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June 2, 2017


A Crash Course For Beginners
Tanel Vahisalu

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'I find 'History of Russia in 100 Minutes' an authoritative source and I hope it will enjoy much success.' Richard Pipes, Professor Emeritus at Harvard University

''History of Russia in 100 Minutes' will go a long way in making Russian history more approachable. Hopefully, this can get into the hands of lots of people as there is no better time than now to better understand Russia and its people.' Mark Schauss, Author of the Russian Rulers History Podcast

''History of Russia in 100 Minutes' is a brilliant repository of learning. Tanel has developed a fascinating series that tell the great and turbulent story of Russia from Kievan Rus all the way to the Tsars and Stalin.' Nick Shepley, History Teacher and Creator of the Explaining History Ebook Series

'If you love history but history textbooks feel dull, this book is just for you! 'History of Russia in 100 Minutes' is a modern way to learn and become inspired. The strength of the ambitious concept is in its clarity, passion, and professionalism.' Tanja Tanhua, Master of Arts at Helsinki University

"History of Russia in 100 Minutes" is a crash course for beginners. Here you will find the complete history summarized and retold in simple language with accurate dates, the most relevant names and essential concepts. After finishing the course, you will know:

- The basic characteristics of Russian history in different epochs
- The 54 most important rulers and 106 historical persons in Russian history
- 126 key dates and events in Russian history
- The basic terms and concepts of Russian history

The text is accompanied by numerous online resources:
- 20,000 pictures
- 700 videos
- 3,500 songs
- 100 podcast episodes

All that is available via the website


I liked that the author provided some pictures but having read this on my e-reader the pictures were rather poor quality.  This was a brief summary of many years of Russian history and all put in just under 100 minutes.  That's a lot of information to cover in a short span of time.  The book contained a lot of facts but I would have liked to have had some rather personal information from some of the people who lived there.  There is a link at the end of the book that you can take an online course to discover more.   It might be beneficial to do this if you're interested in Russian history. I did learn some very important information about Russia and the pictures, maps helped put it all in place.  The author goes into the 54 important leaders, some of the important people and dates. I was fascinated with the different eras during the years in Russian history.  The author talks of the names of cities and how they changed during the years. the Russian Revolution of 1917, Soviet Russia and so much more.  We also get information on important people of Russian history, Ivan the Great, Peter the Great, Khrushchev, Putin, Obama and even Donald Trump.  If you're interested in history, then you definitely want to read this book.  Fascinating and educational.  I thought USSR and Russia were one in the same.  The author didn't go into much detail about how Russia became the USSR and I wish the author had.   I also would have liked to know about how Putin is reviving the Russian Orthodox Church and exactly why and what happened to cause it's decline. Are any of their beliefs like any of our churches?  That to me would have been interesting.   I know only so much information can be put in a concise book like this.  There are pages of bibliography that you could look up some more information on the events and people. History can be dull and boring at times but this book is interesting. I just wanted more.   Maybe it's so interesting at this time in life because of what is going on in the world today. If you're a history buff, try it!

I received a copy of this book from the author and voluntarily decided to review it.

I would give this book 5 STARS.


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Tanel said...

Most happy and excited to see the review. The reviewer has read the book and clearly knows what she's writing about.