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May 24, 2017


Jacqueline's Tragedy 
A Chris Ravello Medical Thriller
Book One
William Rubin

Forbidden Beginnings: Jacqueline's Tragedy: A Chris Ravello Medical Thriller by [Rubin, William]


 A senseless assault. An agonizing, life-threatening decision. In the moment of truth, with countless lives at stake, how can justice hope to prevail?

New York City trauma surgeon, Dr. Christopher Ravello, has it all. A breathtaking, vivacious wife. Lovely children. Life-saving work, and a beautiful home in one of the City's most coveted neighborhoods.

But in an instant, Chris' world is shattered.

The brutal and senseless assault of his mother, Jacqueline, leaves her barely alive. Consumed with anguish and fear, battling time and circumstances, Chris' search for a life-saving treatment leads to an agonizing decision and takes him down a path of no return.

In the wake of his mother’s assault, Chris and life-long friend, Detective Kevin Kennedy, risk their lives and livelihoods tracking down Jacqueline’s attacker.

When Ravello, driven by an all-consuming rage, at last comes face-to-face with his mother's assailant, every fiber of his being calls out for vengeance. In the moment of truth, with so much at stake for he and his family, what will Chris choose?
William Rubin is a practicing physician who enjoys weaving tales of medical/scientific intrigue. Writing for him is equal parts catharsis, creativity, and escape from the rigors of a busy medical practice and the joys and challenges of raising a family. The works of James Patterson, Robin Cook, Michael Palmer, and Patricia Cornwell inspired Dr. Rubin to create the Christopher Ravello Series. Challenges and tragedies in Dr. Rubin’s life, particularly the untimely death of his mother, provided some of the underlying drama, conflict, and turmoil for the series’ lead character.

When he isn't busy practicing medicine or crafting his next medical thriller, Dr. Rubin enjoys time with his family and friends, running, playing piano, and travel. Please share your thoughts, insights, and feelings on Forbidden Beginnings: Jacqueline's Tragedy or Forbidden Birth by posting a review of the book on your favorite sites.  

I'd love to hear from you via email at or via Facebook; william.erubin. Thank you and happy reading!

Regards,  William

This is Book #2 (the first book out)
  Forbidden Birth: A Chris Ravello Medical Thriller
 If you love thrillers, medical thrillers, suspense and edge of your seat reading, then don't miss out on this one.I might suggest reading Forbidden Birth also since the two intertwine. The books are published #2, #1 with #3 Forbidden Cure, due out 2018, to bring everything together. I reviewed Forbidden Birth for Mr. Rubin.  He has a knack for writing medical thrillers. They don't disappoint. But this book is much more than that.  It's a love story. The love a man has for medicine, his practice, his wife, his children and his parents.  His family loves him in return. As you turn the pages, you get a little closer to the edge of your chair. We get the character Chris Ravello, a promising doctor who lives a really nice life.  He got a promotion,  they lived in a nice house and he had a family he was proud of. After working hard, his wife and him traveled to Australia.  This is a celebration of 10 years of marriage. What more could a man want.  He had it all. Then, as usual, life stepped in.   While in Australia, Chris gets terrible news about his mom.   She was attacked in a parking lot and was in a coma, after surgery.  Celebration halted, back to America to be by his mother's side.  I liked the different approach the author gave to what should have been a thorough investigation of the attackers.  The author gave us investigators that didn't seem in a hurry to find these people, even though they knew who had done it. Usually the police go at something like this full force.  Why are they dragging their feet?   So Chris decides to find these men with or without the help of the justice system.  The author must have thought out this story for a while because it flowed well.  Not repeated scenes, no jumbled conversation.  Just characters you could visualize.  The main characters try to live a good life, try to do right by others and this is bright point in the book.  I also think the love that Chris shows for his mom is an important point in the book.   I feel the author had some underlying points in the book, such as trying your best for yourself and others and loving your parents, to be there no matter what. It may mean Chris giving up his nice little life to bring justice to a head.  Just me, I suppose, but I thought that there were some important points to gain, not just a good medical thriller.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author and voluntarily decided to review it.

I would give this book 5  STARS.




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