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May 16, 2015

SAILOR MAN by Del Staecker



The Troubled Life and Times
J.P. Nunnally,
U.s. Navy
Del Staecker

Product Details 

This is Staecker's second memoir, and recounts the earthbreaking story of an underage boy who eagerly answered his nation's call to join the Navy and fight the Japanese, only to return four years late, beaten down and drowning in alcohol.

About the Author

Del StaeckerDel Staecker is an accomplished, award-winning author of several military history books. His awards include: Military Writers Society of America 2013 Finalist, Author of the Year; 2012 U.S. Navy Writer on Deck; 2010 Silver Medal for Mystery/Thriller, MWSA; 2009 Gold Medal for Nonfiction, Branson Stars and Flags; and the 2009 Silver Medal for Memoir, MWSA. He currently lives in Lancaster, PA.

The author wrote his own personal story, J.P. Nunnally was an ordinary sailor who was aboard the USS Fuller during World War II.  It is narrated by Mr. Nunnally himself, as he wrote letters to his estranged adult son.  He tried to explain why he was absent from his son's life and why he was an alcoholic. Mr. Nunnally lived through some of the bloodiest action in the Pacific Theatre of the War.   Afterwards he was able to tell his story with very clear insight .  He went from the Southern country boy to the self proclaimed drunk. He tells how his dream of being a Navy man fell apart due to his day to day existence taking it's toll and his dream fell apart.  J.P. was only 16 when he enlisted and only 20 when he left the military.  His teen years were spent in war, trying to stay alive and trying so hard to forget the awfulness he experienced.
 The author gives the reader an understanding of the war in the Pacific during J.P.'s service.  As the reader reads this book, this memoir, we have heartfelt feelings for J.P.
We hurt for him, his soul, the dream he lost, the life he lost, his family.  Have any of us really thought about the true cost of war?   EVER?

I was given a complimentary copy of SAILOR MAN from the author, Del Staecker for my view of the book.

I would give this book 4 STARS.


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