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February 27, 2017


His boss and clients order a couple.
His married girlfriend gets a few.
His family buys several.
But he save the top-of-the-line dishonesty to sell himself.

Lying For A Living by Steve McCondichie

Steve McCondichie

Jesse Few focuses on carousing with his golf buddies, chasing younger women, and surviving the recession. His rambling approach to life and love is challenged when his boozy mom believes she is being stalked by her late first husband and his son skirmishes with a powerful preacher.
Now he must decide whether he'll saddle up and rescue his loved ones from imminent threats or retreat to the familiar comforts of denial, avoidance, and blowing up watermelons with black market machine guns. This is a irreverent mid life coming of age story where an unwitting hero wrestles with his capacity to mature into a bona fide adult.

Steve McCondichie received his MFA from Queens University of Charlotte, and he works as a "real estate novelist". He and his wife of over thirty years, his children and grandchildren live in Newnan, Georgia and Amelia Island, Florida. Lying for a Living is his debut novel.


Jesse Few is a sales rep and selling he does.  He sells lies.  Although he's 49 years old, he's still stuck in his teen years, he hasn't grown up.   Will or can he change?
Jesse is dealing with a lot.  He has a mother that is in another world and he is creating more and more battles for himself.  
He is divorced. Imagine that!  He doesn't seem to do anything right, that is, except, LIE! He's quite a good liar. He also likes his younger women, loves his drink and loves, absolutely loves to lie.
The read is fast paced with settings you may be familiar with.   There is a lot of humor to the book but in another way, it's sad.  A 49 year old who hasn't grown up and basically, lies for a living.  But then, that's so true in life at times.  You meet them all the time.  So convincing and yet so deceiving. 
But when the going actually gets rough, will Jesse buck up and be a man?  Will he take care of family business in an adult way or will he just be the "small" symbol of a man that he has been?  
The book was an entertaining read but I had a bit of trouble relating to Jesse and some of the other characters.  Why didn't they grasp hold after a while as to what Jesse was?  Were they just too trusting or just not taking the time to think about it all?  After a few lies, the truth usually starts staring you in the face.
I'm sure the basis of the book is that the reader watches Jesse take hold of his life and be a man.  I wish there had been a few characters that took his lying and his bad childish habits more seriously and reached out to him. Perhaps he had used all his friends, UP!

I received a copy of this book from the author and voluntarily decided to review it.

I would give this book 4 STARS. 


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