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March 31, 2017



Thomas Hall

No Loose Ends
Walker and Munoz are back...and this time it's personal. When Maddie Walker's friend, Samantha "Sam" Daniels, fails to show up for a final exam and a community service project, the teenager is convinced that something is seriously wrong, and takes it upon herself to look into it. She initially lies to her father and puts herself  in a potentially dangerous situation. When all of her efforts fail to uncover Sam's whereabouts, Maddie finally asks  her father, retired FBI agent Craig Walker, to look into her friend's disappearance. After venting his parental frustration over his daughter's uncharacteristic behavior, Walker listens to Maddie's concerns and eventually agrees to launch his own investigation - primarily to assuage his daughter's worries.
It quickly becomes apparent as Walker investigates that Sam Daniels' backstory is a complicated and troubling one. He shields his daughter as much as possible from this information and is almost ready to give up, when new evidence comes to light that suggests Sam is being held against her will.
Walker still has connections at the FBI, and he convinces his former commander to allow him to open an official investigation. Walker gets permission to partner with Detective Dave Munoz and another retired FBI agent Peter Stansky and the three investigators find evidence that the disappearance of Sam Daniels is just the tip of the iceberg. 


The author tells this story that as you read, the tension, the suspense builds and builds.  You find that you can't close the book.  It has a grip on you. 
When a friend of Maddie Walker seems to disappear, Maddie starts to look into it.  She is just a teenager, but she makes some very bad decisions, dangerous ones.   She lies to her father and she doesn't realize it, but she is now in danger.  She tries everything but gets no clues as to where her friend, Sam is or what has happened to her.   SO, as a last resort, she turns to her father who happens to be a retired FBI agent.   At first he give Maddie the what for and then listens to  what she has to say.  He begins to investigate and what he finds out about Sam is disturbing.   Nothing seems to come from the investigation and he is about to give up when.... something comes to the surface.   Is it possible that Sam is being held against her will?   She has been kidnapped?
Walker decides to go to his friends at the FBI.   With what Walker has to say, a formal investigation is opened.  So once again Munoz and Walker are partners. They pair up with another agent, Peter Stansky.
What they find out is just the start.   There is so much more to this.   Why would Sam be taken?  What did she do or have to do with that someone would hold her against her will?   With Munoz and Walker on the trail, the answers will come but not until all avenues are exhausted.
The author gives the reader a couple of good ole cops that are on the side of justice.  They don't quit until all of the answers are answered, not until the last "i" is dotted and the last "t" is crossed.   They are out for the victim and the one who is doing the victimizing.  Mr.  Hall gives you a story that could very possibly happen in today's times.   This isn't a fairy tale where the good guy always wins.  This could happen and it could happen to you or someone you know.  That's what makes it so good. It's written well, good characters, good plot and most of all when you're done,  you want more.   Will there be more of Munoz and Walker and their striving for justice.

I received a copy of this book from the author and voluntarily decided to review it.

I would give this book  4 STARS. 


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