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June 4, 2015

GENIUS DE MILO by Russ Colchamiro

Pump Up Your Book


The Outrageous Sequel to Finders Keepers

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Pump Up Your Book is pleased to bring you Russ Colchamiro’s GENIUS DE MILO virtual book tour April 6 – June 26!

PUYB Inside the Book

Title: Genius De Milo
Author: Russ Colchamiro
Publisher: Crazy 8 PressProduct Details
Pages: 320
Genre: SciFi/Comedy
Format: Paperback/Kindle
Best pals Jason Medley and Theo Barnes barely survived a backpacking trip through Europe and New Zealand that — thanks to a jar of Cosmic Building Material they found — almost wiped out the galaxy. But just as they envision a future without any more cosmic lunacy:
The Earth has started fluxing in and out of existence, Theo’s twin girls are teleporting, and Jason can’t tell which version of his life is real.
All because of Milo, the Universe’s ultimate gremlin.
Joined by the mysterious Jamie — a down-and-out hotel clerk from Eternity — Jason and Theo reunite on a frantic, cross-country chase across America, praying they can retrieve that jar, circumvent Milo, and save the Earth from irrevocable disaster.
In author Russ Colchamiro’s uproarious sequel to Finders Keepers, he finally confirms what we’ve long suspected — that there’s no galactic Milo quite like a Genius de Milo.

For More Information Genius De Milo is available at Amazon. Pick up your copy at Crazy 8 Press. Discuss this book at PUYB Virtual Book Club at Goodreads.

PUYB Meet the Author 

Russ Colchamiro is the author of the rollicking space adventure Crossline, the hilarious scifi backpacking comedy Finders Keepers, and the outrageous sequel, Genius de Milo, all with Crazy 8 Press.
Russ ColchamiroRuss lives in West Orange, NJ, with his wife, two children, and crazy dog, Simon, who may in fact be an alien himself. Russ is now at work on the final book in the Finders Keepers trilogy.
As a matter of full disclosure, readers should not be surprised if Russ spontaneously teleports in a blast of white light followed by screaming fluorescent color and the feeling of being sucked through a tornado. It’s just how he gets around — windier than the bus, for sure, but much quicker.
His latest book is the science fiction novel, Genius De Milo.
For More Information

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Mr. Colchamiro brought out another wonderful almost effortless genre-blending in his FINDER'S KEEPER'S SAGA.   In the first episode we met Jason and Theo.  In this book, GENIUS DE MILO we come across them again on a cross country trip through the US.Hangingg in the balance once again is the fate of the planet, the cosmos, and human existence. A fun joy ride where on every page lies an inter-dimensional hoodlum, a star-crossed lover or maybe a talking animal.  In this book we have a mixture of everything.   It has taken a very talented author, Mr. Colchamiro  who  takes sci-fi's world of fantasy and mixes it in with real world issues as they lay on Theo and Jason's shoulders as they don't enjoy entering adulthood.   The author seems to have no problem doing this.  It's just another fun, learning, taking that grey matter and twisting it around from the minute you open the book until the moment you close it and say, What's next?  I guess we will have to wait until Mr. Colchamiro writes another great adventure.

I was given a complimentary copy of GENIUS DE MILO from the author, Russ Colchamiro and Pump Up Your Book Virtual Book Tours for my view of the book.

I would give this book 5 STARS.



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