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July 6, 2014

A BRAND NEW ADDRESS by Kathleen Rowland

**4 STARS**
Book One
Kathleen Rowland


(from Goodreads)
Octogenarian CEO Gwendolyn Mantis heads the powerful worldwide company, Botany General. Mantis didn’t create the deep freeze but keeps dwindling resources out of reach for the poor. In the 2100s a meteor bombardment threw Earth into a second Ice Age. Mars and Venus are habitable, but her company, BotGen, initiated a nuclear war on Mars. Now with the radioactive fallout, Venus is the next big hope. When the CEO sponsors a space race to Venus, spoils are divided between those who land. Vito Savage, the cunning captain of the armed BotGen shuttle secretly fires on other ships. Savage does have Mantis’ permission to wipe out the mysterious Venusian population. Water and food must come under BotGen’s control.
Dedicated to her work as a subsistence gardener on Ice Age Earth, teenager Yardley Van Dyke promised her dying mother she’d care for the family by growing food, but family dynamics have changed. Her father’s fiance argues to sell the greenhouse in order to move into BotGen’s swanky Biosphere. After winning a prize for an intergalactic garden plan, Yardley learns her prototype is installed in every shuttle in the space race. Suffering for lack of recognition everywhere, she’s set on proving herself as an intergalactic gardener on the voyage and on Venus.
Tough, outspoken protector Marchand LaFond sails his ice-boat across the frozen tundra to deliver fuel and food to the needy. Robin-hooding puts him on BotGen’s watch list. Groomed for the space race, Marchand calls the shots when he enters the race and invites his best friend, Skeeter, Yardley’s twin brother,to join him as his crew.
When Skeeter opts out, Yardley goes up against her father to go in his place as Marchand’s crew. In spite of his brazen exterior, she falls for him. He cares for her but can’t let his emotions get in the way of his mission. Maneuvering through sun spikes and space junk is dangerous, but Marchand must keep evil Vito Savage from annihilating those who get in his way. Will Venus be their new address where they can fulfill their dreams?
  • Series: Intervenus
  • Paperback: 170 pages
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (June 18, 2014)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 150024614X
  • ISBN-13: 978-1500246143

Kathleen RowlandComing from a line of storytelling descendants, my tales are dark like theirs. I write romantic suspense, and begin my heroine's tale at a moment of great stress. Typically my hero is at odds with her in spite of being attracted. Based on her personality, she has what he needs. It might take her awhile to realize he's a good man with depth. My sagas are full of emotional anguish, pierced with regret, fear of what's next, and conclude with an almost happy revelation.
My husband, a CPA with his own busy practice, and I are almost empty nesters. Kind of nice, having the joy of my life to myself again. Isn't it terrific when kids want to become independent? The youngest of our five children will enter her senior year at college. My husband and I share a huge interest-- sailing. On a daily basis, unless he's playing tennis after dinner, we walk our cute dogs and talk over the day. Guess it's not surprising all of my heroines own dogs. Living in Southern California, I swim laps outside daily, and this gets my creative juices flowing. Puttering in the kitchen is another avocation, and I try out recipes on family and friends. Most of my readers know my family crosses marriage and racial lines. To create effective Interracial romance, a writer concentrates on cultural differences

Setting: Earth's 22nd-century Second Ice Age. This is a book about coming of age taking place during this Second Ice Age.  Our heroine has a lot of spunk, Yardley Van Dyke.  She faces many of the same things a teenage reader can relate to.  Things such as Family stress,  feeling insecure and unconfident and a cold that could be life threatening.
Yardley and a twin brother, Marchland who are the characters in the stories along with their friends.  They experience everyday up and downs,laughs, and fears.
All is not fun though.  There are times that they are faced with the Earth's limiting resources and the danger of space travel.  This is extremely serious.Yardley, as the story progresses grows  into a strong intellectual woman who, with her special garden is put into a new environment.
 The author wrote about the different personalities of growing up a teenager.  The book has romance, corruption, space travel. coming of age and so much more.    A BRAND NEW ADDRESS does not sugar coat the fears, tragedies, the uncertainties.  The author puts them right out front.  Saving the human spirit is the most important lesson in this book.
If you like coming of age, space travel, romance and more, than this book is for you.

I was given a complimentary copy of A BRAND NEW ADDRESS from the author, Kathleen Rowland for my view of the book.  No other compensation took place.

I would give this book 4 STARS.


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