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December 8, 2016


Gordon Landsborough

Careless O'Connor is no stranger to the dangerous wild lands of the West.

A strong, daring Texan, he is an important asset to the United States Federal Bureau. His latest assignment is to trace the location of the mysterious Santa Anna cannon, with a history dating back to the Napoleonic wars. But the cannon is believed to have fallen into the hands of the Comanches.
They already have a war on their hands - there isn't a white settlement in eighty miles that hasn't been burnt to the ground by the Indians. For the Comanches to seize control of the cannon would be disastrous, marking a sure defeat for the American settlers.
Major Abigay assures O'Connor that the cannon has been busted and no longer functions, so there is no risk of it being put to use in warfare. However, O'Connor is suspicious. And he is not the only one hot on the trail of the cannon.
As he crosses over Rattlesnake River in pursuit of the weapon - deep into Indian territory - there is no knowing how many Indians will be waiting to ambush him and thwart his plans. But it is not only bloodthirsty Indians he has to contend with.
With renegade white settlers lurking at every turn, can O'Connor survive against all odds? 
Or will he ride straight into a death trap in  his quest to find the legendary SECRET OF THE CANNON? 


Gordon Landsborough (1913-1984) was a publisher, author and bookseller. Writing tales about the exploits of gun-toting cowboys fighting out on the arid sands of the Wild West, Landsborough was himself a pioneering in the English paperback publishing world of the 1950's.   He was widely known amongst his peers as the "maverick publishing genius."


As soon as I saw the name Careless O'Connor, I knew something exciting was going to happen.  A big strappin' Texan, a part of the Federal Bureau he doesn't take any nonsense from anyone. He fights his way out of trouble that would sure to deliver death to any other.   Now his assignment is to find the Santa Anna cannon.   There is something very special about this cannon and everyone is fighting and killing to get their hands on it, including the Comanches.  Some believe it is adorned with precious metals and gems and others believe it is pure gold.   I find all of that hard to believe, but there is something mighty special about this cannon.  People are dying to get their hands on it.    The Comanches are on the war path, killing and burning.  Careless knows if the Indians get their hands on the cannon, it could be disastrous.  He was told the cannon was broken and was of no use anymore but somehow, he doesn't believe that. Comanches aren't the only problem. There are white renegade settlers who will kill to have the Santa Anna cannon.   Will O'Connor find the cannon?  Will it be in one piece? Will the secret of the cannon be what everyone thinks?  What about a little romance with a sweet, and yet tough young woman?  Will Careless settle down after all this cannon searching? Take a journey into Comanche territory and the search of the Santa Anna cannon.   Be beside the tough and yet gentle Texan and fight with him to save the settlers, the cannon and the army.   Follow his journey with Jane and see if romance is in the future?  What happens to the cannon?
This is a bit different western being that it is a search for a cannon. It's not just your usual fight for the death between the Indians and the settlers.   This is different.  The author gives you a variety of characters, some you love, some you hate.  Some you would want backing you and some you would want far away from you.  This is a fantastic western read and I read it in one evening.   I wish there could be a sequel about Careless.  Too Bad.!

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Pioneering Press and voluntarily decided to review it.

I would give this book 5 STARS. 


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