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August 2, 2014

SOMEONE TO CALL MY OWN by Bianca Harrison

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Bianca Harrison 

Someone to Call My Own

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  • Print Length: 275 pages
  • Page Numbers Source ISBN: 1492889326
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  • Language: English
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A widow, Camille Young, wants nothing more but to have someone to call her own; with the right man of course. Just when she thinks she found him in Greg Langston – a smart, sexy, and brilliant attorney - who is very married and expecting his first child with his wife Michelle, their future gets put on hold. When things don’t go Camille's way as she hoped, the pain of her past resurfaces.
Camille has a plan that will affect everyone around her. When Greg's wife is targeted, Greg turns to Camille for answers. Was this part of her plan?...Suddenly Greg finds himself in a situation with a woman who will stop at nothing to make him her own, even if it means destroying his family and her own life.
Camille's entire world seems to unravel as she spirals out of control, not letting anything or anyone get in her way. Someone to Call My Own is a compelling story of lies, desperation and betrayal, and the consequences that follow when an encounter with the wrong woman has a man fighting to save the lives of the ones he love.

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Bianca Harrison
Starting out writing short stories, Bianca decided to write her first novel two years ago. After writing on and off Bianca knew it was time to complete what she had started. In a six month time period not only was Someone To Call My Own completed, but her second novel was birthed as well. With great imagination, creativity, and faith, Bianca's hobby became a profession in 2013.

Bianca Harrison was born in Griffin, Georgia but later relocated to Gainesville, Georgia. She has a Bachelor of Human Resource Management degree in Business Administration. She loves to travel, write, read, and most of all spend time with her family. Married with a teenage daughter and a toddler son, Bianca's escapism is writing.

Bianca is gearing up for her second release fall 2014, while currently working on her third novel and other future projects as well.

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The author writes a story that we all have heard a million times before.  The thing is, Bianca Harrison doesn't pack any punches.  She just tells it like it is as she takes you on a coaster ride that you can't seem to stop.  The people you meet in the book could be you, your family, your friends, anyone you know.  We're all out there.  What are we?  As the author says, some of the most dysfunctional people ever.  The author writes about some very off the wall people.
The author writes in a woman, who is dangerous, a widow and isn't about to take any rejection from no one, no way.  One off the wall, scary, dangerous woman.  Anyone around her is in danger.  Dysfunctional is her middle name.  No one would want to enter into her mind.  Plain scary.  If she has to or even not,  payback to anyone who crosses her is a b----.
Male readers may be tempted to cross the line.  They think on it and have second thoughts.  Friends and friends are looking at each other differently.
The author wrote a rather racy, but well written story. The author uses several view points of different characters.  It can be confusing but the author has taken that confusion away.
This is a book that so many, actually too many, people can relate to.  So much dysfunction in the world today.  The bad thing is, it passes from generation to generation.  It seems like there is no end to it all.  Is there a break, a stopping point, where we as the dysfunctional can start to reverse this craziness?
I would recommend that you read this amazing, realistic book.  It will awaken you.  We all have some level of dysfunctuality in our gray matter.  Don't let it take you over.

I was given a complimentary book SOMEONE TO CALL MY OWN from the author Bianca Harrison for my view of the book.  No other compensation took place.

I would give this book 4  KNOTS. 
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