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August 1, 2017


Exposing a Life of Mystery
Grace Simon

Product Details
 The Chronicles of Grace is a moving and visceral memoir penned by Grace Simon, whose heated passions and stoic determination fueled a richly complex life. A survivor of rape and a culture of misogyny, she overcomes abuse and extortion by never abandoning her sense of humor and commitment to family.

Grace Simon had tucked the first class airline tickets to Geneva, Switzerland in her purse and set her and her sons' packed suitcases by the front door. But instead of boarding a plane that morning, a handcuffed and bewildered Grace slid into a government issued black sedan headed for the Los Angeles County jail.

Thus begins the moving and visceral true story, The Chronicles of Grace, written by Grace Simon and published by Wheatmark in April 2017.

The Chronicles of Grace was nearly lost to eternity. As luck would have it, however, after Grace died, the manuscript was discovered in a dusty attic. Sally Boalt, the deceased author's niece, found the neatly typed manuscript in an old chest while cleaning out Grace's attic.  



Whether you believe the author was Grace Simon or Sally Boalt, it doesn't matter.  It's the book that matters.  If you feel offense at bedroom secrets being revealed, then you won't want to read this. It isn't politically correct, whatever that may mean these days.  There's a fine line here between a little porn and just hot and steamy.  Either way, the book is tastefully written and I loved the details of what went on.  It is in the eyes of the reader and what they want to read or not.   This is supposed to be a memoir.  Some believe that it isn't.  It doesn't matter to me. It's a tastefully done book that is entertaining and interesting.  If you don't believe it's really a memoir then read it as fiction.  Don't get offended over something you don't actually have the facts to base it on.  I feel that it would be hard to remember conversations of things said during a long period of time but so what if some of it is filled in with what you think was said.?  It is possible that the book wasn't actually written by a person named Grace Simon.  So?  People write under pseudonyms all the time.  Pen names are common.  If you want a good, tastefully written book about someone's life, whether fiction or fact, that tells  about romps in the bedroom, read it.  If you're offended by the things I put forth above, don't read it.  It's all up to what you want to do. I felt the book was a tastefully well written book about the life of a woman, whoever wrote it.  Politically correct? I don't care.  I loved it. I got hunks wanting this woman and she was the one in control, to choose, if she wished, which one or all she wanted to spend time with.  It's got family, friends, the heartaches and even some danger involved. I felt I got a little bit of everything. She lived her life, her way.  Try this book and decide for yourself. We all have different ideas as to what a good book is.  All that matters is if you enjoy it.

I received a copy of this book, THE CHRONICLES OF GRACE from the author's niece, Sally Boalt and voluntarily decided to review it. 

I would give this book 5 STARS. 


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