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May 25, 2014


Abandoned  and alone...
Who will save them?

The Adventures of Spunky and Dunky and Buddy Bear: Rescued at Last
Book One
Gary C. Newton
Professor of Children and Family
Crown College

illustrated by
Tenli Andersen


Publisher: Outskirts Press
43 pages
8.5x11 color casebound glossy
ISBN: 978-1-4787-0120-0
Juvenile Fiction/Animals/Apes, Monkeys,etc
(from Amazon)
"The Adventures of Spunky and Dunky and Buddy Bear: Rescued at Last." "The Adventures of Spunky and Dunky and Buddy Bear" chronicles the story of two little monkeys whose parents were taken away by poachers in the jungles of Africa. Fortunately a kind bear heard about their predicament and set out to find them. The story unfolds as Buddy Bear rescues Spunky and Dunky and takes them back to live with him in his log cabin by a lake in the woods of Canada. As most of us know, monkeys are quite different from bears and humans. The two monkeys struggle with all the changes they have to make in their new home. Living in Canada was very different from their old home in the jungles of Africa. Even Buddy Bear was different. He was a unique bear, one we might call a "philanthropist." He did much more than roam through the woods looking for berries. Buddy Bear spent his days helping people in trouble. It did not take long for Spunky and Dunky to realize that they had little choice but to follow Buddy Bear to learn how to help people in trouble all over the world. Every day was a different adventure. This is the first in a series of ten children's books focusing on Spunky, Dunky and Buddy Bear's unique adventures. Each story integrates several interwoven character-building themes. Each adventure deals with the common struggles that children and moneys face as they grow up and learn to focus on the needs of others. Buddy bear becomes the ideal parent-figure who models integrity, warmth, discipline and purpose. As they learn to trust Buddy Bear, both moneys and children internalize his character traits, passion and skills to help other people in need. They begin to realize that the greatest adventure in life lies beyond oneself.

Gary lived out his childhood adventures at a cabin on a lake in the woods of Canada.  Since then he has spent his life serving and teaching children, youth  and families.  As a professor for 28 years he has trained students to teach and serve others.  Gary and his wife live in Minnesota while t heir three boys and five grandchildren serve the world in various places.
Teni Andersen is a freelance illustrator based in Lancaster County Pennsylvania.  She grew up in South Central Mexico where she developed a love for bright colors and thunderstorms.  She then moved to Lancaster after graduating from college where she has developed a love for monochromatic animals and rolling hills.  Although she enjoys drawing and painting, she also enjoys more tasty things like chocolate and tacos.
If you liked Curious George than you will like this book.  Somewhat similar. This is a story of two little monkey whose parents were taken by poachers in Africa.  A wonderful little bear, named Buddy  Bear rescued them and took them to his home Living in Canada was much different than living in Africa and the two little rambunctious monkeys were having a hard time adjusting.  Buddy Bear was not your typical bear.  He spend his days helping people who are in trouble.  The two little monkeys soon learned to follow Buddy Bear to learn how to help people in trouble.   Everyday held a new adventure.
The author did a wonderful job of introducing lessons abut obeying and being safe.  He also taught about learning to share love with others even if they aren't family.  I felt that the pictures were so cute and followed each page in the book as though looking at the pictures, gave the reader an idea of what the monkeys were exactly doing.

This book would be a lovely book for children ages 5 to 10 and maybe younger with mom, dad, grandparents, babysitter or any family friend reading the book to the younger ones.  They will learn just from the pictures.  Of course, if you are one of those young at heart, you will want to read it too.  You're never too old to enjoy a good book, even if it is a children's book. The author includes many of his own personal stories which makes the book have some realism to it.   The stories focus on hope, love and the aspect of good over evil.    Such good and valuable lessons for young children.  These are the ages that children need to learn about these important parts of living a good life.  Woven into the book are Biblical themes of adoption, freedom, sin, forgiving and much more.  The beginning of the story being in Africa and then going to Canada adds to the international readers, which a lot of time are forgotten.  The author wrote a story that helps the young ones use their minds to figure out the right and wrong of some of these stories.  The author writes with the intention of setting forth a strong stand for children to learn good values.  Faith and spirituality and subtly put into the story.

I think this was one marvelous, learning, fun read for anyone.  The author wrote for young ones, in a language that children can understand and then the pictures just added to the storyline.  It made it visual. The title was wonderful with the cute names that fit those little monkeys to a 'T"  And the cover was so cute that any young one would be immediately drawn to the book.  I don't believe any child would be bored with THE ADVENTURES OF SPUNKY, DUNKY AND BUDDY BEAR- Rescued At Last by Gary C. Newton.  

I was given a complimentary copy of THE ADVENTURES OF SPUNKY ,DUNKY and BUDDY BEAR-Rescued At Last from the author and OutskirtsPress for my view on the book.  No other compensation took place.

I would give this book 5 Monkeys.

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