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January 27, 2016

INVASION 2020 by Jeanne Harrington


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A Christian Suspense Novel
Jeanne Harrington 

Invasion 2020: A Christian Suspense Novel

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“Invasion 2020 is captivating! Dealing with real issues and crises, it gives an eye-opening look into a world foreign to most Americans. Its dynamic ending is absolutely amazing, revealing the only real answer to this threat!” − William J. Federer, Bestselling author and nationally known speaker


What if there is a specific plan to transform America into an Islamic country by the year 2020?
Combine Christian fiction, facts on Islamic terrorism, political intrigue, suspense, and even romance, and add compelling characters caught in a web of media and government deception, and you’ve got Invasion 2020!

In Colorado an intrepid investigative reporter and a photojournalist battle political correctness, a rigid editor, and a White House media representative who will silence anyone that doesn't comply with his standards. A Muslim doctor from Gaza dreams of America and leaves Islam for the God of the Bible. In Washington, DC, a naïve White House intern discovers dangerous and powerful men have infiltrated the media office and the administration for the purpose of controlling information. Chatter from ISIS and al-Qaeda alert military intelligence of pending threats. The Joint Terrorism Task Force struggles to prevent lone-wolf terrorists from striking out on their own with the goal of wreaking havoc on our freedoms, our fears, and our way of life.

• Will free speech, truth, and liberty prevail, or could a dark and sinister ideology, hidden under the veil of religion, conquer us using political correctness as one of its weapons?
• Will our lives be forever altered as we slowly surrender to those whose primary goal is to subjugate the entire world to an agenda revealed in secret documents discovered after 9/11?
• Will terrorism and global threats increase, causing our world to spiral down further to a dark, violent, and catastrophic conclusion ushering us closer toward the end times?

Jeanne Harrington
Jeanne Harrington is a previously published author. She brings her personal experience with cults and religions, plus dedication to research to her latest project. She's been an educator, entrepreneur and now works in the healthcare industry. She currently lives in Colorado with her husband and is working on her second novel and her new blog.

This is a book to educate those who read it. The author takes Christian fiction, facts on Islamic terrorism, politics, a little romance and adds in the suspense to intertwine with well described characters and here you have it.   INVASION 2020.  Setting is Colorado.   
 This is a scary subject.  Will the US end up practicing the Islamic ideas and laws?  This is not just a US problem but other countries also.  It's growing everyday. We should take this very seriously.  The conflict is real and something to think on and not take lightly. The author, Ms. Harrington appears to have done her background research of what is and has taken place.  She tells of how this plan is growing quickly. She tells the story by using convincing characters living the horrible violence that Islam can bestow.  The author wrote an interesting and suspenseful novel.  She goes into the political correctness that everyone is trying to follow.  Should we worry about political correctness? As you read this, if you haven't come to the conclusion already, our country is in danger from the violence that Isis and al-Quada wants to put on us.  What has happened to our beliefs and out standards?  They seem to have gone out the door?  Maybe we all should consider returning to those beliefs and go back to our real values.  Maybe we should be more thoughtful of life itself.  If this book and what happens daily on the news doesn't open your eyes than nothing will.  Tragedy is out there around every corner every day. Our FREEDOM is at stake.  Do we not care any more?

I was given this complimentary copy of INVASION 2020 from the author for my unbiased review. No other compensation took place.

I would give this book 5  STARS.


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Jeanne Harrington said...


Thank you for the excellent review! Not only was the snapshot about the novel informative, but the reason "why" others should pick up a copy was motivating and persuasive. You touched on some crucial points. First, that this is a scary subject, I think many people are still unaware of the danger that Islam poses to the world. Also, you asked questions, which we can only answer after taking a moment to think about what matters, what are our beliefs, what do we value? The best question you asked, do we care?

Thank you for an excellent and thoughtful review that touched on points no one else has addressed. That's the power of sharing thoughts and ideas! I'm glad you shared yours with me and others to benefit from your insights! Thanks again!

Jeanne Harrington