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October 6, 2014

HOOKED by Bobbi JG Weiss

Pump Up Your Book

Bobbi JG Weiss will be touring October 1-31 with her dark fantasy/horror novel, Hooked!

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Sarah Brody - Cover Design
Those whom the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad.

The truth is that there was a something about Peter which goaded the pirate captain to frenzy.
-Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie  

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He is not Captain Hook. His name is Jonathan Stuart, and he’s just an ornery post-alcoholic bookstore owner from Pasadena with a mania for fencing and a bad habit of disappointing his girlfriend. He doesn’t want to be in the Neverland, impossibly trapped aboard the Jolly Roger with a horde of greedy stinking pirates. He was tricked there by Peter Pan. Pan happily invites children to come to his wondrous magical island, but he has to trick adults. No adult in their right mind would go willingly. Adults, you see, don’t have a very good time in the Neverland. The fairies and mermaids are against them. The island itself is against them. Most of all, Peter Pan is against them. In particular, Peter Pan is against Jonathan Stuart. Why? Jonathan had better figure that out, and he’d better do it fast before his mutating memories insist that, not only does he indeed belong in this nightmarish hell of bloodthirsty children, ticking crocodiles and vengeful boy gods, but he’s never existed anyplace else. So you see, he’s definitely not Captain Hook. Well, not yet.
  • Paperback: 518 pages
  • Publisher: Bobbi JG Weiss (July 21, 2014)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0990360008
  • ISBN-13: 978-0990360001
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Bobbi JG WeissBobbi JG Weiss made her world debut one Christmas morning (cough-mutter-mutter) years ago, and as long as she can remember, she’s wanted to be a writer. Why? She has no idea. Probably a birth defect. After several boring “normal” jobs, her writing wishes came true — she and her husband/partner David Cody Weiss began to make their living as full-time freelance writers, focusing on Hollywood tie-in merchandise like movie/TV novel adaptations, comics, and other related and often ridiculous products. After 20+ years of this, the “WeissGuys” decided to enter the wild world of self-publishing. You can find more information about Bobbi, her many published books, her life, and her weird husband at She also posts on Twitter, tumblr, Pinterest and Facebook unless her passwords mysteriously stop working and she can’t get on, which seems to happen a lot. Why? She has no idea. Probably computer voodoo. 

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Demon boy! If I could kill him a thousand times I could not destroy him! He is the spawn of Hell and all its devils, and my soul is damned to battle with him until God in Heaven bestows upon His lost lamb the gift of sweet death.

Let me die, dear God I beseech Thee, let me die! 

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Captain Hook he is not.  Jonathan Stuart is from Pasadena and just a post-alcoholic bookstore owner.He loves fencing.  His poor girlfriend is usually at the bad end of his habits.
He thinks he was trapped on the Jolly Roger along with a bunch of pirates that weren't up on their personal hygiene and greedy to boot. Jonathan doesn't want to be trapped in Neverland. He thinks Peter Pan did it.
Peter Pan has a lovely magical island,where he invites little children to come and visit.  The only thing is, he has the parents to deal with.  They must be tricked into letting their children go there. Any parent or adult would have to be crazy to go there or let their children go there. The magical island, Neverland, is a place w here adults don't have a very good time. Everyone on the island, including the island is against the adults.  Fairies, mermaids and the one who is most against them is Peter Pan.  Jonathan Stuart had some ciphering to do.  He has to figure out why Peter Pan is against him.  WHY? Jonathan is on a time restriction. If he doesnt' do it fast he will begin to believe he belongs in this hell, where the children are blood thirsty, crocodiles that tick and  boy gods that are hateful.  But what does Jonathan do?  He's never known anyplace other than this. He's definitely not Captain Hook, not now anyway.
The author wrote a story of how the mind can play some serious, awful tricks on you.  As long as you keep thinking these things, they eventually become real to you.  You actually believe them.   I'm sure Jonathan's drinking didn't help any.  Jonathan had Peter Pan, the Demon boy that he had to destroy but could he?  Demon boy was the spawn of Hell and Jonathan knew his soul was to fight a battle that he wouldn't win until God bestowed upon him the sweetness of death.

He kept asking God,
Let me die, dear God I beseech Thee, Let me die!

The author wrote a horror story that lies in the mind of Jonathan.  The mind can do some awful things to a person.  Once it takes control of you, you are in hell, just like Jonathan and the Demon boy.The cover of the book is amazing. It says so much with so little.

 I was given a complimentary copy of HOOKED from the author, Bobbi JG Weiss and Pump Up Your Book Virtual Book Tours for my view of the book. No other compensation took place.

I would give this book 4 SWORDS.Katana Sword Weapon Clip ArtKatana Sword Weapon Clip ArtKatana Sword Weapon Clip ArtKatana Sword Weapon Clip Art

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