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December 1, 2012

Unforgettable by Deborah Grace Staley

Even out of the darkest times,  love can emerge.  This is Book 5 of the Angel Ridge series.

There is romance that comes into real life.  The characters and plot make you feel like you are there.

Angel Ridge's Mayor, Patrick Houston wanted to be the person his children and the town could be proud of.  He's worked hard and made changes.   There had been a time in his past when he was a failure, spiralling out of control.

Ms. Frannie Thompson came back to Angel Ridge to start a non-profit business.  The business was to help struggling people find work and places to live.  She had no idea he was mayor.  All she ever saw was his initials and last name.  He told her the only thing people cared about was the name Houston, since a Houston had been a Mayor of Angel Ridge for over a hundred  years.

Ms. Thompson had visited Angel Ridge several times before trying to meet with the Mayor.  He was never in his office.  This time she sat and waited.  As the receptionist told her that the Mayor would see her, she rose and as she did, all the papers from her lap went flying.  She tried not to spit out the curse that was on the tip of her lips.  She swiftly gathered her papers and shoved them into their folder.  This was not exactly the professional appearance she had wanted to make.  She needed to meet with the Town Council to have her project approved.  The project was designed by her architect and  contractor, Cole Craig and Blake Ferguson.

As she entered his office, she expected an elderly man with graying hair.  He had his back turned and what she saw wasn't graying hair.  He had dark hair and was much younger than she expected.  Frannie just stood there waiting for him to turn around.  When he finally turned his swiveled chair around, Frannie stepped back.

 She was facing a man that had kissed her, but that wasn't all her body had felt.  She couldn't forget or maybe it was that she just didn't want to.
This man had been with her during an all out blizzard.  Just a make out, or was it more?  At least that was what she kept telling herself.  That was the awful winter she had lost her sister.

What they shared that night had gone way beyond a simple kiss.  She never wanted to see him again.  He had never shared his last name or the fact that he was married.

You can quickly become hooked on Ms. Staley's books.  You don't grow to love the characters, you immediately love them.  Somehow you want to be in the character's place, having their lives.  You can't wait to turn the page and read what is next. This book is definitely a page turner.  You can't wait for the next book in the series.

Will love emerge between Frannie and Patrick?  Maybe just another SIMPLE kiss?   Read and find out.  Maybe they will have another history to begin and maybe not.

The author, Deborah Grace Staley, is a resident of East Tennessee. She married her college sweetheart.  She lives in a 1867 farmhouse in the foothills of the Smokie Mountains.  There are angels in the gingerbread trim on the house.  She is working on the next novel in the Angel Ridge series.  Vist her at

I received a complimentary copy of this e-book to read from Net Galey on behalf of Belle Bridge Books for this review.

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