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November 22, 2012


The author makes his debut with this classic spy thriller full of twists and turns.  Dick Wolfe, award winning writer, director, producer and creator of one of the longest running shows in TV's history. NBC's "Law & Order". He won two Emmies, a Grammy and an Edgar. He lives in Monticito, CA.

Just before the dedication of One World Trade Center at Ground Zero, an incident on a commercial plane over the Atlantic reminded everyone of what had happened on 9/11.

"The Intercept" is about some well known material. An attempted hi-jacking.  While dignitaries congratulate the six media darlings, an agent is loose and plans to disrupt a major event. 

Det. Jeremy Fisk is fluent in Arabic. He strives to stop terrorists from atttacking a city that has endured more grief than could ever be imaginable. It's a story of fact and fiction.  A tale of Muslims who are more than willing to die for their cause.  Jeremy and Krina use their surveillance methods to track down the perpetrators.

The book was a decent read. It was interesting but it left you feeling like you had read it before, because it is like so many other books.

Will Jeremy and Kristin win the race against time to beat the terrorists that are meant to mark the 9//11 anniversary.  I would have liked to have known more about the characters. It just felt like the book had been read so many times before. It's just not a page turner or a chair gripper. You almost knew what was coming.  Try reading it and see how you feel.

I received this complimentary copy of the book, "The Intercept" by HarperCollins Publishing Co for this review.

Review by Gayle Pace

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