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March 25, 2017


For Jess Jansen, grief and guilt are as much a part of him as riding herd. Twenty-two years he’s longed for the woman who ran out on him, and now his luck is about to change. Needing a place to hole up during a thunderstorm, the Lazy K looks to be a safe haven. There’s a barn―and a body with soft curves and sapphire eyes he’d know anywhere.

Rachael Weston is a bundle of nerves when Jess suddenly appears at her door. He shunned her once and will again if she foolishly welcomes him back into her life. But when Jess proves innocent of wrongdoing, Rachael fears revealing to him the one truth that just might cause him to turn his back on her―for good.


Weston Family Series
Book Four
Julie Lence 

 Bring Me Luck (Weston Family Series, #4) 

About the Author

Julie's western romances bring to life the code of ethics cowboys lived by and the dangers outlaws defied living by their guns. Often outspoken and temperamental, with their own sense of humor, Julie's heroes share a common trait―the willingness to surrender his heart to the right woman and earn her love for eternity.

If you like westerns, romance and everything that is involved you will love this book. The story at times is a sweet romance and then at other times, danger lurks in every corner.  Often times a romance is lost for various reasons and then you think, what if? The author gives you Jess and Rachel may just bring that past romance into the now. The book will fill you with emotions from smiling to pulling at your heart strings.  Ms. Lence always gives characters you feel you know and want to know more.  Sometimes you even have that need to know more about the bad guys.  Everybody loves that 'bad boy'. I always love the ole' western settings. Jess loves Rachel and knows how much she is hurting but he also has love for baby, Kathryn. Could it be possible that baby Kathryn is his?  The author gives you times that stay in your mind for a while.  The author gives you a female outlaw which you don't normally get in your western reads. This fascinated me.  You get to know that second chances can work even after years and years have passed.   So follow the Weston family in this book four.  Even those rough and tough cowboys have their moments.
  I received a copy of this book from the author and voluntarily decided to review it.

I would give this book 5 STARS. 

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Julie Lence said...

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing Gayle! Glad you liked the story and the Weston clan. Hugs! Julie