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April 13, 2017

THE BLUE MOOSE by Ardian Gill


Ardian Gill
Illustrated by
Soon Kwong Teo

A Moose's Journey

To Accidental Heroism

Way up in the north Woods, twin moose babies, Alfonse and Abercrombie, are born. When they grow antlers, they strike out on their  own. Soon Abercrombie is captured by two men who take him to Central Park Zoo in New York City. Alfonse escapes but falls through the ice of a frozen lake and turns blue. With the aid of a little yellow bird and advice from an owl, he sets off on his journey to rescue his brother, guided only by the North Star at his back. His quest includes many hilarious encounters in which he comes to the rescue using his antlers and receives medals for his efforts. When he arrives at the zoo he finds that his brother prefers peanuts and popcorn to the acorns of the North Woods and refuses to go back. What will Alfonse do? He wants to be near his brother. He wants to find his beloved yellow bird. Join the intrepid blue moose and be charmed by a story guaranteed to delight readers of all ages.

Ardian Gill is a writer and photographer, author of the acclaimed historical novel, The River is Mine, a first person narrative of the earliest exploration of the Colorado River and the Grand Canyon. He lives in New York, where he maintains a Chelsea studio dedicated to traditional photographic processes. The Blue Moose is his first children's book. 

When twin moose brothers set out to explore the world, they never thought they would end up being separated.   Alfonse and Abercrombie get split up when Abercrombie is taken by two men to the Central Park Zoo in New York City.   Alfonse escapes but falls into trouble as he goes under the ice of a frozen lake and he turns blue from the cold.  But some unlikely friends, a little yellow bird and some wise advise from an owl he, gets out of the ice and goes to find his brother.   The only help he now has is the North Star.  He finds his brother but his brother doesn't want to leave the zoo.  He likes it there.   This shows that you can still love each other and be close even is you choose different ways of living.    This is a fun read and it shows how inventive the brother was with his antlers.   Will Alfonse decide to stay with his brother at the zoo or just visit when he can?  This is a charming little story about brothers.  You could easily place yourself in like situations and decide what you would do.   Children and adults alike will love this little book with some wise lessons to be learned.  Using animals is a good way to attract and keep a child's attention.

I received a copy of this book from the author and voluntarily decided to review it.

I would give this book 5 STARS. 

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