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August 10, 2014

BOND OF PASSION by Bertrice Small


 Product Details

Border Chronicles
Book Six

Never Before Published

  • Series: Border Chronicles (Book 6)
  • Mass Market Paperback: 432 pages
  • Publisher: Signet (May 7, 2013)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0451236319
  • ISBN-13: 978-0451236319
Bertrice Small’s breathless Border Chronicles continue as a mysterious nobleman and his bartered bride untangle a plot of illicit seduction and dangerous betrayal….

Called the handsomest man in the borders, Angus Ferguson, Earl of Duin, avoids political intrigues in order to keep his small clan safe. Now, in exchange for a piece of land he has long coveted, he has wed the homely daughter of the laird of Rath, Annabella Baird, whose tame demeanor hides a wildcat. But an invitation to the court of Scotland’s Queen Mary will test their marriage as they are tossed about in a storm of deadly royal intrigue.

Mary’s unfortunate marriage to her cousin Lord Darnley has driven her into the arms of James Hepburn, the dashing, powerful Earl of Bothwell. When Darnley is murdered in spectacular fashion, and his body barely cold before Mary and Bothwell wed, the queen's adversaries retaliate with a war that divides Scotland and tries the long friendship between the Earl of Duin and James Hepburn—even as it tests the bond of passion between Angus and Annabella in ways they never expected.

Bertrice Small is a New York Times bestselling author with more than 34 novels in print. She lives in the oldest English-speaking town in New York state. Her website is 

16th Century, 1565
I haven't read but a couple of Ms. Small's books.  I found this book to be charming.This book was written of a different style of romance than I've read before.  It isn't your usual romance.It seems like the book was a little difficult to read until I'd been into it for a while.  It was a historical setting around the 16th century, along the border of Scotland and England.  Ms. Small used rather long narratives using different perspectives through the characters eyes.  The best part of the story for me was the historical part of the romance.  The author gives you a lot of detail to dwell on and you becomes captivated with the characters and their lives. What tickled me was that she even described the food they ate in deep detail.  This can definitely be a stand alone book although I would have liked to read the others first.
One thing I didn't really like was that Annabella Baird, the oldest daughter of a border laird is constantly described as being plain. I wanted the author to spruce her up a little, not make her a beauty but just add some really great qualities to her.True  she is caring, dutiful and faithful.  It's just that being plain shouldn't mean you don't have some redeeming physical qualities, like ocean blue eyes or long dark lashes. This book is a 16th century drama that has a bitter rivalry between the females.  That's rather a typical thing.  Females sometimes do have a hard time getting along. Can loyalty lay side by side with rivalry?I want to read more of Ms. Small's writings.  It's hard to judge when you have only read one book.  I would suggest getting several other of Ms. Small's books and do some comparison of the plots and writing.  I am waiting for the next book.

I was given a complimentary copy of BOND OF PASSION from the author, Bertrice Small and Manic Readers for my view of the book.   I was given no other compensation.

I would give this book 4 STARS.

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