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May 16, 2015



Shirley McLain

From the Author

I remember meeting my Great Grandfather, Charlie, as a child and grew up hearing the stories of his life. He had the strength and courage to do what needed to be done during the hard times. You never heard a bad word said about he or Mila. Dobyns Chronicles was a labor of love. I wrote this book as a tribute to my mother's family. For the strength and courage that was demonstrated. The love given and passed down through the generations of the family, and the Oklahoma land they shared helped hold the family together.   Shirley McLain

About the AuthorShirley McLain

Shirley is enjoying her retirement from Nursing, after 33 years.  She lives outside Sapulpa Oklahoma with her husband,  three dogs and three cats. It's like having a house full of three year olds. Never a dull moment. At this time she has  several publications on Amazon.  Her first book, "The Tower" is a juvenile mystery, based in Oklahoma but takes you around the world. She also published an ebook of short stories of different genres called "Shirley's Shorts and Flashes" and a short ebook of Christian Poetry called "Verses For My King"

Product Details
 Dobyns Chronicles is a captivating celebration of the life of Charlie Dobyns. His life began in northeast Texas near Bonham, on the Red River. His Cherokee mother and cowboy father strove to survive on their river valley ranch. Tragedy ended this way of life for Charlie in 1888. Follow him through Chickasaw Territory and on to McAlester in eastern Oklahoma.
This is a story of a changing way of life and adaptations made to survive. Charlie's strong passion for life and dignity equipped him for survival as he raised his siblings with, likeability and dignity. It’s a story of loss, misfortune, hard times and heartbreak, but also love, determination, kindness, joy and spirituality.
Follow Charlie’s life through the adventures that shaped the man he became, and that of his family for generations." 

Ms. McLain wrote this novel as in memoir style, thus being a fictionalized real life story.  Our main character is Charley, who as a young child he is very believable for his age.   But as a young child, he has to grow up so very fast.   The readers are carried from the 1880's through the 20th century.   Most of the book takes place in the late 1900's and that is where I enjoyed it the most.  The author gives us a realistic look of t he day t day life of an average country person.   It's amazing to see how everyday things are done and how some of those very same things haven't changed. As we turn the pages we get to follow Charley during the last cattle drive, the beginning of the depression and so many more things.The reader would probably expect there to be lots of violence and very little faith but that wasn't the case.   Most people were hard working, trusting and friendly When Charley and his siblings become orphans we see adults instead of spoiled adolescents.   Later Charley marries and the family grows.  Faith and religion sees them through disasters and every day life. As time goes by we have little time to remember all the family's names.  When something bad happens it's hard to care for those you haven't been able to get to know.  Time passed so fast.  Families grew so fast.   Life was on the fast track.The book gives some of us the wonderful chance to remember the past, the events that took place in our lives, some similar to Charley's, the people we either grew to love or learned to dislike.   The book is sort of a blast from the past.

I was given a complimentary copy of DOBYN'S CHRONICLES from the author, Shirley McLain for my view of the book.

I would give this book 5 STARS.


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