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March 22, 2013


Harold the High Knight and Princess Megan: Harold and Megan

Harold the High Knight and Princess Megan
by Michael Andrisano 


Things just haven't been the same since their father mysteriously disappeared.  A ghostly visitor tells Harold that his father is being held captive.  No to find the lair of the gnome, Gagledormius, where his father is being  held.  Harold isn't Good at riddles but he has to solve this one. Harold tells his mother of the strange tale but she don't believe him.  Against their mother's wishes, Harold and Megan return to their classmates for help.

They have little idea that on the Emerald Isle, the mad gnome is the enemy of fairy folk and they receive some special help from the Mayor
Mayor of the Leprechauns, as well as a surprise visitor who appears when all else fails.  Will Harold and Megan find their father, their time is short.  Follow them across the ocean and into a magical world as they explore the realm of enchantment.

High Knight and Princess Megan is an adventure involving gnomes and leprechauns.  The book was a really exciting  fantasy adventure involving leprechauns and gnomes and had  was a imaginative book for young readers and young alike..

THIS IS A FICTION, PEOPLE, a fantasy read for all ages to enjoy.. I think making High Knights and Princesses just add to the fantasy.A few times in the book she refers to him as her "High Knight" and he refers to her as his "Princess." Some may believe that calling High Knight and Princess to 13 and 10 year old is ridiculous.  Hasn't anyone every played make believe?  This is make believe and I feel it has been done in grand style.  I absolutely loved it and I'm not a small child..There's nothing weird about contemporary children playing fantasy.  It's healthy.

I did find some grammatical errors in the book. This can be fixed but the over all story was wonderful.  I believe children should be children and we all need a little fantasy in this fast paced world of ours.
This is a fast paced book and very action filled.  It is definitely a keeper.  This was a magical adventure across the ocean to the Emerald Isle of Ireland with Harold and Princess Megan.  If you enjoy magic and fantasy you will want a copy of this book to treasure and read and re-read

I received a complimentary copy of  HAROLD THE HIGH KNIGHT AND PRINCESS MEGAN by Michael Andrisano for this unbiased review.

Harold the High Knight and Princess Megan to bestseller list in Ireland 4th straight week

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