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April 18, 2015

ELLIE MAKES A NEW FRIEND by Elle Fair, Chloe Fair, Marci Fair, Cornelia G. Murariu

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Volume One

Co-Author and Assistant Photographer - Elle Fair
Co-Author and Photographer - Marci Fair
Assistant Editor - Chloe Fair
Cover and Layout Designer - Cornelia G. Murariu

Product Details

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"I love helping other children, because it feels like every time you donate something, you get a  happy smile in return."
Elle Fair, Age Ten

Contour Elephant Clip Art
"I made this book about friendships because my friends mean a lot to me.  Also I learned that you are never too young to try to do something special."
Elle Fair, Age Ten  

Mom's Choice Gold Award Winner! A beautiful blend of real life and make-believe, The Amazing Adventures of Ellie the Elephant series recounts the everyday life of a stuffed animal. The debut book, Ellie Makes a New Friend, follows the plush elephant as she moves to a new neighborhood and has to find a new playmate.
Written and photographed by mother Marci Fair and her ten-year-old daughter Elle Fair, the story is uniquely illustrated with delightful photos of the little elephant’s journeys through the neighborhood as she tries to settle into her new home. Children will love seeing a toy living in a real-world setting, and parents and teachers will appreciate Ellie’s positive and creative approach to finding answers to her problems.
Fun, playful, and packed with imagination, you won’t want to miss the upcoming adventures of Ellie—and her new friend! (from Amazon)

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About the Author   Marci Fair

Mother-daughter duo Marci Fair and Elle Fair coauthor a series of books about ten-year-old Elle’s two favorite stuffed animals, Ellie the Elephant and Pudgy the Penguin. Even as a working mother of four, Marci has always made time to read bedtime stories to her kids and encouraged them to read on their own, as well. A big fan of books and stuffed animals both, Elle enjoys working on this special project with her mom.
In addition to her professional career, Marci is the founder of Kares 4 Kids, a nonprofit organization that has served over 18,000 children in need since 2005. She is also the author of the award-winning book TILT: 7 Solutions to Be a Guilt-Free Working Mom, liberating other women with her hard-won wisdom—“Balance is impossible; memories are better.”
Marci Fair is a successful entrepreneur, speaker, author and a mother of four who has worked in real estate for over twenty years. She and her husband own several real estate businesses, some which are ranked in the US. She founded Kares 4 Kids, which has served over 18,000 children since 2005.

Her award winning book "TILT-7 Solutions To Be A Guilt-free Working Mom" launched and hit the Amazon Best Seller, Hot New Release and Top Rated lists. Her goal is to help over 10,000 moms with TILT, and raise $10,000 for Kares 4 Kids. She shares how "Balance is Impossible; Memories are Better" and teaches women how to TILT instead.

Recently she and her youngest daughter published a new children' adventure book series about her daughter's favorite stuffed animals, Ellie the Elephant and Pudgy the Penguin. "The Amazing Adventures of Ellie The Elephant - Ellie Makes a New Friend" is the first book in the series. Her ten year old daughter shared "Writing this book with my mom showed me that you are never too young to do something special." 

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Sometimes it's hard to find a good choice for a children's book.  You want one t hat is fun, interesting,  has a lesson to it and keeps the child's attention.  Too many children's books are written in an adult way which is too hard for the little ones to understand.  Some are too childish, not letting the child learn.  The author of this book wrote a wonderful, interesting and a good way of presenting a children's book.
Children love to copy things that they see and in that way they become creative.  This little book has a lesson to it about new friends.  The book will make the reader or the one being read to put a smile on their face and at the same time are learning something. I would suggest that if you like this book then pick up  Ellie's First Plane Ride.  You can't go wrong.  These are wonderful children's books.  Something else, you don't have to be a child to enjoy these books.

I received a complimentary copy of ELLIE MAKES A NEW FRIEND from the author for my view of the book.

I would give this book 5 PENGUINS.

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