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December 9, 2016


The Day the Flowers Died, a War World II Romance by [Blackwelder, Ami, Magnolia, Belle]

This is a World War II Romance.

A World War II Romance
Ami Blackwelder 
Belle Magnolia

  • File Size: 1729 KB
  • Print Length: 232 pages
  • Publisher: Eloquent Enraptures Publishing (December 31, 2013)
  • Publication Date: December 31, 2013
  • Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B00375LKC2
The Day the Flowers Died written by Ami Blackwelder is a gently narrated historical romance novel. Set in 1930 Munich, Germany two strangers fall in love in the midst of a crumbling country. Eli Levin was raised in a strict orthodox Jewish home while Rebecca Baum grew up in an affluent Catholic family. Despite their differences, they stay true to each other and form a bond that lasts well after the war. Through-out family disapproval, social prejudice and a growing Nazi party, they struggle and overcome; but when identity becomes the difference between life and death, the two must make decisions that will change their lives forever. 

Ami Blackwelder
Ami Blackwelder is a Paranormal and SciFi writer. Angels, Mers, Elves, Shifters, Vampires, Zombies. She also writes poetry, short stories, and children's books.
Rebecca May (Historical/Contemporary)
M. Black (Dystopia/Thrillers)
Becca Blackwelder (Spiritual/Religious)
"Ami Blackwelder is an author with a Unique Voice and Unpredictable Plots."
Part Irish and Swiss and English, Ami Blackwelder loves to read and write in her spare time at her townhouse in Orlando, Fl. Close to where she graduated UCF with a BA in English where she won Best Fiction 1997 for From Joy We Come, Unto Joy We Return.
After university, she travelled while teaching English for eight years in various countries. Later she returned to school for her Montessori Degree and teaches when not writing.
She has been published in various magazines and newspapers such as Bewitching Brews and Devilish Desserts, Twisted Dreams, AIM Kore



I see there have been some negative reviews of this book.   Perhaps it does need some more editing but I looked beyond that and looked to the plot and the story being told.   The setting is between WWI and WWII.   A romance between a Catholic Woman and a Jewish man, Rebecca and Eli.   The author wove the story around some historical facts. The author evidently did her homework on the historical facts.  I found them to be accurate.    The author gives the reader the feeling that they are there in that period of history.
The love story, which it is, will pull at your heart strings.  It touched a lot of emotions.    I do wish the author had minimized the descriptions.   They were a bit over done for me.  It causes you to stop and think about the real story you were reading.  Even so, the story was enjoyable and  showed the reader that even though the times were hard and at times really awful, good was still there.  It still existed. It wasn't burned out.  The author didn't sugar coat the historical facts of the time.  The time period was hard, people were mad and unsettled. People lived with fear. Life wasn't easy and many lives were lost during the time period.   Two wars took a lot of life, not just soldiers, but the hearts and souls of those left behind.  It was a touch time and I 'm glad the author didn't try to cover that  up.
If you like history, romance in a story that has the hard cold facts in it, then grab a copy of this book and think about the title.
What does that mean to you?

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author and voluntarily decided to review it.

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I would give this book 4 STARS. 


Ami Blackwelder said...

Thank you for reading and reviewing my story. I remember when the story came to me---in my dream, and I had to write the story because the emotions were so strong I cried when I woke up.

I appreciate your feedback and am glad you enjoyed the story..

If others would like to learn more, please check me out at my blog or email me sometime. Love to hear from readers.

Ami Blackwelder said...

Thank you for your review! Greatly appreciated! The story came to me in a dream and the emotions were so strong, I had to write the story.

I'm glad you enjoyed it! Anyone who wants to know more, please visit my blog or email me!