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August 16, 2017


Raymond Walker, author of
migrated from his native country of Guyana
to the Untied States in search of
better opportunities,
 and today he works to honor the memory
 of his grandparents in Guyana who raised him.
OUT OF THE JUNGLE is his debut novel.

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The Jungle Boy
Rayfield Walker
OUT OF THE JUNGLE follows Rayfield Walker's escape to New York City, where he finds success as a star student and catharsis in painting, film making, and writing. His accounts of repeated verbal, mental, and physical abuse offer a grim portrait of life in rural Guyana. His father expressed the pain of a gay man living in an unforgiving, homophobic society on young Rayfield, including daily beatings and locking the child in a kitchen cupboard for hours at a time. Rayfield also endured sexual assault at the hands of close friends and relatives. Despite enduring horrifying and repeated abuse, Rayfield fought for his life with an iron will and utter determination. He knew there had to be something better. He found refuge in his grandparents' home, w here his grandmother instilled in him important virtues and strength of character. Finally, after accepting the truth embedded in the advice his grandmother had given him--Remembering where you came from can give you strength, clinging in the past only leads to stagnation--he eventually found a path out. In New York, with the help of those who care for him, Rayfield learns to grab hold of his dreams  and to comfort in the momentum needed to reach his next goal, believing that no one knows what they will experience, accomplish, or who they can become.

 Rayfield Walker

Rayfield Walker migratted from his native country of Guyana to the United States in search of better opportunities and today he works to honor the memory of his grandparents in Guyana who raised him. Out of the Jungle is his debut novel.

This story will tear at your heart.  You won't forget it for a long time.    This is Mr. Walker's memoir of his growing up in Guyana.   He was at the mercy of an abusive, violent father.  He was constantly verbally, mentally and physically abused. His father took his frustrations of being gay out on Rayfield.   He was locked often in a cabinet in the kitchen.  Not only his father abused him sexually but family and friends did so also.  Not only the physical, mental and emotional abuse from his father and others, Rayfield knew that his mother could have prevented every bit of this, but she didn't. She would actually watch him being abused by his father. But this was a boy, about to become a remarkable man.   Rayfield was one among few who had a strong will to overcome the abuse and become someone.  This he did with the help of his grandparents.  His grandmother must have been a wonderful woman.  She took a young boy and taught him the important values of life.  She taught him to be strong.   She instilled in him that remembering where you come from  will often make you strong, but you must not hold on to the past.  With his grandmother's guidance he eventually made his way to New York.   He had dreams.  He knew he was strong now and he worked to achieve those dreams.   He knew that no one knew what the future may bring to you.  So Rayfield went from a scared child that was abused by those who should have loved him, into a strong and positive New York City artist. 
 Mr.. Walker eventually faced his past, and then put it behind.  He won awards, met other artists who helped him and found a peace through the art and photography when he was at Brooklyn College Academy. I am extremely impressed by this man.  He tells a story that is horrific, extremely painful but I believe he tells it so others will know that you can find peace and achieve your dreams.  The past is the past and that is where it belongs.   This man is an inspiration to all.  He dedicates his story to all children everywhere who are abused. Truly a remarkable man.
“In order to achieve great things, you have to do might ones”

I received a copy of this book from the author and voluntarily decided to review it.

I would give this book  5 SOLID STARS.

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