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January 27, 2015

LETTY'S STORY by Leticia



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This is Leticia, bloodied by war, unwanted by her mother and father, a poor child of circumstance. At the age of five, she was traded in the black market with the Japanese army to survive. Letty's story explodes as suddenly as the bombs that hit Pearl Harbor.
Product Details
 This is a memoir and as I read it, I found that many individuals shared the issues that come with the loss of a loved one.  Maybe the reader can even relate.  I know I can.
Some of the other things that the book addresses if abuse by a family member, physical and/or emotional.  The feelings you get when you know you're not wanted by those who should love you.   Abuse that takes place in marriages and physical challenges of a spouse. Leticia, a Filipino girl witnesses dead bodies lying around her own town.  The attack on Peal Harbor was the start of stresses on a little 5 year old. So many awful things happened.  Bombs exploding, rationed food and water.  Rats running all over and multiplying fast.  As all of this took place, Leticia came down with an infection.  It almost killed her.  The physical illness was bad enough, but she was then sent different to family members to live.  She suffered abuse from her aunt.  Her grandmother, Basilia had a significant effect on Laticia.  Her parents were still alive but no longer in her life.Leticia "Letty" discovered very early to exchange tea leaves and eggs for other things to help her family and herself.  This was during the take over in Manila by the Japanese. Aunt Ernesta introduced Letty to nursing practices and soon let her work on sick patients.  Letty wasn't fond of Aunt Ernesta but what she did for her would help her to get her nursing degree and meet her husband. Once again abuse reared its ugly head.  Four children later, Letty's marriage would end due to abuse.Would this be the end of Letty's romance.?   Would she find someone else who would love her? If so, would there be more challenges for Letty to endure?   Grab a copy of this endearing book and take the journey through Leticia's "Letty" life.  The author wrote a very detailed memoir of her life and her struggles.  I'm sure many readers can relate to some of the things that Letty endured.  The book was very well written.  It brought out a lot of emotions, some sad, some happy, some very tragic and traumatic.    A good book to read if you like memoirs.

I received a complimentary copy of LETTY'S STORY from the author, Leticia for my view of the book. 

I would give this book 4 STARS.





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