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September 26, 2017

Book Campaign: THE THIEF

The Thief (The Earth Trilogy Book 3) by [Stevens, K.] A BOOK REVIEW CAMPAIGN

The Earth Trilogy Series
Book Three
Author: K. Stevens
Publisher: Independent
Pages: 167
Genre: Contemporary/Urban Fantasy

Contrary to popular belief, not all Terrans are humans. There are plenty of creatures – some bipedal and some not – born on Terra but born free of humanity. These ‘non-human’ Terrans have lived successfully among the humans for longer than the humans have known, hiding behind fairy tales, myths, and legends.
Among these hidden Terrans is Rod, master of thievery, illusion, disguise, cons, and anything else he prefers. But even masters have their secrets and are not immune to the confines of a deal.
When an old friend shows up and asks for help, Rod is compelled to escort her and her young charge to safety. On the run, she asks him to research an ancient magical sword and steal from a shape-shifting psychopath while continuing to protect them. Thankfully, Rod actually can be in a few places at once.
Things get hairy when the trio barters passage onto a flying pirate ship and are discovered by a rival pirate, who then attacks and forces them into a pirate ship battle in the sky. At the same time, researching the sword reveals an underworld war brewing, leaving Rod to hunt down the root cause. Meanwhile, the lunar shape-shifter catches wind of Rod’s exploits, calling him out and presenting him with a choice; Rod can either walk away quietly or fight – possibly to the death.
Controlled perception is the name of the game, and Rod holds all the cards.

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We all love fairy tales and their happy endings.  But this tale is of creatures, some human, some not.  The group known as the Terrans are not  human.  Humans have been unaware that these non-humans have been secretly living amidst them for some time.  They weren't known to be Terrans since they hid, not from sight but amid myths and some times stretched stories.   Among them, also hidden is Rod, who is a Terran.  Rod is proficient in everything he wants and he is good at stealing, conning and so much more.  But Rod doesn't put everything out in the open.  With all that Rod is, he has a bit of a heart.  He wants to help his old friend to safety. But safety isn't all she's looking for.  She wants to know about a magical sword.  She wants help and Rod plans on helping.  But how will he get her to safety and search for a magical sword at the same time?  Another quality of Rod, he can be in more than one place at a time. As they are running on a pirate ship that flies, trouble brews.  They are forced  into battle in the middle of air.  While this is going on, discovering information on the sword reveals that there is a war in the making - not in the sky- but the dreaded underworld.  Rod must find who is at the bottom of this.  What choices does Rod have?   Walk away and don't look back, or fight?   Be free or possibly die?  Is this a choice of 'know when to hold them, know when to fold them'?  It's a game, a game of cards of sorts, but who will have the winning hand?

The author gives us a fantasy world, perhaps a world of the future.  There is lots of action with suspense, danger, humans and semi-humans. The author gives the reader an escape from the 'real' world to a fantasy world.   The character Rod was like a human with un-human powers.  He had feelings, he was a mix of good and bad.  That in itself, put that character where you could relate to him.  Aren't we all a mix of the good and the bad?  So enter the world of the Terrans and the humans.  Will you fight alongside Rod to hold the winning hand?

If you love fantasy, want to enter a world of danger, battles, humans, Terrans then READ!  If you want to hold that winning hand, then READ!

I received a copy of this book and voluntarily decided to review it.

I would give this book 4 STARS. 


Dorothy Thompson
CEO/Founder Pump Up Your Book

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