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December 5, 2013


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A School for Brides Romance
Bride's Romance
Book 5
Cheryl Ann Smith
The Wife He Always Wanted (School for Brides, #5)
Original Language: English
Publisher: Berkley
Country: USA
Publication Date: September 3, 2013
ISBN: 978-0425260661
Page Count: 336
The perfect woman isn't who he expects.....

(from Goodreads)
Sarah Palmer is impoverished, desperate, and alone. Her father was murdered years ago, and her only sibling is now dead. When an unkempt man turns up on her doorstep, he claims a friendship with her late brother, and the desire to fulfill her brother’s dying wish that they marry. Sarah sees no other solution for her situation but to wed the roguish stranger.

Although it’s not apparent from his gruff appearance, Gabriel Harrington comes from one of London’s finest families. However, he is not the man Sarah’s brother intended her to marry. Overcome with guilt at his hasty lie, Gabriel must begin a life with the chilly Miss Palmer, who appears content with their passionless marriage.

But Sarah is not as immune to Gabriel as he thinks. Driven by the desire to learn the truth behind her father’s murder, and committed to a make her unexpected marriage successful, she fights to win Gabriel’s affections. Once he begins to see the passion in her, he isn’t that hard to convince…

I found that this author has written some very good books in the Bride Romance series.  I haven't read all of them, of which I wish I had started with Book One and continued in series. I loved the book.  Sarah Palmer appeared at first to be a country mouse, but she soon became a strong woman who finally let her husband be a husband. I know some readers don't care for the 'mistress' kind of book, but this book held a different outlook on the 'courtesan'.  The courtesans were being helped if they wanted it. They were a part of history whether we like  it or not.  This has followed through the years and is still going on. The hero,, Gabriel (Gabe) travelled with Sarah's brother.  The brother had some hidden secrets that he took to his grave.  The brother had asked Gabe to see that his sister is taken care of.  He found Sarah who is very shy and backward. Gabriel tells Sarah that her brother had made a betrothal between them.  You couldn't but like that  big, gorgeous hunk of man. He then marries Sarah and they start for the Harrington Estate.  Gabriel is from one of the finest families in London. After some very awkward and frustrating moments, Gabriel and Sarah become actual husband and wife. They join together to try and solve the mystery of Sarah's father''s death. What was the secrets that were being kept silent?  What was the reason for Sarah's father's murder? There is a lot of passion, mystery,and strong wills that will keep you turning the pages so you don't miss one little moment between Gabe and Sarah.Pick up a copy and go on the adventures with Gabe and Sarah.  It won't be dull.

I would give this book 4 GOLD RINGS.

I was given a complimentary copy of THE WIFE HE ALWAYS WANTED by Cheryl Ann Smith from Manic Readers for my uncompensated view.

Cheryl Ann Smith
A fan of historical romance fiction, author Cheryl Ann Smith combines a love of history and all things English to create stories that link both passions. Her dream of publication came true this last July. Through her wonderful agent, Kevan Lyon, Cheryl made her first sale to Berkley Books. Her debut novel, the first in a sexy new Regency romance series, comes out April 5th, 2011. The School for Brides, is about a beautiful spinster who hides behind a dour disguise and rescues courtesans from their lonely fates.
Cheryl didn't always want to be a writer. Hooked by Kathleen Woodiwiss onto romance fiction, she loved to read every steamy novel she could get her hands on. Then one afternoon she got a crazy idea and decided to write her own book. It took over five years, a marriage, and the births of her children to finish the manuscript. It was a hundred pages too long and thin on plot, but she took immense satisfaction in her accomplishment.
Naively, she was sure the book would send agents and editors clambering to sign her. Well, they were less than enthusiastic. Thankfully, she stumbled onto RWA soon after and that book got filed away forever. Since then her plots have clearly improved and her page counts and writing time per book have been cut considerably.
Cheryl lives in Michigan with her family, two cats and a very hairy dog. She enjoys outdoor adventures and traveling, when she has the time, and hopes to make her first visit to England in the very near future.


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