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March 29, 2016


A Smoky Mountain Novel
Book 9
Lin Stepp

(from Night Owl Reviews)

Set against the breathtaking backdrop of the Great Smoky Mountains, Lin Stepp's sweet and touching story follows one woman's journey back to the home--and the husband--she left behind…

When Lydia Cunningham left her husband and moved to Atlanta ten years ago, it was with equal parts sadness and certainty. She loved her home in North Carolina, with its lush green hills and crisp, clean air. And in truth, she still loved John, too. But she could no longer live with her mother-in-law's constant criticism and the distance it created in her marriage.

Now, thanks to a job offer at her alma mater, Lydia is moving back, renting the old country house where she and John lived as newlyweds. She hopes to strengthen the frayed ties with her daughter, Mary Beth, and build a relationship with her grandsons. As for John--it's clear from the moment Lydia sees him standing in her doorway that he hopes they might rekindle their bond. The spark between them hasn't dimmed--but neither have Lydia's memories of past hurts. Yet in this magnificent landscape that's always felt like home, she might find a way to forgive and begin again…
Lin SteppI'm a native Tennessean, a businesswoman, a college faculty member, and an author. I've been on faculty at Tusculum College for over 16 years and have worked in marketing, sales, production art, and regional publishing for over 25 years.

Starting in 2009, my fictional novels in the Smoky Mountain series began to come out. All these novels are contemporary romance - with a dash of suspense, a touch of inspiration, and a big dollop of Appalachian flavor. Each of the twelve novels is set in a different place around the Great Smoky Mountains National Park so readers get to enjoy a visit to a the mountains along with a good, heartwarming story.

To read more about these novels, visit my author's website at:
You can also see photos of the bookcovers by clicking on More Photos under my picture on goodreads. 

This is a lovely love story.  About having a second chance at love.  It starts out slowly but builds page by page.  The author gives such details to the characters and the scenery. We have Lydia and John, separated but not divorced for ten years.  It's a story about moving on and yet having those emotions in the background.
John has never dated nor has Lydia.  Lydia has been busy raising three sons. When offered a new job back where she was married and newlywed. She left her daughter behind,being  married and with child.  This was a choice her daughter had made.  You have to feel close to Lydia.  The actions and reactions of the characters make you, the reader, feel as though you really know them. I had torn feelings for John, sometimes I disliked him, especially when he wouldn't stand up for his wife and children to his mother's abuse.  Then you see the tenderness John shows to everyone.  You got to love that.  
It's one of those books you can't put down.  You want so badly for John and Lydia to get back together. I felt they belonged together. Will John and Lydia find a solution to their differences.?  Will their daughter make up with  her mother?  Will the sons make up with their father?  I recommend getting a copy of this book and take the journey with John and Lydia, their children and friends.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Night Owl Reviews and the author, Lin Stepp in exchange for my unbiased view. No other compensation took place.

I would give this book 4.5 STARS.


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