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October 8, 2017



Ethan Breen, a widower and middle-aged descendant of Irish immigrants, faces a growing personal crisis. He lives with his college-aged son, Kevin, on his ranch in Texas passed down from his grandfather and father . Ethan's life would appear comfortable, even idyllic. Ethan, however, is dogged by his own, private hell. He realizes that he is suffering the initial symptoms of early onset dementia, a condition that struck both his grandfather and father. He is contemplating killing himself, as his father did.

-It is rare to find a truly original voice like that of Evan Moore, an author who is also a gifted story teller with a gripping, taut tale to tell, a story that reads like nonfiction for it rings so true and is so close to so many of us who are experiencing similar things in our life. It is a particular story, wedded to its time and place, and at the same time contains universal truths, a testament to the human spirit and the gifts of the author.---Ray Mouton, attorney, author of In God's House.

-The title hints of poetry, perhaps mystery. Indeed long-time newsman and author Evan Moore deftly weaves these elements into Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang. It is the story of a man confronting his future -- a future many of us will confront. But it's also the story of a man looking at his past. You'll want to skip to the last chapter before you finish. Don't.---Mary Moody, editor, photographer.

-Evan Moore's pure writing sweeps us along a road trip of violent, if somewhat colorful, memories and a doubtful future, as he prepares to confront something so awful that most of us just hope it will somehow spare us.---Ken Hammond, Emeritus Editor of Texas Magazine.

THE AUTHOR, Evan Moore is an award winning long form narrative writer and editor for newspapers and magazines whose career has spanned more than 40 years. During that time he has also worked as a cowboy, a carpenter and a bar manager.  His writing deals with the human condition. He lives in Houston, Texas with his wife, Dianna Hunt.

Evan Moore
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Many will face the exact disease that Ethan Breen faced in this book.  It is about a middle aged man, an Irish immigrant and widowed.   He has a son, Kevin who both of them live on a Texas ranch that had been in the family for generations.   And generations not only pass down property but they pass down afflictions, diseases and more.  Just by looking at the man, you would think he was living a good comfortable life.  Little, sometimes is known that what appears on the outside isn't what is going on on the inside.  This story is fiction but rings so true of the fact that many have and many will face this horrible disease.  It's a disease of the mind.  Ethan Breen is suffering through his own private hell on earth, just as his father and grandfather before him.   His father took his life because of this disease.   Ethan is now facing that same decision.  The disease takes you from the present and often puts you back in the past.  Back to haunting memories. The man is in the future, with that to deal with while suffering this condition, but he is now being taken into the past, which is so much harder to deal with. All of us have things in the past we try hard not to bring up or think about, but with this condition, IT has the say so.  You not only have the uncertain future to deal with but the very certain past also.  This disease not only affects one person but it affects those we love, those who love us.  We often hear of people, or know people who have suffered or are suffering through this, and we think to ourselves.  This would never, could never happen to me or those I care about.  YOU ARE WRONG!  It can happen, it may happen.  When, no one is certain, but don't for one minute think you are immune, because you are NOT!
I thought a lot about the title, Where Late The Sweet Birds Sang .  Amazing title, amazing story.  It pulls at your heart strings, or should I say it pulls hard?  IT has a taste of suspense, mystery, emotions and heart.  Most importantly, HEART.  We need to take the blinders off.  This is real, it happens and IT COULD HAPPEN TO YOU!
Bravo to the author.  Bringing these issues out isn't easy.  True this is fiction but is so very real.

I received a copy of this book from the author and voluntarily decided to review it.

I would give this book 5 STARS. 


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Evan Moore said...

It's all but impossible to argue with praise, so I won't.
This thoughtful review captures the essence of my book and I would only add one note. Though the main character does face early onset dementia, the disease could be any of a wide array of conditions that we know will ultimately fell us, or, worse, leave us in a debilitated condition. It's how we deal with the inevitable, our answer to it, that ultimately counts.
The story also deals with guilt and the futility of attempting to rid ourselves of it, with the absence of the ability to feel guilt and the awful results of that absence, with love an infatuation and process of maturity.
If it makes the reader consider any of these, and, more importantly, if tells a story that entertains, it has succeeded.
My sincere thanks.
Evan Moore