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May 26, 2014


George Washington
as you have never
seen him
How A Forgotten Book Shaped
The Character Of A Hero
*reproduced inside in its entirety
Austin Washington
Hardcover, 344 pages
Published February 10th 2014 
by Regnery History
ISBN 1621572056 
 (ISBN13: 9781621572053)
non-fiction history 
(from back book flap)
In The Education of George Washington you'll learn---
*The qualities George Washington cultivated in himself-an imitation of the forgotten man who was his hero.
*Why the cherry tree story is true--though not the way you've heard it.
*Washington's religion--how he understood "Providence"
*What the father of our country would likely think about America today
*George Washington's principles of love and marriage
*BONUS: the book that "made" Washington reproduced in its entirety 

(from Amazon)
George Washington—a man of honor, bravery and leadership. He is known as America’s first President, a great general, and a humble gentleman, but how did he become this man of stature?
Washington’s Code answers this question with a new discovery about his past and the surprising book that shaped him. Who better to unearth them than George Washington’s great-nephew, Austin Washington?
Most Washington fans have heard of "The Rules of Civility” and learned that this guided our first President. But that’s not the book that truly made George Washington who he was. In Washington’s Code, Austin Washington reveals the secret that he discovered about Washington’s past that explains his true model for conduct, honor, and leadership—an example that we could all use.

 PUYB Meet the Author
Austin Washington is the great-nephew of George Washington. He earned his masters and did postgraduate research focusing on colonial American history, and is a writer, musician, entrepreneur, and global traveler.  He returns to an old Virginia Washington family home whenever he can.
This book was an amazing historical read with some humor in it. I found myself turning the pages, not knowing what would be next.  George Washington's life took many twists and turns during his life. I found it amazing that the author, Austin Washington found a document that was written in George Washington's own hand. The document had been over looked for two centuries by historians. The document tells exactly how George Washington  changed from a poor boy into a hero.
I found the story making me think about the life George Washington led.  "The Code of Civility' was a book mainly sold to grandmothers to hopefully get the children to want to follow the footsteps of Washington.  It was also a writing exercise used in George's  school. That wasn't what totally made the man. The book takes a look at "A Panegryric to the Memory of His Grace Frederick, Lat Duck of Schonbert".  George Washington used parts of the book and used them in developing his behavior and personality.  Being the first President of the United States wasn't his only success.  I believe a much more important thing he did was to be one of our founding fathers. Some of Washington's ways were described in the book.  Both him and the Duke had some of the same traits.  Such things as discipline,  devotion and looking a little into the future. I found out that George Washington was not perfect.  He had a temper which led to a lot of mistakes. I found this book interesting and educational.  It was interesting to discover that Washington was known a "Dr. Love."  I won't go into that and let the reader find out more. Many of the stories went from his childhood through his adult years. I thought that many of the traits that George Washington possessed are no longer what most men possess today.  I believe it is because of the lack of discipline, the modern technology of today's' times, and the attitudes many have.  They don't possess the qualities to become great men.  There is a real lack of concern for our fellow man, lack of self and no vision.  I believe that is what George Washington had was "vision" and what it took to get to that vision.  I'm not saying everyone is this way, who knows,  the little boy playing ball or the little girl with her pig tails may become another person with a vision and the qualities to learn what is takes to become a great person who want.

I would recommend this book to anyone that likes history, our first President of the US and what it took to become that great person.  

I was given a complimentary copy of The Education of George Washington by Austin Washington from Pump Up Your Book Virtual Book Tours for my view of the book.  No other compensation took place.

I would give this book 4



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