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September 20, 2017


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The Year of the Red Door
Book One
William Timothy Murray

Product Details
"Whosoever discovers the Name of the King,
so shall he become King."   -from book

 For centuries, the Great Bell was silent...
IT remained undisturbed, nearly forgotten by history, hidden away in the ruins of an abandoned fortress. The enchantments within its iron slumbered, its secrets protected by silence. Until someone discovered how to ring the Great Bell, other secrets would also be safe.

One day, while running an errand, a  young store clerk took a wrong turn, then another, until he found himself deep within the old fortress where the Great Bell waited. It was waiting for him. And when the hapless clerk rang the Great Bell, his troubles began.

He had become the Bellringer.

He claimed  it was all an accident, that he did not mean to ring the Bell. Fate, it seemed, thought otherwise, and proof of the Bellringer's destiny began to emerge just as the world spiraled into war. Revolt and treachery worked to break apart the Seven Realms. Armies were on the march. The faraway King, obsessed with his own power, seemed unwilling or unable to prevent the looming catastrophe.

Perhaps a new King was needed...if only someone could penetrate the secret of the King's power and take the throne before it was too late. It was foretold that the person who discovered the True Name of the King would become the next King. But who was capable of such a thing?

The Bellringer.


About The Year of the Red Door:

244 Days Remain.
That is all.

Uncanny things are taking place in the world, mysterious powers are stirring, and there are signs of coming change. Like pieces on a game board, ancient forces are moving into position, gathering strength. Many sense the portents and see the signs, but few know their meaning. Fewer still understand what must be done. But who is there to do it?

In only 244 days, six intrepid travelers must cross thousands of miles, to the far edge of the world, to find a place that may not even exist. A legendary place called Griferis where a new king may be prepared, trained, and judged for worthiness. It is their bid to find that place, to discover the secret Name of the King, and to make one of their companions the new King. But hope is thin, and time runs out. Can the Name be found? Can the Usurper use it to take the throne? And will it make any difference? It already seems too late.

In the spirit of J.R.R. Tolkien and Charles Dickens comes a new heroic tale, a story of ageless love and brave determination, of tragic loss and the hope of redemption. During this quest, mythic powers arise from the ancient past, fate collides with destiny, and the world edges swiftly to its final destruction or to its ultimate fulfillment. Only the Bellringer can tip the balance of fate, but the world is almost out of time...
WILLIAM TIMOTHY MURRAY was born and raised in a small town of the Deep South and now lives in the Appalachian foothills of northeast Georgia.

He enjoys stargazing, tinkering with an old sailboat, and music (right now, he is really into Revien and Ludovico Einaudi).

He is not sure whether his favorite author is Charles Dickens or Patrick O'Brian. His favorite wise character from a classic novel is Faria. His favorite not-so-wise character from a classic novel is Barnaby Rudge.

If he had to fight a duel and could choose the weapons, it would be trebuchets at three hundred yards.

His favorite place is sitting before a crackling fireplace with a bowl of popcorn, a glass of sweet iced tea, and a good book.

He keeps a small writing desk in an old barn. There, amid a clutter of maps, drawings, and books, his memories and experiences join with all the tales he has read to inform and disturb his pen.

First off, I found the maps that were in the book very interesting as they gave you a real feel as to where the place in the book were actually located.  Great addition.This book is the first in a series of five books.   When I finished I decided I will definitely read the other books.   I found this book one that I actually took reading it nice and easy. I didn't rush just to get it read as some books.  I actually savored every page. The author gives you so much.  You get the suspenseful and tense moments of danger.  You get the utmost important two things of love and hope. Then we have mortals, semi-mortals.  Then we get the wonderful world of magic.  We all need and want those things so it just added to the drawing in the book created.   This is a fantasy book, but the way it is written, you wish that you could escape into this other world.  The book is quite long, over 400 pages, but I found it held my attention and it was easy to read.  But isn't a fight between good and evil worth it?

As Robby Ribbon goes about his delivery in the rural area, he finds himself lost after a storm swept through.  He found the Bell, the one that wasn't supposed to be able to be rung, but he did.  Did ringing that bell have anything to do with what happened  next?  Was the invasion started because of the bell?  This isn't your normal fantasy story.  It is so different.  Sometimes I feel when you read one fantasy book, you're reading pretty much the same thing over and over.  But with this book, you find the some of the characters have become friends and you are drawn into that, wanting to stand beside them and be one of their friends.  One of the important things, I feel, that the author did was to not put women in the background with the typical stereotyping. They didn't walk behind the man. They walked along side the men. They found strength in each other.  This world you enter when you open the book, isn't an easy world.But with it being so well written and with so many good qualities about it, READ!  It is complex, the characters have much depth but with taking it slow, you will find yourself wanting to be in their world.  So, if you love fantasy with depth, enter the world and find out what exactly The Bellringer is all about.

I received a copy of this book and voluntarily decided to review it. 

I would give this book 5 STARS. 


 The Bellringer -- Fake End Credits Reel

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