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December 1, 2015



A Novel of Suspense
Thomas Hall


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 When a young, popular nurse is found dead in her home, the autopsy returns unclear results for the cause of death. Chief Jim Prescott, the new head of police in Chandler, Massachusetts, can't shake the feeling that Megan Gallagher's death was the result of foul play. After working with the county coroner and taking the investigation as far as his limited resources will allow, Chief Prescott reaches out for assistance with the case. When he learns that the FBI has a special program that helps small town law enforcement officers... ...he connects with Agent Craig Walker. Walker agrees to take on the nurse's case and brings in Detective Dave Munoz from a nearby town to work the case with him. The initial efforts of Walker, Munoz, and Prescott are mostly unproductive. Although the circumstances of Megan's death appear suspicious, there is no physical evidence that the nurse was murdered. One day as the trio is brainstorming over the facts of the case, Chief Prescott receives a call from the local coroner who has been in touch with the coroner serving another county. A woman has been found dead in her home. And while he did not identify the drug that led to the woman's death, the coroner in the new case reveals... ...there is evidence that the woman had been injected with something before she died. Walker and Munoz move the investigation to Kendall, Massachusetts and work with local detective, Brian Evanston. As they learn about the second victim and question members of her family, a third woman is attacked in her home. But this time the perpetrator leaves before completing the injection. The victim falls into a coma, but she remains alive. With the assistance of a retired FBI computer whiz and several cycles of interviews at the nursing home where the nurse worked and the hospital where the second victim had ties... ...Walker and Munoz identify a surprising suspect with an unlikely motive.

This is a medical murder mystery that will take you for a ride.  The author wrote characters that are so realistic that the reader feels like they know them.  You will find that once you start reading, you're stuck.  You won't want to put it down.  From the start you are hooked when you know that Megan Gallagher is going to die today.  She's a young girl that has a knack of taking elderly patients at Horizons Rehabilitation and Nursing Center and making them feel better about themselves. There was one particular patient, Mrs Andrews that Megan developed a close friendship with.  According to the doctors, Mrs. Andrews  had the beginning of Alzheimers. It was time for Mrs. Andrews to go home and Megan had decided she was going to ask Mrs. Andrews to go home with her to recuperate. So much for best laid plans.  Mrs Andrews wasn't going home with Megan since Megan was murdered that night by a hooded unknown woman. It couldn't be determined if she died of natural causes or what she died of.  Who killed Megan?  Did she know her  assailant?  Megan was only in her twenties.  Twenty year olds don't just die  without a reason.  The  big question is WHY was she killed? The local sheriff doesn't have the resources to investigate and the State Police turned him down. His last hope was the FBI.  They assigned a retired Agent named Walker to take on the case.
The author gives the reader a look into what causes a killer to do the things he does and most are without any feelings about what they do.  The reader will definitely not get bored.  There are so many twists and turns that you are constantly trying to figure this murder mystery out. Don't miss out on this suspenseful murder mystery. It will definitely keep you in your chair.

I received a complimentary copy of NOTHING AS IT SEEMS from the author Thomas Hall for my unbiased view of the book.

I would give this book 5 STARS.


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