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August 19, 2017



Blood Loss - A Magnolia Novel by [Fontainne, Ashley, Hansen, Lillian]


A Magnolia Novel
Author: Ashley Fontainne & Lillian Hansen
Publisher: RMSW Press
Pages: 261
Genre: Mystery / Suspense
Karina and LiAnn worked hard to put the awful memories behind them of the nightmare they walked into at The Magnolia and all the death and destruction caused by the former owners. As they settled into their new roles as managers of the upscale independent living facility, LiAnn reconnects with her true love and Karina continues to explore the new relationship with a sexy cowboy named Bo.
Each are haunted by the atrocities committed at The Magnolia and how close Karina came to dying at the hands of mafia monsters. With the help of her mother, beloved grandparents, new job, an enormous dog, and a hunky, younger man to keep her mind occupied, Karina lets her guard down, naively assuming the worst is over for her family.
Unfortunately, she’s wrong.
When one of the elderly residents of The Magnolia reveals the truth about a shady past, the entire Tuck family find themselves embroiled in one of Arkansas’s most notorious mysteries from 1957. The disappearance of a beloved attorney and her young charge was never solved, bodies never found, and even after over 60 years, Karina and LiAnn discover there are still those who intend to keep it that way.
 (from Pump Up Your Book)


About the Author

Award-winning and International bestselling author Ashley Fontainne enjoys stories that immerse the reader deep into the human psyche and the monsters lurking within each of us. She writes in numerous genres including mystery, suspense, horror, sci-fi and sometimes poetry. Ashley lives in Arkansas with her husband and is the proud mother of one son and three daughters. Lillian Hansen is Ashley's mother and also lives in Arkansas. Blood Loss is Lillian's second novel.  ......................................................
 The former owners of an independent living facility, The Magnolia, left the place in shambles amidst death and terrible conditions.    When Karina and LiAnn, the new managers walked through the front door, the sight would stay with them for a long time.   So they dug in and worked hard to bring the place back up to the upscale facility it used to be.   So many wrongs were committed at The Magnolia and both young women are constantly reminded of what went on, including facing death by some of the mafia.

  But they need to move on.  There are those who help Karina get over everything that happened including her mother and grandparents.  She has this new job as manager of the independent living facility, a sexy new man, and a loving huge dog.   Everything is fine, she can finally relax.  But, wait a minute.  As soon as she thinks things are going fine, the worst is over.........reality sets in.  She is far from right.
 A secret is brought to light by one of the residents.  Thus in 1957 one of the most prominent mystery in Arkansas emerges. 
We're talking the disappearance of an attorney and her young charge. Mystery remains a mystery, never solved.  No bodies found, no clues, at least none that anyone is willing to let out in the open.  There are those who know what  happened but are adamant about leaving it in the past, a deep, dark secret of the past.
The author wrote an interesting suspense mystery.  It read quickly with no having to re-read sections to figure out what you read.   It was a good combination of  mystery, suspense, secrets, a bit of romance and questions to be answered.  The author had you being an investigator, trying to figure out what the dark secrets are and when you find out, well, you're investigating again to find out what happened, why and who did the crime. You are on the edge of your seat with the suspense building with each page as it turns.  You'll find yourself making yourself breath.  You'll find your mind thinking of the mystery and trying to solve it. The author didn't hold back on the suspense, starting out slow and building with each page.
Can this mystery be solved after 60 years? Will the dark secrets come to light in order to solve this age old mystery.?   Did the attorney and her charge die by murder or was it an accident?  What happened to the bodies?  Was it connected to the original owners of The Magnolia?  And How?  Will the two young women be able to put all of this behind them and move forward?   
Above all: Who dun it and why?  If you love suspense, dark secrets and like being an arm chair investigator, then the author gives you it all.   Oh, and don't forget the sexy cowboy!

I received a complimentary copy of this book and voluntarily decided to review it.

I would give this book 4 STARS.



Dorothy Thompson
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