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December 5, 2013


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Cricket Creek Series
Book 5
Luann McLane
Moonlight Kiss (Cricket Creek, #5)
Original Language: English
Publisher: Signet
Country: USA
Publication Date: November 5, 2013
ISBN: 978-0451415585
Page Count: 304 

Cricket Creek, Kentucky, is a sweet river town known for its baseball, shopping, and cuisine. After finally rebounding from the recession, the residents are ready to repair their lives—and their hearts…

After two very public broken engagements with two very famous men, Addison Monroe is ready to avoid the spotlight. She decides to put her wedding planning experience to good use by opening a bridal boutique. Setting up shop in small town Kentucky is the perfect way to escape prying eyes and live a quiet, single life.

Investment consultant Reid Greenfield is fed up with weddings—and not his own. He’s certain his sister’s plan to turn their family farm into a wedding reception venue will lead to bankruptcy. Reid hopes that city girl Addison will be an ally in getting his sister to change her mind before she loses her
savings. Instead, Addison adores the idea and jumps on board. It’s a risky business—especially once romance gets involved. But sometimes a little risk brings a huge reward…

MOONLIGHT KISS by author, LuAnn McLane is the 5th book in the Cricket Creek series.  Even though this is the 5th book, the books don't have to be read in order.  They are stand alone books. The main couple Addison and Reid are very romantic. Addison has not had much luck in love. She gets engaged and yet never walks down the aisle.  She decides to visit her cousin, Mia in Kentucky. Addison decides to start a bridal bouquet shop. Addison is having a good time being in the small town with friends and family.  She wants nothing to do with men. Unfortunately the best plans don't always end up as we want.  She meets a Financial consultant who was born in Cricket Creek. He has come home to help his family and then go back to his practice. He is trying to get Addison to talk his sister Sara out of opening the bridal bouquet shop in their large barn.  Another plan that backfired.  When Addison meets Sara, she says she will help fix up the barn.  Reid is angry that his sister is throwing her money away, He finds himself  very attracted to Addison.  Addison finds herself feeling the same way but her past reminds her of what those feelings can do.    She is rather upset with Reid for always 'jumping' to conclusions.  There is a plan between Sara and her mother to get Reid and Addison together.  They feel it is time for him to settle down and quit his wild ways. They begin a romance, which at times didn't go very smooth, but true love finds a way.  In the background there is another plot about an older couple. You can't go wrong with the lovely and yet lively romance that the author built between Sara and Reid.  Ms. McLane has written a soft, warm, small Southern town romance.

I would give this book 4 KISSES.

I was given a complimentary copy of MOONLIGHT KISS by Luann McLane from NightOwlReviews for my unbiased view.
LuAnn McLane writes southern bent romantic comedy for NAL and is currently penning her third novel in her Cricket Creek book series. Her books have appeared on best selling lists including Barnes and Noble, Rhapsody and Doubleday Book clubs. She recently collaborated with country superstar Wynonna Judd with Restless Heart. She lives in Florence, Kentucky and when she isn't writing... she enjoys family, friends, cooking, reading, music, travel and University of Kentucky basketball.

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