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June 20, 2015

MINSTRELS' PRIZE by Nance Bulow Morgan

The Minstrels' Tale
Mystery Book III
Nance Bulow Morgan


Minstrels' Prize is the third book in the Minstrels' Tale Mystery. It brings together all that happened in books 1 and 2 to an epic conclusion. A battle between Man and Hell is inevitable. Man is outnumbered and losing when a bargain is struck, but the outcome is not what you think.


This is Book 3 of The Minstrels'  Tale Mystery which is Ms. Morgan's conclusion.   The story was charmingly told. Ms. Morgan's heroine, Saeede, is a strong person but has demons and spirits troubling her.  She just doesn't understand.  She has problems with the devotion of Andreas, who is a great hero, and also her best friend.
 As in today's life, there is always the battle between Man and Hell.  It is the way it is and probably always will be.  Outnumbered and definitely losing is Man.  In order to save then, Saeede sacrifices herself to Hell.
The author leads you through this journey giving you, the reader a chance to figure out what the outcome will be.  Will a truce be put forth?  Try to figure out what the outcome will be.  This was a well written book with an adventure fantasy along with a murder mystery.  The characters were brave and were on a journey where they dared to face death.  Along their way they faced countless  dark evils.  I would recommend the reader take this journey with Andreas and Saeede and figure out the mystery. 

I received a complimentary copy of MINSTRELS' PRIZE from the author, Nance Bulow Morgan for my view of the book.

I would give this book 4  STARS.


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