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October 12, 2014



David Grace

Death Never Lies

(from Amazon)

The federal bureaucrat charged with stopping the importation of dangerous materials vanishes only days before enacting a new list of prohibited substances. Homicide detective turned Homeland Security Agent Greg Kane suspects that the HHS employee may have been killed to keep the new list from going into effect, but he has no idea who's behind the crime, which chemical they are so desperate to import, and what they plan to do with it once they've gotten their hands on it.
After he dives into the case Kane discovers a possible link between the official's disappearance and the two-year-old disappearance of Kane's nephew while he was transporting a dangerous federal prisoner. Were the crimes connected? What happened to Kane's nephew, and what does the escaped fugitive plan to do next?


David Grace's first novel, "The Chocolate Spy", (under the name David Alexander) was published in hard cover 1978 and in paperback in 1980. Since then he has written fifteen more novels, almost entirely in the area of crime fiction.

Some of his favorite crime novels are "The Concrete Kiss", "Death Never Sleeps", "Death Never Lies","Shooting Crows At Dawn", "Doll's Eyes", "Easy Target", "True Faith" and "Stolen Angel".

Most of his books fall into the broad categories of police procedurals, detective stories, serial-killer novels, and action and suspense thrillers. Almost none are puzzle, whodonit stories. Rather, most of his novels are based on a strong emotional foundation, fleeing killers, disappeared children, courageous heroes and vicious criminals.

"The Concrete Kiss" earned a Kirkus Reviews "Critic's Pick"

"Set in the modern day, this straightforward, fast-paced detective novel cages a truly twisted villain."

"The reader is thrust into a page-turning, clever narrative that continually morphs from police procedural, thriller, courtroom drama, and gritty evaluation of a serial rapist and killer."

"...the relentless pace allows for little introspection."

"Grace relishes the accurate and disturbing details, providing top-quality entertainment...."

"...a relentless story."

"Well-written, engaging and sure to keep you up."

--- Kirkus Reviews

Kirkus Reviews said this about "Shooting Crows At Dawn":

"Revenge and justice burn across Texas in this gripping, grisly shootout."

His crime short stories have been published in Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine and he shares the story credit on The Outer Limits episode, "Joy Ride", starring Cliff Robertson. Additionally, several of his science fiction short stories have been published in Analog Magazine, some as David Grace and some under the name David Alexander.

He has also written one fantasy novel, "The Accidental Magician", originally published by Pocket Books as "Fane" (under the name David Alexander). His sole general fiction novel is "Daniel", the story of an Air Force pilot shot down over Vietnam, imprisoned in the infamous Hoa Lo prison (the Hanoi Hilton) and what happens to him when he returns home.

To review all of David Grace's novels and short story collections and to read free excerpts from them, visit his website: WWW.DavidGraceAuthor.Com.

All of David Grace's books are available at as ebooks. Wildside Press trade-paperback print editions of all of his novels except "Daniel" are available from Amazon.

 I wasn't sure I would like this book when I first started reading it. But as I went along it was somewhat good. I'm not sure that the author had really got the plot figured out before starting it. There were so many things that were the same or were coincidental. that to me led to a hasty ending. I don't think it was the writing, I feel it was the plot flow. Just wasn't smooth. Now, I did find that Mr. Grace wrote with some great descriptive wording. The book is action filled from the start. As you get into the action scenes you can almost feel the air blow by you as the guns go off.I wonder if he put those breaks in the flow of the book so the reader would stop a second and think about what was going on and what would be next. I found I was starting to turn the pages faster as I got more into the book. I think the title fits right into the plot of the book. My only real fault with the book is I wanted the flow to be a little more even.Overall a good book to curl up with on a rainy, chilly afternoon.

I received a complimentary copy of DEATH NEVER LIES from the author, David Grace for my view of the book. No other compensation took place.
I would give this book 4 STARS.

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