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July 17, 2017


The Cover Story (A Branigan Powers mystery)
 THE COVER STORY: A Branigan Powers Mystery
Deb Richardson-Moore

A bizarre hit and run brings Branigan Powers back to the crime solving beat.A fatal crash involving two college students heading home for the holidays seems like an unfortunate accident. But when the surviving girl wakens, she tells a curious story of the vehicle that forced them off the road - an old fashioned 1950's style hearse. Reporter Branigan Powers delves into the mystery that takes her to the  college campus and leads her into  dangerous fraternity and sorority pledge parties.Reunited with the homeless Malachi Martin, who is so adept at seeing what isn't instead of what is, Branigan must uncover what is really going on at the college.


This author brings us the two sides of the tracks, so to speak.  The homeless and then we have the rich with all their society ways.   This author puts the reader's mind to work and will find a place in your heart, as well. There's no time for closing the book and taking a break.  It is like a finely woven web with all the turns and angles.   The main character the author gives us is a determined, strong, caring and out  for justice.  
The author surprises you with the turn from the accident to the college campus where frats and their parties can be dangerous if not deadly.   We then are taken from the frat houses to a homeless man.  What does Malachi Martin have to do with this accident?   Malachi has a sense, a sense of seeing what isn't there, not what is.  Most characters see what is in front of them but this author gives us a character who sees what isn't there.  Quite a change. 
People are in danger.  Will Branigan be able to figure out what is really happening, what the frats have to do with it?   Will she listen to Malachi and his different way of looking at things? The story ran at a good pace and kept the reader's interest from the moment the girl woke up at the accident.   When I heard an antique hearse caused the accident, my interest peaked.  Will yours?

I was given a copy of this book from the author and Kregel Blog Tours and voluntarily decided to review it.

I would give this book  4 STARS. 


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