and nothing exciting every happens. UNTIL! Father Gilbert and Father Hugh Benson are at St. Mark's.The discovery of a skeleton under a stone bridge brings them to the scene.  Father Gilbert has had a vision of a man committing suicide and before he did he gave Father a gold medallion. Could this death be connected to the skeleton found under the bridge?  Possibly? Is the gold medallion somehow connected to the skeleton.? Everyone could feel evil all around them.  They finally find out who the skeleton is and the evil is somehow twisted around the medallion and the skeleton. Mr. McCusker writes this story so that the reader feels the terrible evil and the force behind it. Will the mystery of the skeleton and the medallion be solved?  Or will evil prevail and stay with Father Gilbert.?  I found this book to be very well written, a good mystery that will keep you thinking and the eerie presence of evil and how it intertwined in people's lives.   Always there, good vs. evil.  I would recommend this book to anyone who likes  mysteries, paranormal and a big dash of evil.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author, Paul McCusker and Kregel Blog Tours for my unbiased view  of the book. No other compensation took place.

I would give this book 4 STARS.



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