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June 15, 2015

'89 WALLS by Katie Pierson

 Katie Pierson will be touring June 1st-July 30th, 2015.

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 '89 WALLS
Katie Pierson

Blue collar Seth can't escape his small Nebraska town. Wealthy Quinn has no choice but to leave. They keep their unlikely new romance a secret: it's too early to make plans, too late not to care.  But it's 1989.  As politics suddenly get personal, Seth and Quinn find themselves fighting bare-fisted for their beliefs and each other --in the clear light of day.

Genre:  Young Adult Fiction, age 15 and older


Katie Pierson Katie Pierson freelances for local non-profits, using her background in public policy and grassroots organizing to overthrow the patriarchy one introverted step at a time. When she's not writing fiction, she returns library books, makes soup, and tries to be cooler than she really is by hip-hopping at the YMCA. She lives with her husband and two daughters in a suburb of Minneapolis. You can reach her through her website,, on Facebook at, and on Twitter @katiedoodles58.

Setting: 1989 Lincoln, Nebraska
This is a story about two teenagers going to the same school.  They were both in the same social sciences class.  Ms. Pierson writes about two teens who come from different backgrounds.  Quinn has a well to do Republican background, while Seth is from a liberal disadvantaged background.  They have regular disagreements about their beliefs in politics.  Of course, we have the romance of Seth,  for Quinn but doesn't have the courage to tell her.  I felt that I could relate to the author's story since it is about so many things that probably happened to a lot of readers. ''89 Walls is a book about politics.  Ms. Pierson writes into her story a liberal political agenda.  The class where the two met was a social studies class where politics were discussed.1989, a very relevant year, the first free elections in Poland took place, The Berlin Wall and even though  this book was about 26 years ago, what is happening today in politics is very similar to what was happening in 1989.  The author wrote a very charming relationship between Quinn and Seth.  There's no instant love affair or tension of three people wanting the same thing.  The tension arises about their differences in their beliefs.  That is very refreshing since a lot of books have this love at first sight or three people wanting one or the other.  I found the author did a wonderful job of developing the characters as the plot moves on.  All of the characters have their challenges which make them seem real life.  You could place yourself in this setting of '89 Walls.  The author''s beliefs as far as political would depend how the reader feels politically.  The plot gives the reader a lot to digest and think about.  It makes you stop and think about your beliefs and the  beliefs of others.  

I was given a complimentary copy of '89 WALLS from the author, Katie Pierson and Pump  Up Your Book Virtual Book Tours for my view of the book.

I would give this book 4 STARS.

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Thanks for the nice review!

--Katie Pierson (author)

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Thank you for your wonderful review, Gayle!