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July 7, 2017


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The Amish of Hart County
Book 2
Shelley Shepard Gray

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Shelley Shepard Gray delivers the next novel in her Amish of Hart County series—a suspenseful tale of an Amish man who will risk all to protect the woman he loves.

Mark Fisher has returned home to Hart County, determined to put the past behind him. Two years ago, after being wrongly accused of assault, he left the Amish community, though never forgot his home. When the one person who had helped him through his rough times asks for help, Mark returns. But it is pretty Waneta Cain who makes him want to stay...

Neeta is one of the few people in Hart County who doesn’t believe Mark is guilty of hurting anyone. However, his worldliness and tough exterior do make her uneasy. As she begins to see the real man behind all the gossip and prejudice, she wonders if he is the man for her.

Just when Mark starts to believe a new life is possible, a close friend of Neeta’s is attacked. Once again, everyone in the community seems to believe he is guilty.  But what hurts most is Neeta’s sudden wariness around him. When another woman is hurt, a woman who is close to both Neeta and himself, Mark fears he knows the real culprit. And time is running out. Will Mark be able to find him before Neeta becomes his next victim?



I live in southern Ohio with my husband, two teenagers, and two dogs. My days are filled with busy activities like most any other mom and housewife. But I also love to write books.

Each morning, after my kids go off to school, I sit at my desk, look out my window, and dream of other places. The hours fly by as I make up people and places and drink way too much coffee.

Writing for Avon Inspire has truly been a dream come true. Being able to spend my days in my make-believe world of the Brenneman Bed and Breakfast is a true blessing. I have enjoyed getting to know more about the Amish culture and tapping into my faith as I show each character’s progression toward a personal relationship with our Lord.

Before becoming a full time writer, I taught elementary school in Texas, Arizona, and Colorado. A job transfer to Ohio led my husband to encourage me to finally give writing a try. After all, I had notebooks full of made up stories.

I’ll never forget that first book I typed in our unfinished basement. It was exciting to make up a story, but also very scary. I was also so embarrassed, sure someone would come out of the woodwork and point out that I wasn’t a ‘real’ writer. But I persevered, and sold my third manuscript.

Things have changed a bit. Now I have a real office of my own. (think old guest bedroom!) My walls are painted pink, and more than a couple of book covers decorate my walls. But my days are still the same. I wake up, dream about other people, and do my best to type out stories. MORE ABOUT THE AUTHOR


I love Amish books but this one has such suspense along with the question of who dun' it that once I started reading, I just couldn't put it down. You just have to love a man who will lay it all down for his woman, to protect her and keep her safe. This is what Amish man, Mark Fisher does.   He has some past baggage which he is trying to set aside.   He decides to go home to Hart County after being accused of assault two years before. That is when he left his community.  The author immediately has you wondering if Mark was guilty or wrongly accused?   Why didn't he stay and fight if he was innocent?  There is one person who makes him want to make his life right and that is pretty Waneta Cain, Neeta. She believes in him and knows deep down he didn't commit the crime.  Neeta has a problem with Mark's worldliness that he has taken on since gone from the community. He actually came back to help someone who had helped him but there's a different reason he wants to stay.Things are going better until, yes, there's always that but or until.   A close friend of Neeta is attacked.   Who do you think everyone is looking to as the one who attacked her, yes, Mark. Neeta starts to have doubts about Mark.   Is the man he's become the man she wants in her life? This hurts Mark more than the accusations.  But another attack occurs and this time it's someone close to both of them. Will Neeta be the next victim?   Mark thinks he knows who it is but can he convince everyone it isn't him, it's someone else?   Will Neeta stay by his side?   Will there be a chance for a new life for both Neeta and Mark? The author puts you in the role of detective to figure out who is committing these assaults.   You have to feel for Mark and also, Neeta. Neeta is being put in the position of believing in the man she wants so desperately to have a relationship with and trying to deal with his worldly ways.
A different twist on the Amish read and it worked out real well. Well written with good descriptions of scenes and characters.   Mark and Neeta are people you would like to know,almost as if you do know them in a way.  So if you like Amish reads, try this one, it is different than most and you won't want to put it down until it's finished. Even then, you're left wanting more, much more.

I received a copy of this book from the author and Litfuse Publicity Group and voluntarily decided to review it.

I would give this book 5 STARS.




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