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November 22, 2015

2051: A NOVEL by Rick Cornell

                                                                                                                                           5 STARS

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Jim Zlokovich (Artist),
                   Rick Cornell (Author),
                                        Kathi Kimbriel (Editor)
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 "2051" tells the story of the dystopian American legal system 36 years after its writing, caused by the greatest act of domestic terrorism on American soil on "831" (August 31, 2049). Under the law hastily passed by Congress in response to the public outrage, an American engaging in the ultimate act of kindness and Christian charity can end up imprisoned for life for "treason." That American turns out to be Beau Browne, the kind, helpful son from Rick Cornell's first novel, the Next Generation Indie Book Award Finalist "I Am That Fool." Can Beau escape the clutches of this unjust law? And if he can, at what price? As with "I Am That Fool," Cornell populates this novel with unforgettable characters: Esperanza Lopez, the Type "A", egomaniacal abusive wife of Beau's abused sister, Bonita; Antonio Lopez-Browne, later Antonio Browne-Katich, the very handsome, only child of these two women, incredibly book smart but in need of street smarts; Ana Katich, the gorgeous Serbian juror who later sees through the injustice and does something about it; Fred Dockett, Cornell College of Law's brilliant but quirky trial practice professor who becomes Antonio's mentor; Giovanni Ribaldi, a former Presidential candidate and the country's most notorious pornographer; Deacon Joe Green, who is "the rock star from the pulpit" of his times; and many others. And as with "I Am That Fool", Cornell's depiction of the courtroom scenes will fascinate you. This veteran litigator certainly has seen the inside of many a courtroom!
  • Paperback: 226 pages
  • Publisher: LeRue Books; 1st edition (November 6, 2015)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1938814142
  • ISBN-13: 978-1938814143
I did a review for I AM THAT FOOL by Mr. Cornell a while back. Good book but  2051 surpasses his work on I AM THAT FOOL. I have to warn you to get a box of tissues because you may need them.  The author wrote a much better novel that is loaded with mystery and courtroom drama suspense. Added into this mix is some science fiction.  This is a book about the dystopian American legal system 36 years after its writing. Domestic terrorism was the greatest  act on American soil.  Beau Browne is reintroduced from Cornell's I AM THAT FOOL. You will get a detailed look inside the courtroom which will fascinate any reader. This futuristic dystopic novel bring the reader a look into the near future with militarized police and corrupt Christianity.The more you read, the more you realize this may be the future of our children and grandchildren.  It's possible.????
A courtroom is the scene of Rev. Beau Browne being tried for doing what he thought was a good deed.  The drama in the courtroom tries Browne, the law and also the defense.  In  1949 a Super Patriot Act was passed in which guilty or not a person can be declared  an enemy.

I feel this time the author wrote more  "in your face" drama in this fast paced novel while adding some caring and humor. I found the book to be eye opening to the fact that in 2051, or maybe even way before, life may  not be anything like now.  It's scary too think this may be the future  of all of us.

The book is well written, you won't want to quit until you're done.  The ending will floor you.  Unbelievably realistic.

I received a complimentary copy of 2051 by Rick Cornell for my honest,un- biased review.
I'd  give this book a definite 5 STARS.
Mr. Cornell's first novel (2014) I AM THAT FOOL, was a Next Generation Indie Book Award Finalist, "Best New Novelist Under 80,000 Words. Its cover also took second place in 2015 ABC BOOK COVER CONTEST sponsored by LRP Printing (LeRue Press)

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