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September 22, 2014

THE WAY TO BABYLON by Paul Kearney


Different Kingdoms
Book Two
Paul Kearney
                                The Way To Babylon

Broken, bereaved and happy to let his fans go without the next book in his bestselling series, fantasy author Michael Riven expects to go home to his isolated cabin and avoid people. But instead strangers seek him out and lead him on a journey away from this world and into Minginish, the imaginary place where his own novels were set, but which is more real than he can conceive - and in danger from legendary beats and unimagined terrors.

Michael Riven has fallen off a mountain. The bestselling fantasy author is broken in both body and mind, as the fall also claimed his wife and climbing partner Jenny. Readers are desperate to know what will happen next in the fantasy world Minginish, but neither writing, nor living, are of interest to the author as he lies in traction and his heart bleeds.

But there are others seeking the scribe out. Men – and someone who is not all human – have begun a quest to find a way to rescue their blighted homeland, and their road will take them between worlds. Michael Riven will return to his home in Scotland; he will accompany a stranger out into the hills and find himself led not over the local landscape but into a place altogether more familiar and terrifying: Minginish itself, a real place more surprising and unpredictable even than the world of his novels.

Beasts of myth and legend stalk a land where the seasons have gone awry. Michael must take up the companions of his stories – Bicker, Ratagan and Murtach – and find a way to mend the sundered world. If he can, he may even find that Jenny’s existence did not end that day on the mountain.

The Way to Babylon was Paul Kearney’s debut novel, and this is its first publication in North America.

  • Mass Market Paperback: 528 pages
  • Publisher: Solaris (May 27, 2014)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1781081891
  • ISBN-13: 978-1781081891
Paul Kearney Paul Kearney was born in Northern Ireland. He studied Old Norse, Middle English and Anglo Saxon at Oxford University, and subsequently lived for several years in both Denmark and the United States. This, his first novel, was originally published when he was only 25. He has been a professional writer ever since. He lives in County Down, in a croft with a boat by the door.

 After the death of his wife, Jenny,in a tragic climbing accident, Michael Riven who is a successful author and former soldier, is trying to recover form his own injuries. He is totally broken, both physically and mentally.  He is in a rural hospital where he is in deep pain and trying to recover. Is living even a part of him anymore? His writing doesn't even mater to him.  What will happen to him?  Will he give up completely or will he come out of it? Then one of the characters from one of his books appears to him. He is taken into the realm of Minginish. The author wrote a fascinating book.  What will bring Michael out of this deep black hole he is in?  The author takes you into a world that Michael thought was his own creation but only to find out there are others out there who are out to rescue their homeland.  Will Michael help them?  Will Michael find out that the world isn't quite done with him?  He finds there is a woman who resembles his wife and he is tracking her sown.   The quiet life he thought he was going to have hasn't turned out to be. The author gave the reader the chance to go into another world.There is a real sense of magic to the book.  The fallen author was given the chance to enter a world he thought he had created, a chance to overcome the deep dark hole he has been living in and a chance, perhaps a chance to find love again.  We as the readers get to follow Michael during his journey into a world he thought he had created.  A wonderful chance to enter a new world with Michael and follow him through the ups and downs of his life. 

 I received a complimentary copy of THE WAY TO BABYLON from the author, Paul Kearney and Night Owl Reviews for my view of the book. No other compensation took place.

I would give this book 3 STARS.

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