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August 28, 2017

You're Not Really Dead.....THE WAYSTATION

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Laurie Jameson 

Welcome to the Waystation

A place where time has no meaning. Consider this your first stop after exiting your life. Everyone passes through on their way to one place or the other (if you know what I mean). People die every day. They choose a life of crime, love the wrong person, see things they shouldn’t, or maybe they simply grow old. There’s no escaping it. Death comes to us all eventually, so there’s no point in running. But be encouraged; death is not the end.

Behind every death there’s a story of life, love, and sometimes tragedy. I’d like you to meet Cara, Rachel, Tony, Marco, Sarah, Samuel, Loreli and Wren…this is their story. Come on in and I’ll tell you all about them. Sit down and have a piece of pecan pie and a cup of coffee, or maybe a glass of sweet tea. We’ve got sandwiches if you’re hungry. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, just ignore that nasty smelling mist you see creeping along the ground. And don’t worry about the screams, they’re not here for you.

In a cross between hard crime fiction and a spiritual parable, The Waystation takes you on an odyssey from the darkness of this world, to the serenity of the afterlife. It carries you from the ugliness of the drug business, racism, abuse, and murder, to the joy that comes when all that ceases to matter. Existing as a stopping point on the journey between life and death, The Waystation is a place to rest and prepare for your real life to begin.

LAURIE JAMESON had a completely unremarkable childhood as the only child of Mississippi born and raised parents. Though she grew up in southern California, she spent every summer of her childhood and part of her high school years in Mississippi, and is no stranger to the odd ins and outs of southern life. If you haven’t experienced a sea of roaches crawling across your front porch on a muggy summer night, then you haven’t grown up in the south and probably can’t relate to the entire “southern thing.” Her love of reading started before she even had a complete grasp on the alphabet. As a toddler, she could often be found under her parents’ dining room table with her blanket and her story books, looking at the pictures and telling herself the tales contained within their pages. As she grew, she often found reading more interesting than the world around her. She spent many family vacations with her nose in a book, completely oblivious to whatever sights her parents were vainly trying to point out to her, often responding with, “If you’ve seen one tree, you’ve seen them all.” Yes, she was that kid at school who spent recess comfortably situated in a patch of shade reading while everyone else ran around playing. She never had any intention of becoming a writer. She stumbled on it quite by accident after having a rather intense dream and telling her husband it would make a great book. He talked her into writing it by presenting her with a new laptop and telling her to get on with it. Five years, lots of tears, many glasses of wine, way too many toffee peanuts and too many chicken enchiladas later, success. No one said it would be easy, and that’s probably a good thing, because they would have been lying. But it’s certainly been interesting.

So refreshing. A different book than most. It isn't your normal go to Heaven or Hell.  We all live different lives, some good, some bad. We choose what kind of life we live, sometimes.  And sometimes life chooses for us.  Regardless, everyone's  time comes when we leave the good or leave the dark, evil things in life behind. Things such as crime, drugs,  racial conflicts, the struggles, the abuse and I could go on.  But what happens when your life on earth ends?You can't stop the fact, it will end.  You can't hide, you can't run. No matter what, it will happen to us all.  Where do you go from here?  We have always been told that you go to heaven or hell.  But couldn't there be a resting place, a stopping point midway?  This is a place where your new life begins, a place where LIFE begins.   Whether it be one place or the other where that new life is.  But let your imagination think it is a place where there is peace, the struggles are over and you can rest and relax. A place where you don't have to worry about the hustle and bustle, where time means absolutely nothing.  The author gives us that place through the lives of the characters.  This isn't my story. This isn't your story. It is theirs!  So if you want to know what happens when your time is up, grab something to snack on, get settled in your favorite chair and get ready for the ride of your LIFE.  Your present life.  When you're done, you can rest assured there is The Waystation, waiting for you when your time is up.   It will be time to start LIVING!  WELCOME TO THE WAYSTATION!

I received a copy of this book from Ms. Jameson and was not required to read or review.

I would give this book 5 STARS. 


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Laurie Jameson said...

Thank you so much for the lovely review Gayle. I'm so happy you enjoyed it.