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March 31, 2017


The Truth Will Always Catch Up With You...
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James Clay
Skeet Jones is not happy. His friends have just learned that's he's never been with a woman in the biblical sense. Eager to put the situation right, they have taken him to Bob's Place, a saloon that is very popular amongst the local men. 

When Skeet arrives, he sees thirteen year old Angela, w ho has just been purchased by the most powerful man in the town of Calhoun. Skeet is desperate to help her but when the man refuses to let her go, Skeet shoots him and make a run for it with Angela in tow.

Seven years go by, and Angela now goes by the name of Carrie Whiting - a famous singer known as the Songbird of the West.  Skeet gets her to sing in his saloon in the small town of Dry Creek, and that's when things start to get interesting.

Carrie is kidnapped, which brings her to the attention of Detective Rance Dehner, a man broken by loss.

Once he finds the legendary Songbird of the West he is determined to keep her safe. Butt as the body count rises in Dry Creek, Carrie discovers she's not the only one who has changed her name. And sometimes even that's not enough to stay hidden....
This book is a rather fast paced book with lots of action and surprises around the page.  The book didn't disappoint. Some westerns are the same thing over and over but this was a western that grabbed your interest as soon as Skeet  saves Angela and runs away taking her with him.   Back then a thirteen year old wasn't considered that young.  I found myself turning the pages wanting to know what happened to Skeet and Angela.   Was the man who had bought Angela on their trail? Westerns are one of my favorite genres and this one is on the top of my list.  Skeet is not only protecting Angela but has some issues of his own to deal with.  They've been running and hiding under assumed names but how long will that last before someone discovers who they really are. The characters are real to the imagination. You can picture Skeet with his saloon and Angela or Carrie as she is now known, singing to the patrons.  Sitting on the edge of the piano with one of the revealing, for the time, outfits on. Such detail for the imagination to use to it's fullest.   Truth has a way of appearing at the most inappropriate times.  Just as you think you have it all figured out, you find an amazing surprising ending.

I received a copy of this book from the author and Pioneering Press and voluntarily decided to review it.

I would give this book 5 STARS.


JAMES CLAY spent his childhood watching Hopalong Cassidy on TV and devouring Fran Striker's Lone Ranger novels. Not surprisingly, he yearned to be a western hero. While toiling as a literary agent by day. James would write westerns by night. This approach allowed him to play cowboy while proving that he didn't always have to live off the work of other people. James is now a full time western writer. He lives in San Diego with his wife and his two cats, all of whom, he notes, are very patient with him.

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