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March 16, 2017

LADY LUCK by Julie Lence

Westin Family Series
Book Two
Julie Lence
 Product Details
 Females are man's worst enemy. Charming, beautiful; they can rip a man to shreds without batting an eye... Handsome, rugged cowboy Lucas Weston is living proof of the damage a woman can cause. Determined to keep another miss from running stampede over his heart, Lucas has garnered the reputation of a man who favors flirting and wild times between the sheets. When he's roped into taking to the trail to escort Missy Morgan back to her home in San Francisco, Lucas isn't too pleased...until he discovers she uses her poker-playing, whiskey-swilling ways to hide her own fears. What those fears might be, he doesn't know, but he's going to find out. Drawn to her from the start, Missy represents the opportunity for the life fate cheated him seven years ago. ..... Trust no one. Guard your heart. Don't take changes. Remain in control... Missy Morgan has lived by a rigid set of rules for so long she knows no other way. Life has dealt her more losing hands than she cares to remember. But she has Lady Luck and her family. For them she'll remain strong...until a handsome cowboy enters her life and challenges the way she lives. Against her will, she's drawn to Lucas' blue eyes and honesty. Would it be so terrible if she put her trust in him? The odds say yes, but something else says no. But that horrible night has hung over her head for so long only a fool would gamble on Lucas' goodness. And she's not a fool. Or is she?

setting San Francisco, California, 1860 (United States)


Julie writes Western Historical Romance. Her stories bring to life the code of ethics cowboys lived by and the dangers outlaws defied living by their guns. Often outspoken and temperamental, with their own sense of humor, Julie’s heroes share a common trait―the willingness to surrender his heart to the right woman and earn her love for eternity.

Julie was born and raised in upstate New York. She married her high school sweetheart and accompanied him on his twenty-year career with the United States Air Force. Currently, she makes her home in the Pikes Peak region, where she is a stay-at-home mom enjoying a career writing western historical romance.

In the late 80's, a friend introduced Julie to the romance genre. She was instantly hooked, and credits Johanna Lindsey's addictive and endearing Malory family and Judith McNaught's flawless voice as inspirations to pen her own novels. Combining her fondness for horses, John Wayne's cowboy persona, and the television show, Dallas, she settled into writing western historical romance early in her career.

Julie self-publishes her work on Amazon. She also designs her own covers and blogs monthly at Cowboy Kisses blogspot. When not writing, she enjoys taking care of her family and home, exploring the Rocky Mountains and meeting fans of the romance genre.


Men, We can't live with them and we can't live without them. Men say women take their hearts away from them and then sometimes toss them aside but women say, men do the same thing.   So here we have  the best kind of handsome, charming and tough cowboy, Lucas Weston.  You can't possibly resist a cowboy like that.  But Lucas has been hurt. He's the prime example of what a woman can do to a man.  SO to protect his heart, he doesn't get emotionally involved.  He tosses his good looks and charm and then has a roll in the sheets and that is that.    Lucas now has the job of escorting Missy Morgan home to San Francisco.  But he isn't happy about it.   As they are on the trail Lucas finds out about Missy.  She has fears she is hiding from everyone and in order to hide them she plays poker and drinks a little whiskey, or maybe too much whiskey.    He is bound and determined to figure out what she is hiding.    Lucas holds fast to the idea he's set in his mind, Trust No One and above all don't get emotionally involved with those heart breaking women.  Missy may be good at poker but she certainly has had her fair share of bad hands during her life.  She knows nothing else so this life keeps her safe from her own hurts and fears.  She's never needed anyone or anything except Lady Luck and her family, that is, until now.....A handsome, tough, charming cowboy has her attention and she doesn't know it yet, but he is looking her way.  Those blue eyes of Lucas has caught her and she doesn't know how to let go or if she even wants to.    She's a gambler but should she gamble on Lucas?  Fools gamble and she's not a fool.  But that's a matter of opinion. Will Lucas gain her trust and will Lucas let her into his life, other than a roll in the hay?  Will Missy trust Lucas enough to let go and tell him her fears?   

The author gives you a strong story with two characters you are rooting for.  You can't help but like both of them.  What little fillie wouldn't want a cowboy like Lucas standing beside her?  But you are given two strong willed characters who both have been hurt and deceived.  They both have trust issues.   Can they find romance and love?  The author slowly build the relationship between the two and that gives you time to savor the story and the characters.    You're there and watching the story unfold.  Take time to read this cowboy love story and relax from the day's stress.

I was given a copy of this book from the author and voluntarily decided to review it.

I would give this book 5 STARS.



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Anonymous said...

Hi Gayle:
Thank you so much for the wonderful review of Lady Luck. Your support means more than I can express here. And I agree; what fillie wouldn't want a special cowboy for her own.