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February 3, 2017

BOOK BLITZ/Giveaway - Journey To The Rift

Cathi Shaw
Genre: YA Fantasy
Release Date: November 3, 2016
Ink Smith Publishing 


A dangerous quest into a forbidden land wasn’t exactly what Brijit Carnesîr was planning after her graduation from the Academy. For years she has looked forward starting her life as a member of the Coimirceoirí and she is thrilled to discover that she has been chosen as the Academy Apprentice of her year. But despite the fact that she has been longing to go to Séreméla and work with the Elders, it soon becomes apparent that her fate isn’t as rosy as it appears to be. First, she is paired up with a grumpy male apprentice from Stone Mountain, Weylon Forborrow. Second, it doesn’t take her long to discover that the Elders are not taking her to Séreméla, as tradition dictates. Instead, Weylon and her are sent to The Rift, a dead land tainted with evil. Even before they join the Elder royalty at Tèarmann, an ancient fortress on the cusp of the Rift, Brijit discovers that the Elders are hiding too many things. She is given the task of helping the Princess in birthing the long awaited Queen of the Elders but nothing is as it seems. There is talk of an old and forgotten Prophecy, Weylon is attacked by a creature from the Rift and her grandmother is
killed, after revealing a secret that rocks everything Brijit knows about her past. Soon Brijit questions everything she had been led to believe and, worse, she realizes that the future of Séreméla and all of Five Corners is in jeopardy, unless she can find a way to save it!

Cathi Shaw lives in Summerland, BC with her husband and three children. She is often found wandering around her home, muttering in a seemingly incoherent manner, particularly when her characters have embarked on new adventure. In addition to writing fiction, she is the co-author of the textbook Writing Today and the true story, Surviving Logan.

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Book Teaser

 Brijit Carnesir never trusted the Elders completely but as the 
female Chosen Coimirceoiri of her year she is expected to work
 with them. Then she stumbles upon information that changes
 everything. Nothing that she expected from the Elders is actually
 going to happen and most of what she has believed her entire life 
is revealed as fallacy. Not knowing whom she can trust or what her
 own purpose might be, Brijit finds herself stuck with the sullen male 
Chosen Coimirceoiri,  Weylon Forborrow, someone she clearly 
has nothing in common with. As the Elder Knights lead them further and 
 into the unknown  lands West of the Academy, Brijit finds herself 
trying to make the choice to trust Weylon or carry on alone. 
When  her rooms are ransacked she suddenly has no choice left.
 She has to trust Weylon or risk her own safety.


The Elders took the known pieces of the Prophecy as law. But a 

complete copy of the ancient text had not been found and much

of the writingon the scraps had never been translated. At first this

was because it wasn't seen as important to modern-day Seremela

but later, as the Prophecy's following grew, the Elders found they 

were unable to translate the bits of the document in their 

possession because it was written in an ancient Elder dialect that

 was almost completely forgotten today. Only the Draiodoir and a

 few ancient Elder scribes knew any thing about the dialect, and

 none of them were fluent in it.  It was due to their devotion to the

 mythical writings that the Elders had been waiting for a female

 ruler to twelve generations. Of course if the first child born to the

 current royal family was a boy, he would be much loved, butit was

 understood that he would only be a Crown Prince, like his father.

The Elders had been without a queen for many years and their 

hopes lay with the child sleeping in the princess' womb. Only a 

queen could make decisions for the Elders without needing 

guidance from the Elder Council. Weylon understood it, not 

everyone wished this girl child would come. There were some

 who wanted the princess to give birth to a son. Then there would 

be no official ruler, just another Crown Prince who would be guided 

by the council. The Elder Council was split between wanting a 

queen and wanting to continue to make most of the decisions for 

the people. It was more than politics behind the Elder's wish for a 

queen. Weylon did not understand it all, but with growing  desperation

 in the Elder Council members who had met with Gregor and the 

other senior Council Coimirceoiri. There had been many  closed 

door meetings that Weylon could not access even with his abilities.

Those  meetings were carefully shielded which was suspicious. He

had heard snippets of the Prophecy mentioned as well but when he

had pushed Gregor on the topic, his mentor had been silent. There

was so much Weylon did not understand but knew enough about

politics to know that he and the Coimirceoiri female apprentice  

were stepping into a potentially dangerous situation. Finn shifted beside 
him, sensing his dark thoughts. But Weylon kept them to himself.
The less his friend knew, the safer he would be.

"Do you know where you will be sent?, Weylon asked changing
the topic abruptly.

Finn nodded slowly.

"The Wastelands." His tone was flat.

Weylon looked at his friend closely. Finn looked miserable.

"Why would they send you there?" It didn't make sense. The Waste-
lands were on the outer reaches of the Outlands. While they were
farther south than The Rift...the land there had been touched by  
the evil long ago. Nothing grew in that part of Five Corners and 
as a result almost no one lived there. It was unheard of for the 
Elders to send two Coimirceoiri there.

"I don't know," his friend answered with a dark expression. 

Finn was a gifted Coimirceoiri, not as talented as Weylon, but in 
any other year, he would have been one of the top picks of the 
class. He just had the misfortune of being Weylon's peer. 

"Who are they sending with you? " Weylon couldn't help asking, 
trying to imagine which of the silly  girls would be accompanying 
his friend.

"No one."
Weylon stared at him in disbelief. They never send Coimirceoiri 
apprentices on assignments alone.


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