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October 25, 2014



A New Look at the Old Ways
Kenn Day
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Modern life is lived cut off from our souls, our ancestors, the earth and other elements of what once made life worth living. Our souls still yearn for these missing pieces, causing what the author calls the Invisible Wound. This wound is responsible for much of the grief of modern life – through soul hungers displaced onto addictions and self-destructive behavior. Post-Tribal Shamanism offers a means of reclaiming many of these pieces, not by a return to the past, but by moving forward into a deeper understanding of our place in the universe.
 Paperback: 129 pages, Publisher: Moon Books (January 7, 2014), Language: English, ISBN-10: 1780996195,  ISBN-13: 978-1780996196

 This book gives details on how shamanism can be used in today's world.  This book is the second book to Mr. Day's first book.  I would suggest reading the first book, DANCE OF THE STONES, A Shamanic Road Trip.  During the last few years I've read several books on Shamanism, but they were rather confusing.  I found this book to be concise and easy to understand.  It lays the terms out in plain everyday language that you can understand. I found the book makes you stop and think as to what ways shamanism can help you travel your path to spiritualism.  Shamanism is an ancient practice that the author shows the different aspects between today's modern world and the ancient world.  So for anybody who is interested in the spiritual path of the ancient world and how to apply it to your life today, pick up a copy and read it.  I  would suggest reading the first book, then this one but it is a stand alone.  We all need to find our spiritual path.

I received a complimentary copy of POST-TRIBAL SHAMANISM from the author, Kenn Day for my view of the book.  No other compensation took place.

I would give this book 5 STARS.

Kenn Day
  Kenn Day is a working shaman, with a full-time practice since 1989. He lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, with his beloved wife and daughter and offers workshops covering the teachings used in his practice.

Post-Tribal Shamanism: A New Look at the Old Ways (Moon Books 2014) is listed as #1 in shamanism on the best sellers list and #1 in the US market. You can order your copy now in paperback or eBook. 


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