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January 5, 2016

MURDER RUN by Shelly Frome

Shelly Fromme

(from back of book)
In this crime novel, a wayward handyman grapples with the suspicious death of his employer, a fragile choreographer who secluded herself in the Litchfield Hills.  As the fallout mounts, the reader is taken to various locales in and around Manhattan, an escapade in Miami Springs and back again to the hills of Connecticut until this twist conundrum is finally laid to rest.

  • Paperback: 244 pages
  • Publisher: Sunbury Press, Inc. (August 15, 2015)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1620066165
  • ISBN-13: 978-1620066164

Shelly Frome is a member of Mystery Writers of America, a professor of dramatic arts emeritus at the University of Connecticut, a former professional actor, and has written over twenty-five plays and novels.
A frequent contributor of articles on all facts of creative writing and acting, Shelly appears in numerous periodicals including Southern writers Magazine.  He is also a film critic and contributor to writers' blogs and websites in the  US and the UK. His fiction includes TWILIGHT OF THE DRIFTER, THE TWINNING MURDERS and LILAC MOON.  His Hollywood crime caper TINSELTOWN RIFF was released in March 2013.
Among his works of non-fiction are the acclaimed The Actor's Studio and texts on The Art and Craft of Screenwriting and writing for the stage.  Shelly lives in Black Mountain, North Carolina.


If you love those gangster and "Mafia" movies and books than you will enjoy MURDER RUN by Shelly Frome. The is Mr. Frome's sixth novel. He takes you into the underbelly of the underworld where thieves, hit men and crime leaders rule the world.  There's something about those gangsters that get you hooked on the book.
In this novel you are given well developed characters that would easily fit into a gangster series on TV.  The author takes you where the murders and the events that set up the murders take place. That is usually in the dark streets and alleys of New York's Little Italy. He then takes you to the peaceful, or at least it seems that way, parts of the hills in northwest Connecticut. No one is immune or out of the reach of this evil part of the world.  You could be the innocent one in the wrong place at the wrong time.  You could end up DEAD!
The police and the mob are after Jed Cooper.  Why?All he did was help a pretty choreographer down in the village who  happened to see more than she should have.  Jed looks a lot like James Dean.  In other words, he was a looker.  He doesn't say much.  He just tries to deal with his more than problematic family background.  Jed had  his problems but has tried to clean up his act.  Did Jed commit the murder? He was found standing over the body.
The local authorities aren't quite on the ball and the town's people aren't any better. Jed has to travel back to the world of Manhattan when he was a teen.  His past, that he has tried to leave behind hasn't been forgotten by some.
The author place the reader in the streets of Manhattan, the back alleys of Little Italy. You become part of the plots and what happens to the characters. You're with Jed as he goes back to where he grew up as a teen and his life was different.

The book is one that  you won't easily forget. The author leaves you wanting more. Hope there will be another after this one.  Will Jed be able finally put the past in  the past? Or is he bound for the rest of his life with cops and the mob always behind him?  Welcome to the world of hit men, crime bosses, murder, thieves and a whole lot more.

I received a complimentary copy of MURDER RUN from the author, Shelly Frome for my unbiased view of the book. No other compensation took place.
I would give this book 4 STARS.



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