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June 4, 2017


 Survivor of the Clan by [Ott, Jennifer]

Jennifer Ott

 A roar of motorcycles disturbs a peaceful congregation leaving church on an Easter Sunday outside Edinburgh Scotland. One of the motorcyclists assassinates geneticist Dr. Kyle Locke, while another abducts his daughter, Shelby Locke witnesses her entire life taken from her in one instant. When clues arise that lead to Odessa, Ukraine, it is Shelby who steps up the search to find her daughter and her husband’s killer.

Arriving in Odessa offers more questions than answers. Confronted with the suspects, Shelby must face her own past, as a child, and that of a mysterious woman whom she has recollections of a precarious time in the near past. In order to save herself and her daughter, she must find the courage and compassion to face issues that plague mankind and its future, only then can Shelby and Amelia be free.

 Since my childhood, my imagination always got the best of me. Yes, I had an imaginary friend, talked to the shadows in my bedroom and dreamed and played exotic adventures. I never thought much of reading or writing until I watched the movie, Bridge on the River Kwai. At age twelve, I was completely taken with the intrigue and the human drama. Afterward, I started my first novel (never to be seen, thankfully).

It was my eighth grade English teacher who suggested a career in journalism; however I decided to pursue a career in fashion - big mistake. It has been a hard, painful journey back on path to my true passion - writing stories that affect the human condition and situations.

After graduating college with a degree in fashion design and fine arts, I moved to New York City where I studied screen writing with the Gotham Writer's group and attended NYU part-time studying filmmaking and acting. Learning how to write screenplays taught me how to write tight storylines and acting helped master dialog.

Living in New York City, inflicted with credit card debt, impassioned me to write my first non-fiction satire, Ooh Baby Compound Me which compares the credit card industry to fraternity hazing. Bad dating experiences inspired Wild Horses and eventually after much research - Love and Handicapping. My book, The Tourist reflects the dreamer's plight in an overly commercial and corporate world which many can relate.

Saying Goodbye, What the World Doesn't Know, I can only say was channeled by from an unknown source. I became consumed by a real-life love story and felt compelled to write. The repressed eighth grade journalist arose and I dug deep into uncovering a hidden love story. The same force encouraged The Insurrectionist - a story so powerful and intense, it had to be told. After writing The Insurrection I needed something light and fun was desperately needed - One with the Wind.

Throughout the years, I have learned stories are a dime a dozen, characters can blend into one and the same dialog can be repeated in many different ways, but the best writing comes from what we are most passionate. If the story compels the writer to near madness, it is a story that must be written.

I found the characters to well developed and they give the reader a reason to stop and think about them.  The book was set at a good pace and was easy to read with not a lot of fluff to detract from what was really going on.  The books basis is eugenics and genetic memory.  Now I thought that the book would be rather boring but the book is written well with lots of action. The author started the book right off with action.  Imagine coming out of Easter Sunday services and hearing the loud, rumbling roar of motorcycles.   Then on what should be a very peaceful and reverent day, a  Dr is assassinated and he daughter is abducted.   Why?  While this is happening, Shelby Lock is witnessing it all.  Her husband being murdered and her precious daughter being taken away from her.  This is her life they are taking. Shelby is a Scottish doll maker, not a detective but one she becomes.The aftermath brings some clues that take Shelby in search of her daughter and her husband's killer.  Those clues are in Odessa, Ukraine.   She was hoping for answers but she only got more questions.   Shelby will  have many things to face and deal with including her own past.  The author gives us a read that presents a courageous woman filled with caring about mankind and what it's future may hold.   Will she be able to step up and face so many issues to bring herself and her daughter to a life of freedom?   The story flowed well and the characters were well developed.   I wish there had been at least one character that Shelby could have totally relied on, but that gave Shelby much more courage and determination to go on by herself.   I liked that the beginning was about the Locke's life.  They led a good decent life, sure they had those hidden secrets just like every family.  The author makes you wonder why this family was targeted.  A good family, but was there something in those hidden secrets that started this whole ordeal? The author keeps the reader guessing with every page that is turned.

I received a copy of this book from the author, Jennifer Ott and voluntarily decided to review it.

I would give this book 4  STARS. 


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